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Three Natural Brands You Can Try For Under $10!

5 June, 2019 - 09:09pm by - Head Pixie | 18 Comments

By BR Tabatha

More and more consumers are being drawn to the world of natural beauty products. Some because they want to reduce their impact on Mother Earth. Others because they're looking for a more gentle alternative. Some in the hopes it will cause less irritation to their skin. 

Whatever one's reasons for going natural, it's always nice to dip your toe into something newm or new to you, without it breaking the bank. And these fab three Kiwi brands make it possible with products that cost less than ten dollars!


For sixteen years Skinfood's been bringing beautiful products to the market at fabulous prices. Want to try them? Their body bar range is only $3.99, the lip balm is $7.99, and the divine sheet masks $6.99 each. Cruelty-free, Vegetarian Society approved, and designed to make you feel cleansed, nourished and revived - what's not to love?

Uddlerly Pure

Handmande by the lovely Jeffie, the goat milk soap from Udderly Pure has become a favourite of many Beauty Review members - and no wonder with prices starting from just $4. The range has expanded since Udderly Pure was first introduced to Beauty Review, now with lip balms ($6 each), and if you're wanting to flash a little more cash they even have Goat Milk Lotion.


Cruelty-free, GE-free, Child Labor-free, with a 'love me or your money back guarantee', ecostore have been rocking our world since 1993, bringing us affordable, natural products designed to show our bodies and environment loads of love. Pictured is the Body Wash ($7.99), the lavender soap ($2.95), and the Skin by ecostore Nourishing Manuaka Lip Balm ($9.99) - a small offering from a range that includes many amazing products for less than a tenner.

So, beauties... are you a fan of natural products? Could these brands with these prices tempt you to the natural side? And if you've tried them and not reviewed them, make sure you do so you can spread the good word!



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7th July, 2020

These products look really great and I love that many try to be a little more eco with their packaging too. I would love to try the skinfood products. I've heard some really good things about these and they sound pretty delicious!

9th May, 2020

Very helpful article - I’m trying to use more natural products so will check these out!

8th November, 2019

I love, love, love Skinfood! I can never say enough about them. I belong to their $25 per month gift pack offer, and I have already bought two. Their gentle face scrub, is so beautiful, on the face, and their moisturisers, are so delicate, and don't feel thick, or watery. They impress me, because of their natural, no harm to animals policy. And their prices, are very reasonable.

11th August, 2019

Oe they look great i heard about skin food cant wait to try them

24th June, 2019

I love the Skinfood range and buy a lot of their products because of how kind they are to your skin and so affordable.

17th June, 2019

I love natural products, I used Ecostore many times over the years and recently starting using Skinfood.

15th June, 2019

Natural is good . But after a while I notice that they tend to get smelly and go off . I think they should put expiry dates on them that you can easily see.

11th June, 2019

I love well priced natural products. It’s great we have lots in our supermarkets :)

8th June, 2019

I love natural skin care more and more... Still to try the goat’s milk soap ;D

7th June, 2019

I've used all three brands my faves from Skinfood are the mud mask and nourishing moisturizer. I've been meaning to try more of their range since they came out with more items last year but I have to finish what I currently have first. Liked the Udderly Pure soap for my sensitive skin. And I really did like a few of Ecostore products like their lip balm.

7th June, 2019

Wow I love the sound of Eco store.

6th June, 2019

I have loved Skinfood for a long time, and I am using the Udderly Pure soap that I got from the Beauty Vault!

6th June, 2019

Definitely a fan of ecostore products and a few skinfood ones too. So affordable.

6th June, 2019

Udderly Pure is having a sale too! I just bought two soaps for $6 each. Lavender scent, but they will be having other flavours on sale too. Keep an eye out.

6th June, 2019

I love Skinfood - use several of their products.


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