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The Top Five Articles of 2021!

18 December, 2021 - 06:37pm by - Head Pixie | 6 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Article writing is a bit like buying a new eyeshadow palette; you never quite know what's going to be a hit or a miss. Will the tone be right? Will it blend into the background? Will it stand out and pop? One thing is for sure, much like applying eyeshadow we never get sick of writing articles, and come the end of the year we're always interested to see what's been a hit. So without further ado we present to you the Top Five most viewed Beauty Review articles of 2021!

Are You Applying Your Skincare Correctly?

With all the skincare products on the market, not to mention all the advice coming from a plethora of sources, it can be hard to know what product to put on when. This article cleared the skincare application fog up with a simple step-by-step guide! 

The Three Supermarket Products That Have Saved My Blonde Hair

When Queenie, our BR Boss Babe, writes an article it pays to read it. The woman is a walking encyclopedia of beauty knowledge, and she only puts fingertips to keyboard when she means business. Which is why with lockdowns happening and our hair needing a whole lot of help at home, she showed the Beauty Review blonde beauties the best way to care for their hair while hairdressers were not an option. A must read if ever there was one!

Ingrown hairs are a universal pain in the rare, so it's no wonder this article resonated with so many! From what causes ingrown hairs, to how to heal them, to how to prevent then occuring in the first place, this article has got you sorted!

For years bar soap has been maligned as being unsanitary. A bit gross. Scody, even. A bacteria ridden bar of badness. But was bar soap really that bad? Or had the marketers just done a superb job at making liquid soap look better? We uncovered the truth!

All Your Burning Questions About Candle Safety Answered

Candles, as beautiful as they are, can also be dangerous when not cared for or attended to properly. This article looked at the rules of burning candles, from wick trimming to how to successfully snuff them out without causing bodily harm. A necessary read for those who have just discovered the joys of candles, and a good reminder for those of us who are burners from way back.

And there you have it! The five most viewed articles of 2021!
So, do you have a favourite Beauty Review article for 2021? And what would you like to see us cover in the coming year? We're keen to hear your thoughts, so get chatting below!



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22nd May, 2022

Great articles

3rd January, 2022

I don't have a favourite, and I must have missed the one about ingrown hairs. I'll have a read of it right now as this does happen to me sometimes and is very frustrating.

1st January, 2022

They were all great articles. I enjoyed them all.

30th December, 2021

all great articles love candles

21st December, 2021

All great articles!!

19th December, 2021

An article on the different types of waxing products on the market would make for an interesting read.

What are the best things you can do to help to look younger from products to any tips or tricks :-)


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