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These Before & Afters Show Why You NEED A Steam Straightener

30 November, 2021 - 10:21pm by - First Lady | 264 Comments

Advertorial - In partnership with VS Sassoon


Article by BR Amelia


As NZ's biggest beauty guide, we at Beauty Review are working hard to banish bad beauty buys. We have over 45,000 members who are Kiwi shoppers just like you and me, who write reviews on beauty products they’ve bought and used - some they love, some they hate and some they just feel all a bit ‘meh’ about.  

 And here’s the thing about Beauty Review - because it’s the New Zealand public that writes the reviews, and not the editors, you know you can trust what you’re reading; because who better to tell it like it is than someone not being paid to write about a product?!

 So when the team at VS Sassoon wanted NZ women to trial their latest Steam Straightener they came to us.  A random panel of twenty Kiwis were invited to review the VS Sassoon Steam Straight Brilliance and to provide their honest feedback.  They were not paid, ALL reviews were published unedited and all reviewers took their own, unedited, before and after photos.  

 Did they get the salon look at home?  Is Steam Technology really all that?  Will VS Sassoon be in hot demand this Christmas?  Let’s find out!

What the VS Sassoon Steam Straight Brilliance Claims.

The new-to-market steam straightener from global hair care brand, VS Sassoon  uses innovative technology that not only promises to give you straighter hair for longer, but to also transform hair texture, shine and finish.

With 5 heat settings up to 220°C and integrated sensors to prevent excessive heat, these straighteners are suitable for all hair types, from fine to super coily.

"I feel like it’s steaming hair into place with a better heat - more like how a blow-out works, rather than baking the hair into place like my old straighteners.. I also don't get that burning hot smell and feel like the hair is too hot. So I think this is also why the look achieved is also more a glossy, soft, straight look than a clumpy, dry, straight look.. this achieves a very glossy mane." - helibabi.  

Rating: 5/5

What's so great about steam?

Steam technology acts as a conditioning mist, infusing hair with moisture and transforming it into soft and shiny hair that feels like satin to touch.  Steam Straightening also claims to extend the length of time your hair will stay straight, meaning you'll get to enjoy that poker straight hair for longer! 

"The plates themselves glide really nicely without drag. My hair did look shinier after use and my hair absolutely lasted a full day straight." - alyshajayne

Rating: 4.3/5

Ok, but does it reallllllly do what it says it will?

Well...according to our Trial Team the answer is an unequivocal YES!  The Steam Straight Brilliance is rated 4.8/5, rocketing it up the list to one of the best hair care tools available.  It even has a shiny Top Rated badge to prove it!

"The most impressive thing to me, in the end, was that (probably thanks to the steam) my ends, which can often get quite frizzy or look split at the end of straightening, looked smooth and healthy and I didn't feel the need to have to curl or smooth them with serums!" - tarync

 Rating: 5/5

Where can I find one?

The VS Sassoon Steam Straight Brilliance is wowing Kiwis and with results like these we can see why - with an overall rating of 4.8/5 it truly has ranked among the best of the best!

You'll be able to find one for yourself at Farmers, Noel Leeming and Harvey Norman.

Less than 10% of products on Beauty Review have earned the Top Rated badge and it’s safe to say that the Steam Straight Brilliance has not only passed the has really impressed reviewers with its innovative technology and impressive results.  It looks like we’ve finally found a straightener that can do it all; all the while being kind and hydrating to hair thanks to Steam Technology!


Want to win a VS Sassoon Steam Straight Brilliance of your own?  Simply comment below - tell us your experience with VS Sassoon, Steam Technology or anything straightener related and you're in the draw!



1.  You must be a member of Beauty Review to comment and therefore enter.

2.  Prize is a VS Sassoon Steam Straight Brilliance valued at $439.

3.  Prize will be couriered to the winner.  Address must be a physical NZ address.  No PO boxes.  

4.  Competition closes midnight Sat 18th December 2021.

5.  Winner will be emailed to the email address associated with their Beauty Review account and their Username will be added to this article on Sunday 19th December 2021.


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26th May, 2022

I'd love this. A bit pricey though.

8th April, 2022

I have very waivy and thick hair so I would love to try out the new straightener. It may help reduce the time to style my hair without damaging.

8th April, 2022

I have very waivy and thick hair so I would love to try out the new straightener. It may help reduce the time to style my hair without damaging.

19th February, 2022

I own a vidal sassoon hair dryer... it is by far the best one I've ever owned doesn't dry your hair out like a lot of other hair dryers do. It drys your hair leaving it soft and manageable! Awesome product

15th January, 2022

I have thick and wavy hair which is time consuming to style. I would love to try out a new straightener that may help reduce the time it takes to style my hair.

13th January, 2022

This sounds like a straightener my daughter's and I need. I would actually have satisfied girls that didn't have to spend ages doing their hair that doesn't even last a whole day or sometimes half a day

7th January, 2022

I have thin and coloured hair and have always been in search of a straightener that won't damage my hair, hoping this could be the one for me?

4th January, 2022

Anything that’s about less damage sounds fab as I colour my hair a lot so I need the help lol

4th January, 2022

I would live to find a straightener that doesn’t damage hair….. sure looks like VS Sassoon might be the one

3rd January, 2022

Wow those results are spectacular. I am no hairdresser and I so envy those who can straighten (or curl for that matter) their own locks. I don't own such a device but would certainly enjoy the time to learn its secrets.

3rd January, 2022

I dont know which tool is better but I do know I am looking at amazing improvements on all who used the Vidal Sassoon hair straighteners with steam.Definitely an amazing tool for who ever uses it

3rd January, 2022

I have little to no experience with either Vidal Sassoon hair straighteners or steam technology apart from drooling over them in the shop and wishing I had one. Whoever wins this will be very lucky indeed.

24th December, 2021

Those are very impressive results! I have a GHD that I've had for years, but I don't use it very much.

22nd December, 2021

Wow what amazing before and after shots. Steam straighteners have become the newest thing and I can see why. This product looks amazing and I would love to try it on my unruly thick wavy hair

21st December, 2021

I have never tried a steam straightener but being the owner of extremely curly natural thick hair I seldom have the energy or patience to straighten my hair. Therefore I am always on the look out for a new product that is fail safe, good for your hair and fast


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