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Thinking of Balayage? Three techniques you NEED to consider!

30 April, 2017 - 09:27pm by - First Lady | 14 Comments

Article by BR Natalie

images via Pinterest

If there's one hair colouring trend that I think is always going to be in style, whatever the season, whatever the decade, whomever the woman, whatever her age it's Balayage.  Those delicate sweeps of lightened hair giving the illusion of natural sun kisses might be simple, they might be subtle, but my oh my, are they just stunning.

Balayage is often confused with, or considered synonymous with Ombre.  Both techniques are a lightening of hair, but in very different ways.  Ombre involves a gradual shift from dark roots to lighter ends.  It's a banded look around the whole head, usually from just below ear-level.  

Balayage comes from the French meaning "to sweep".   In balayage, the colorist "sweeps" vertically with the tip of the brush and only to the front of the hair.  Thus creating natural, sun kissed highlights.  It's freehand painting with hair lightener, rather than colouring, if you will.

Now don't go thinking that because it's a simple technique, it's a boring one.  Balayage can be used to contour hair, as well as create several different looks.  You can even skip the lightening and use colours instead.  Red or purple accents in black hair for example. The possibilities are endless.

Here are three ways you can use balayage to further enhance your hair.

That's not a typo.  Sombre is 'soft ombre' or 'subtle ombre'.   With sombre, some sections are lightened from higher up and the lower lengths will have dark ribbons running through them - this will create a more gradual transition.  Like ombre, Sombre is the perfect 'worn-in' look, for low maintenance people who like to avoid the need for constant touch ups.  

Featherlights or Babylights are really, really fine highlights.  You know how kids have those gorgeous natural highlights, whatever their hair colour?  That's what we're talking about here.  To achive the look hair is lightened in tiny sections.  It's the most time consuming look, but the final result is multidimensional and really natural looking. 

You can technically balayage any length of hair, and any texture - short and choppy pixie or curly mermaid hair, balayage works the same in that you paint colour onto the top of the hair in sections.  

The looks balayage is famous for?  Flowing lines adding depth, movement and texture to the most plain of long locks.  This is because the freestyle technique allows the colour accents to be individually tailored to the haircut and texture.  Search #haircontouring for examples and an idea of what kind of placements will suit you.

So you now know the three types of balayage, but does this mean a trip to the salon to get the look?  Only if you want to - you can get the look at home.  You can even get the look at home easily thanks to Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Feather Balayage.  The kit can achieve 6 levels of lift enabling you to get subtle blonde contrasts at home.  The unique feather brush makes 'painting' the colour through your hair a breeze!

Do you love the balayage look?  Are you rocking it right now?  What's your favourite balayage style?  Get chatting below!



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8th May, 2017

Ooh I love the sombre and contouring looks, but would never do it myself - too scared I'd screw it up!

2nd May, 2017

I had ombré done by a fantastic hairdresser and I didn't need it coloured again for over a year - it was fantastic! Never had such luck again though (Greys coming through so constantly need touch ups) so now the perfect balayage is jut a distant memory.

1st May, 2017

I dip dye my hair. Love this look!

1st May, 2017

I did try to ombre by using Brilliant Silver White hair toner and dipping the ends of my hair in to soak them for longer. It wasn't a wild success :(

1st May, 2017

The contouring looks lovely. I keep kidding myself I'll cut and dye but in reality my hair is still too fragile.

1st May, 2017

I LOVE balayage however I wouldn't do it myself because I KNOW that it would warrant a visit to the salon for them to fix my disastrous attempt.

I've had balayage for 2-3 years (earlier pics on the Photowall show this) but stopped because it was becoming too high maintenance (i.e. purple shampoo, going in for touch ups, getting a different hairdresser who had a different technique). My favourite is the contouring balayage.

1st May, 2017

Interesting. I'm looking at getting a hairdresser to do a contouring look with my hair soon. Don't think I'd do it at home.

1st May, 2017

These look really lovely. A bit more subtle than the colours I usually go for, but great if you want something to look natural.

1st May, 2017

My fave is the look of the contouring balayage. It looks really pretty in wavy hair. I like the subtlety of featherlights. Would look great with someone just wanting a tiny bit of color especially a brighter color. Oh if I had the money!

1st May, 2017

I love the look of Sombre...and it's low maintenance! Even better!

1st May, 2017

My hair naturally has softer streaks in it, but I'd love to add some more contouring.. perhaps that's what is next on the agenda for me :) either that or change colour completely I think.

1st May, 2017

It's moments like these that I hate having dark hair :( I want to try having light brown with blonde highlights one day but that means I'll have to bleach my hair.

1st May, 2017

They all look lovely . Hair contouring looks cool. I'd like to try that.9I would sit this one out .

30th April, 2017

I love these looks but I would be way to scared to do it my self