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This Hair Tip Will Blow Your Mind!

16 April, 2022 - 10:53am by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

by BR Kellie

Have you ever come across a tip that seems so simple that you can't believe you'd not thought of it yourself, let alone heard of it before? This happened to me recently, and it was a tip so basic, one that made so much sense, that I almost face palmed myself for having never done it. The tip?

Brush your hair before you get in the shower.

I wasn't joking when I said it was basic, right? BUT, this one small, quick, easy act achieves three fantastic things:

Firstly, brushing your hair before hopping in the shower helps to loosen any debris or product build up on the scalp, which means when you're shampooing and massaging your scalp you'll be helping keep your scalp healthier as all the debris and product will be washed away more easily. Brushing your hair before the shower, especially if you're not one for brushing it usually *waves hi to my fellow curly headed types out there*, will also help increase circulation in your scalp area, which can stimulate blood flow and encourage hair growth.

Not only that, brushing your hair pre-shower means you'll reduce hair breakage that comes with running your fingers or a comb through wet hair. Also, less tangles in the beginning will make applying conditioner a breeze - again with the bonus of reducing breakage. Which brings me to the final reason brushing your hair before stepping into your shower is a brilliant idea...

It saves the pain of clearing your drain. As a long haired lass, this is an irritant I know well, and since taking up this tip I've gone from clearing out and/or plunging my shower drain every few days to doing it once every couple of weeks. If it's another person who clears the drain in your house, you'll be saving them cleaning time and the ick factor by giving your hair a brush before showering, making you a kind and thoughtful human being.

One basic tip. Three great reasons to try it! 

So, will you now be brushing your hair before stepping in the shower? Are you already all over this simple hair hack? Or is this one extra step too many in your daily wash? Get chatting below!



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9th May, 2022

Have always done this - nothing worst than trying to shampoo knotty hair!

1st May, 2022

I will definitely be brushing may hair before showering now! Sounds like a win win for my hair and the drain!

27th April, 2022

Thanks, I will try this.

25th April, 2022

Omg, why did I never think of this, it makes so much sense! I will be trying this when I wash my hair next!

20th April, 2022

Im lazy at hair brushing . I dont know if I will change my habbit to this.

19th April, 2022

Yes if there's a brush around and I have the for sure.

18th April, 2022

I've always done this and if I forget, I know about it later. I've gotten my kids into doing it too, much less stress afterwards.

18th April, 2022

Always do this and it definitely works.

18th April, 2022

Lol yes seems to basic but actually works!! I am forever clearing the drains so this will be a great idea and now I have two daughters it will definately be a game changer.

18th April, 2022

Wow. Great tip

18th April, 2022

I always brush my hair before washing it. Otherwise it is a birds best when I get out of the shower.

18th April, 2022

Yes definitely, what a great tip , so logical really , and so much less cleaning! Thanks

18th April, 2022

Oh yeah, this is such a good tip! My hair gets so oily at the scalp but remains dry throughout. I always give it a good comb through and then massage my scalp just a little to spread some of the oil. Another tip it to lather your shampoo really well to oxygenated it and then it spreads better through your hair. You tend to require a smaller amount for your second shampoo. I concentrate all my shampooing to my scalp and condition only my ends. I find this helps reduce the oiliness

18th April, 2022

I've always brushed my hair before showering as it generally makes hair washing an easier experience but definitely reduces the amount of hair I have to take out of the shower at the end.

18th April, 2022

Totally agree :)

18th April, 2022

Same here lol


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