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Think You're Too Fair To Bronze? Think Again!

9 July, 2017 - 08:10pm by - Head Pixie | 21 Comments

By BR Amelia

When you're fair skinned - and I mean verging on translucent - the thought of applying bronzer can be nothing short of terrifying. In your heart you may hope you'll look like a supermodel from the 80s, all sun-kissed and glowy, but in your head you know there's every chance that after applying bronzer you're going to end up rocking around looking like you should be creating confectionaries for a child-hating man who doesn't pay you a cent. So what's a fair-skinned lass to do when she wants to look like she's seen a spot of sun? Read on...

First things first... choose the correct bronzer colour. Don't go too dark - go for something a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone, that way you won't look like you've gone commando and whacked some mud on your face. Benefit have recently released Hoola Lite, which is ideal for fair-skinned folk. Another hack I've seen people do is to use a matte taupe eyeshadow as their bronzer. Speaking of matte - a matte bronzer is an easy way to warm up the skin, but if you're wanting to get your glow on then a shimmer bronzer is your friend - BUT, don't use a shimmer bronzer in place of a contour bronzer. Contouring is creating shadows and I've yet to see a sparkly shadow.

So, you've got your bronzer, now where to bronze? Think about the number 3. You want to take your brush, lightly dip it in the matte bronzer, then take it from about the middle of your forehead (up by your hairline, not actually in the middle of the forehead... because that would look strange), down through the temple, to just under the cheek, and then over your jawline and blend down. Speaking of blending - blend, blend, blend! You want to look naturally sunkissed. Then you can take your shimmer bronzer, if you're wanting to go the extra mile, and apply it to the areas of your face where the sun naturally hits, so again the top of your forehead, a little on the bridge of your nose, and even the tip of your chin - but not all over your face - because that's a one-way ticket to glittering Oompa Loompa-ville.

Then once you've got the first sweep down, you can check yourself out and build up the colour wherever you feel it's necessary, add blush, and you're ready to head out into the great wide world looking like you've spent a week on a tropical island... 

There you have it! Bronzing for fair skin.... not so nail-bitingly scary after all!

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Mmm still not sure i would get it right - choosing the correct shade of bronzer and right brush etc my previous attempts have not gone well.

I am very pale have never attempted using bronzers

Still experimenting haha sometimes a win sometimes a woah!

I am very pale....this still scares me lol

I would struggle with this as I am so fair however probably worth a try.

For me I have to find a bronzer that's both pale and also cold toned, so not too orange or else I look like I sprayed fake tan on my face.

I might try that. Usually I just use bronzer on my cheeks because of how dark it is.

I wake up bronzed everyday but this is still good advice on how to add bronzer.

I have wintery white skin all year round, so this interests me. There are some really pretty bronzing shades out at the moment. I think the trick is in the application, less is more, and blend, blend, blend!! The Hoola Lite looks like a great starting point though.

I live by the number 3 rule wearing a matte bronzer everyday but I sometimes venture into the shimmer I find Mars Laguna bronzer great and forgiving if you forget that it has shimmer

I have super pale skin (like actually white) and bronzing scares me a bit! maybe I haven't found the right one but as I also have large pores the bronzer I tried just makes my face look dirty. Maybe I should give this hula lite a go.

I have pale skin too, and it's hard not to over do it!

Having tried products in the past that are aimed for fair skin types and still looking too dark or orange really gives little hope but the benefits hoola lite does look pretty light so maybe it's worth a try.

I have 2 bronzer's. After reading this I think mone may be too dark for my skin!

Great tips here Amelia, still not too confident tho. Will have to practice, practice and practice!


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