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This Latest Trend Is A Work of Art

2 October, 2017 - 08:51pm by - Head Pixie | 15 Comments


By BR Kellie

I do appreciate a good stained glass window. As a child and teenager, when taken to church, instead of listening to the priest I would spend my time glancing around the cavernous room taking in the architecture, marvelling at the works of art, and gazing trance-like at the beautiful stained glass windows, that when the sun came through, threw dappled rainbow lights across the floor. So, as you can imagine, when I got wind of this latest makeup trend I was intrigued.

Stained glass may not be blowing up the interwebs, but it is infusing it with some gorgeous works of art. Take the look James Charles created. The lips are bold, beautiful, interesting - although perhaps not completely wearable (well, for me, but then I'm conservative when it comes to applying makeup). However, that liner/cut crease? I can see this being worn by those with less wrinkled lids. It's to die for. 


Stained glass creations aren't relegated solely to the face either, one can get creative and see that stained glass spill over one's body. Which could make for a fun look for a dress up party. Or even a Halloween event. Speaking of which... get a load of this...


Isn't this look from Brierley Thorpe amazing? It reminds me of an evil ice queen who will steal away those you love most, who will attempt to off you with razor sharp fingernails made from icicles, who will show no mercy, and when finally stopped won't blink an eye as she's stopped once and for all. (Yes, I'm currently writing Halloween articles, talking to the little human about what she wants to be this Halloween and am basically living in a world of scary things. How I love my job!). 

Stained glass makeup artistry - perhaps not the most commercial look out, but like all the great works it's something we can take the time to appreciate.

So do tell... are you a fan of the stained glass trend? Is it something you'd try yourself? Or is it a pass for you?

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It looks absolutely beautiful. I would definitely try it as a bold eyeliner.

Wow, this looks gorgeous! I'm on break right now so might have to give it a crack in the next few days - if I do I'll have to post it on the photowall!

Oooh I can't wait to see it -you go girl!

2nd October, 2017 at 9:19 pm

I'm not a fan but WOW Jamescharles has flawless skin - faaantasic!

I wouldn't try it on myself, but it makes for a great photo.

Wow, these look awesome. Especially that eyelid!!

Yes the eyelid is awesome.

3rd October, 2017 at 7:22 am

Love the eyeliner but that is all for me - Just has a tat look overall and with that beautiful skin why would you cover it ?

Can't agree more. There's a fine line between creative and crazy. If I saw someone walking on the street looking like a human kaleideoscope I'd think they were busking or something.

3rd October, 2017 at 1:28 pm

So true

4th October, 2017 at 6:36 am

I like it as eyeliner and I think it would translate really well on nails.

i think I'll pass. I have used this idea in other artforms though.

Wow! That photo of jamescharles is just amazing! I would suck at doing this, but totally appreciate it!

I do appreciate the skill but it's not a trend I would rock, maybe stained glass nail art would be something I would wear.

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I would love to play around with this idea, if only I had the right make up/ even face paint!

I am reminded of the "somebody that I used to know' video looking at the geometric shapes on the body.

These look amazing! I love the first photo with the stained glass lips

Wow gorgeous!! Pass for me personally but looks awesome!

This reminds me of a geometric fashion trend. I think it is better than some of the other recent trends like nostril hair extentions and the squiggle trend.


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