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The Six Beauty Steps of Spring

6 September, 2021 - 06:38am by - Head Pixie | 12 Comments

by BR Kellie

How I love this time of year. The days are growing longer. The air is *sometimes* a touch warmer. The blossom is on the trees. The blossom is falling from the trees creating a gorgeous carpet of pink on the paths. Lambs are gamboling. And I am panicking.

A touch.

You see, like most of us I have rugged up and hibernated this winter. I've ignored any and every area from the neck down. My legs are scaly. My feet are a horror show. My skin in general is looking withered. If I were to pull on shorts and a t-shirt and step outside small children would run in horror at the sight of the ghostly lizard person. 

So what's a gal to do? Get herself Spring ready with a six point plan of attack!

Treat Your Feet!

It's embarassing to admit, but my toenails could possibly secure a place in the Guiness Book of World Records right now for being the longest ever, and my heels are so hard that a concrete cutter couldn't crack them. The solution for those of us who've let out toenails go? First of all - clip your toenails, file and buff, then add a bit of colour to your toes - I'm a fan of mandarin orange, but you do you! Next, grab a pumice and make a point of attacking those dry, cracked areas whenever you're in the shower. Post-shower, mosturise your feet. Even better, pop on a thick moisturiser after a night time shower, throw on a pair of socks and give your feet an overnight beauty treat.

Become a Scrubber!

A while back I saw a sale on body products for the shower and bath and went mad buying exfoliating body bars, then ignored them. Their time has come! For the foreseeable I shall be spending a good minute sloughing away my dead skin cells two to three times a week (any more could irritate or further dry out skin). If you don't want to pay for a body scrub you can easily make you own at home with brown sugar or sea salt, olive oil and a drop or two of essential oil if you fancy smelling a bit yum.

Slather Yourself in Goodness!

Make it your mission to smother yourself in moisturiser or body oil after a warm shower or bath. Do it from top to toe. Leave no square inch of skin behind! 

Pull Out The Bronzers!

If you're pasty like me and comfortable with that - feel free to skip this step. For anyone else who likes to amp up their glow, read on!

I grew up in the 80s and was repeatedly told to get out in the sun because it was good for you, (yes, Vit D is good for you, but you don't need to bake yourself in the sun to get it). Due to that conditioning, to this day I have a need to be bronzed. So come Spring, out come the luminizers, the bronzers, the fake tanners.

Bronzing up your shoulders and applying a luminizer to your decolletage adds definition and makes you look sun kissed. And if you're pulling on shorts or a skirt for the first time a fake tan can help avoid the 'the white, it burns' comments from others. New to fake tan? A moisturiser infused with tan can give you a gradual glow, while making the process a whole lot less scary!

Refresh Your Makeup!

Been rocking a dark and sultry look all winter? Now's the time to change it up! Go for lighter, brighter eye and lip colours. A peachy or pink blush can add a fresh pop of youthful colour to your face! Pop on highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and just above your brow for an extra pop of pow!

Up Your Sunscreen Game

It wouldn't be a BR article about the warmer months (or any months, for that matter) without talk of sunscreen. If you're heading out, or even sitting by a window, apply it. Don't decide that because your skincare or makeup is infused with it you're covered - you're not. It helps, but it's not a cover all. So get a good sunscreen and use it religiously, applying thirty minutes before the sun hits your skin.

And there you have it! Six ways to get Spring ready!

So... are you looking forward to the warmer months? Do you change up your beauty practices in preparation? Or do the changing seasons see you keep your routine the same?

Get chatting below!


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27th September, 2021

Spring cleaning most definetly isn’t limited to the house

11th September, 2021

Body scrub, body oil, sunscreen here i come =)

11th September, 2021

I need to up my game and prepare for spring . I’m starting my self care plan . I haven’t been in a good headspace this lockdown.

9th September, 2021

I love spring too but as you say, it brings maintenance with it! I haven't been in a great frame of mind since lockdown but maybe tomorrow I'll get motivated and do some shaving and ipl etc

9th September, 2021

I'm a bit of a foot neglector since I spend most of the year in socks. And I'm slack with exfoliation because the bathroom is cold and hot water is limited, luckily I have naturally soft, smooth oriental skin. Sunscreen is my game year round so not really much to change.

9th September, 2021

Oh the feet thing! I do not look after my tootsies! Must take more care this summer

8th September, 2021

I definitely up my moisturizer game this time of year, and I do have a fair few favorites

7th September, 2021

I have actually been taking care of my feet over winter as my man got me a foot spa and I love using it. I love Spring time!

7th September, 2021

I like spring. Not to hot like summer and not too cold. Will have to be careful not to burn in the sun

7th September, 2021

Will be trying a gradual tan for my legs this year. Kind of excited about it, hope it helps as my legs never tan!

6th September, 2021

I have definitely upped my sunscreen game. With the mask rule, i will focus on the eyes when it comes to makeup...I really like the idea of using a highlighter just under the brow, I usually only do this on a special occasion.

6th September, 2021

I definitely up the game with body moisturisers - the Nivea one my current favourite, and fake tan slowly gets introduced too.

11th September, 2021

Hey Maree, I love spring too. I’ve been admiring my miniature white orchid . It’s taken two years to bring it to life. Finally it’s bloomed. This lockdown I’ll admit I haven’t been in a good headspace hence my absence .

11th September, 2021

Hi Macs lovely to see you xx

13th September, 2021

Keep safe Macs x

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