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The World's Most Watched: Halloween Makeup Tutorials

20 October, 2019 - 01:38pm by - Head Pixie | 10 Comments

By BR Kellie

Tis the season to be scary, wooooooo-wooooooo-woooooo-woo-woo-woo-woo. 

Yes I'm mixing my holiday seasons, but the stores are mashing Christmas and Halloween together and I'm kinda good with it.

What I'm not good with... or at... is Halloween makeup. A scary broken doll face is the limits of my ability, so in an effort to step up my Halloween game, and to help those of you who are as handy dandy with Halloween looks as I am, I went to YouTube for help and found their top five most viewed Halloween makeup tutorials. Some good for beginners... some not... but the top five vids, which have between 20 and 200 MILLION views, sure have something for everyone! 

Number 5:  The Conjuring 2 Valak Makeup Tutorial

Demonic nuns. What could be scarier that than? Well, maybe the tutorial below, but this look inspired by The Conjuring 2's Valak is up there! This tutorial's not for the newbie (unless you're not afraid to try new things) but those confident with using latex may well enjoy (is that even the right word considering the topic!?) creating thsi spooky look from Kat Sketch.

Number 4:  Alien Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Nope. Uh-oh. Too scary. Toooooo scary. I'm backing away from Bonnie Corban SFX's Alien tutorial, but if you're looking to freak people out, then be sure to check it out! 

Number 3:  DIY Halloween Costumes Out of Candy! 15 DIY Projects for Halloween!

This tutorial from SaraBeautyCorner is speaking to me. Halloween looks made out of lollies. Yesssssss. Although one suspects the marjority of the candy would make it into my gob and not onto my face. (Oh, and it also shows you how to DIY a tutu!!!!! Pass the tulle!) 

Number 2:  Emily (Corpse Bride) Halloween Tutorial

This tutorial from dope2111 (aka Promise Phan) looks like it would be hard but when you see it broken down it's surprisingly not.  

Number 1:  'Inside Out' Makeup Tutorial

Here's one for the whole family!! Or friends. Or colleagues. With a crazy 206 million views and counting (yup, you read right, 206,000,000+ OMG) dope2111's 'Inside Out' Makeup Tutorial takes the top spot. Can't say it's all that scary... but it's certainly simple and if you can get the whole crew together, effective!

There you have it! YouTube's Top Five most-watched Halloweed makeup tutorials. So, are you inspired? Will you be rocking a freaky face come October 31st? Or will you be hiding away from the ghosts and goblins, aliens cartoon characters? Chat away!



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30th October, 2019

Wow! these are amazing looks and talent!

23rd October, 2019

Eww... I wonder what we’ll see this halloween... Some really good make up artists there.

23rd October, 2019

The conjuring really is frightening

21st October, 2019

That Alien one freaks me out! Appreciate the skill that goes into it though.

21st October, 2019

My Halloween looks go as far as fairy, witch and vampire. I’m not too good at fancy costumes.

21st October, 2019

My Halloween looks go as far as fairy, witch and vampire. I’m not too good at fancy costumes.

20th October, 2019

I like the corpse bride. I don't really like scary stuff.

20th October, 2019

I love Halloween and it’s so close to my birthday so in the past I’ve usually done something Halloween themed - until I had kids lol. So maybe not this year but when everyone is sleeping through the night again I may be back into it. That cupcake one is cuuuute.

20th October, 2019

Some amazing looks! I am far to unco to pull any of these off lol

20th October, 2019

Wow, love these. I. A huge fan of Halloween and wish I could be this creative. Loving the Corpse Bride eek.

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