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These Nails Are Gonna Make You Jelly!

9 August, 2018 - 08:47pm by - Head Pixie | 25 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Are you ready to discover the summeriest nails ever? The most retro nail look ever? A nail look that will make you want to buy a pair of jellies and get them on your feet so you can do a jelly toe/shoe/nail combo? What am I even wahhing on about? Jelly nails, people. Jelly nails. They're a thing, and we kind of love them. 


Initially the trend started off simply enough, featuring neon jelly nails, sometimes with a little added sparkle, but over the last wee bit it has quickly become a trend that can be as tame or terrific as you want! Check out the gorgeous nails from Nailed by Cleo! That plant print takes the jelly nails next level.


And then there's the watercolour/yellow glittler combo as created by NailDid (above) and the blush-coloured flowers from So Hot Right Nail (below). They're just SO pretty! And for a person who spent a good chunk of her life thinking jelly shoes were the ugliest (after crocs) shoe ever - that's saying something! These nail looks make me like jellies! They make me want them! Not just on my feet, but on my digits! Oooooh, imagine if a nail artist painted a jelly shoe on a jelly nail? 


So is it a DIY look? Wellllllll, maybe if you have a Simply Nailogical-like confidence in your nail doing abilities. There are a few ways to achieve jelly nails. One is to place a clear but coloured acrylic nail on top of your existing nail. Another is to sculpt the extra length of the nail using gel. Or a clear tip can be added to the end of your existing nail. Would we try it at home? No. We think this might best be left for those who are professionals. 

So who's taking an inspo pic to their nail technician when it next comes time to get your nails gussied? Who's brave enough to try this jelly look at home? Or is this look firmly in 'yeah nah' territory for you? Chat away!

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I love the Jelly nails trend......but good luck with my shorty nails....

I had so many pairs of jellies when I was a kid, loved them! Hmmmm not so sure about these though.....

Emm.. very brave with the colours there.. beautiful pieces of art... but it looks a bit too busy for me.. i’m not a fan of brights and neons, nor nails that are too long. I wouldn’t mind trying out the jelly nails but would probably go for lighter designs like the simple yet elegent nudes and pastels.

Makes me a little sad that you can't do this with regular polish. Looks cool but I don't want to damage my nails :(

Yes it would be lovely as polish

11th August, 2018 at 6:53 pm

The top ones are a nice colour but would look better shorter. I had jelly shoes as a kid and loved them. I prefer to keep my fingernails more natural and have brighter colours on my toes.

I wish I could rock long nails but with kids and a no coordination I definitely fail.

I like the colours they are awesome. Not a fan of nails that long though.

Same -very clever though

10th August, 2018 at 1:13 pm

Those nail art are absolutely beautiful! I'm so envious of people who can pull these off, it's too impractical for my daily life :(

I'm lucky to get a decent nice looking french mani. So this waaay out of my expertise. If I had the funds to get a mani done I think there are other manicures I would prefer.

Not for me but the effect is awesome.

I like them all but not the see -through look. The leaves and nail art look great but the see through makes me think they look cheap. They also are too long to be practical

I love the finish of jelly nails, but hate all of the nails pictured above! Way too garish!

I loved sparkly pink jelly shoes as a kid. The plant print jelly nail is definitely my favorite here.

Interesting look, but I prefer a simpler polish

Wow, they look interesting!


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