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The Unexpected Secret To Looking Youthful

16 April, 2022 - 10:38am by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

by BR Tabatha

How many thousands do we spend on skincare to keep our skin looking younger? How many needles are injected into people every single year to keep things plump and firm? How many beauty treatments do we endure to keep the wrinkles and age spots at bay?

The quest for everlasting youth can be an expensive one, but it doesn't have to be. You see recently I was given a tip that ensures a person can look ageless through the years. 

Don't change up your look.

In a nutshell, keep your hair colour similar, keep your hair style similar, keep your makeup similar.

I mean, my first thought on hearing this was 'quelle horreur!!!' Part of the joy of the human experience is experimenting with one's look. Changing hair colours, going from long hair to a pixie cut, wearing outrageously colourful makeup one day and a neutral look the next. 

HOWEVER... not wanting to dismiss the thought completely, especially as I am climbing the age ladder, I took a moment to think about the women I admire whose looks are ageless. Timeless even.

The first woman who came to mind? The Queen. Queen Elizabeth II has looked the same forever. It's only in very recent years that I've noticed age has crept up on her, and at nearly 96 that's to be expected.

Then there's Angelina Jolie. For as long as I can remember she's had the same long, brunette tresses. The same simple makeup. Yes, she mixed it up when she was younger, but not that I can think of recently.

Ditto Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep... the list could go on.

While they've aged, because time has that effect, they've remained looking youthful. Yes, I'm sure having access to top dermatologists and aestheticians helps, but the important thing to note is that they found the look that worked for them - the hair colour, the makeup - and on the whole they've stuck with it.

So does this mean if you go down the route of same-same forever that you can't change up your personal style? Of course not! If anything stylists recommend freshening up your look in order to avoid stagnation. I mean, imagine if the Queen wore now what she wore then? She'd still look fab, but it would be out of place (though what I'd give to own a fraction of her 1960s wardrobe - swoon), and could well age her, so if anything upping your style is a must.

As for spending on skincare and injectables - if it's your thing, go for it! And if it's not? That's also good! Timelessness is the goal, and that can be achieved with or without shelling out the dollars for products and procedures. Just find what works for you, and stick with it. A classic case of keeping it simple. And that is, in my opinion, what makes this simple tip a fantastic bit of timeless advice.

So, are you destined to look youthful forever simply because you don't change it up? Would you rather change it up than look the same for the foreseeable? And will you now be considering keeping your look timelss in order to remain ageless? Get chatting below!



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24th April, 2022

Nothing will stop our bodies natural aging process as sadly. That being said I try to do the things that are proven to help, whether that be sunscreen and retinol or diet and excercise (the last two I especially struggle with)

20th April, 2022

Im definitely ageing fast four forehead lines and one frown line not to mention crows feet and dark circles. As I approach 40 I feel older and older.

19th April, 2022

I used to stay the same hair alot. I'm definitely open to skin injectables to fight wrinkles and Botox

18th April, 2022

I so appreciate this! Everytime I've changed my hair I've eventually regretted it - there's a reason I always come back to my normal and that's because it's great!

18th April, 2022

I kind of agree with this article because I have had the same hair color,length and style apart from the odd fringe change from side swept to middle bangs for a number of years and I'm 52 but often mistaken for being in my early 40's.I tend to keep my makeup look the same but do accentuate my eyes more if going out at night time by adding a bit more colour and depth to them.

18th April, 2022

I love change and accept it on many levels. Personally when I am on holiday from work I spend time simply taking a bit more 'care' in my skin's condition and consider a good hair change. At nearly 66 I love the fact that time is making changes I do not have control over but I do try and feel like I'm treating myself well.

18th April, 2022

I have tended to keep my looks the same for a while .Then I was told I could no longer be a donor and as I am aware how few donors we have in NZ was disappointed.I encourage anyone thinking about this subject to have a conversation with friends and family. I made the decision to grow my hair longer.In fact, right to waist level. Then I had my hairdresser give me the big chop.I think we ended up with just over 120gm of hair in two ponytails.This went to Freedom hair for those with Alopecia /Cnemo etc. Now everyone says I look younger.

18th April, 2022

I’ve had pretty much the same look for over 20 years and when I look back at photos from the past I can see the 90s eyebrows and lipstick but it’s still me. I hope when I start getting greys I’m still going to keep my long locks and I’m sure all my skin care tips I get from Beauty Review will help with keeping me look like myself, just older.

18th April, 2022

I had been using the same brand for years and still do with now added moisture products, as I noticed my skin was looking dull…I take fish oil every day, I swear by that and use all products that are New Zealand made for face and hair now, with 0% additives, I must say what a difference, I have long nails again, shiny hair with out products, skin is finally glowing :)starting to feel great again :)

18th April, 2022

I only just changed my look. I cut my hair off after growing it to my butt for like 20 years lol.

18th April, 2022

I guess if your look suits you , it's possible to slightly change up the version and see how it looks, it's good to be different and try new things, great article thanks.

18th April, 2022

There's definitely something to be said for an older woman who is comfortable enough in her own skin to embrace her natural looks and not have to keep trying something new. That in itself is empowering, sexy, timeless... I like it!

18th April, 2022

I pretty much just keep to the status quo! Feels pretty safe and I can't muck it up that way.

18th April, 2022

Change it up when I feel like it. Think I'm doing well jn the skincare department. I know I'm going to age, but I'd like to albeit somewhat gracefully.


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