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Braun Xmas
Braun Xmas

The Secret to Beautiful Long Hair...Without Cutting!

10 November, 2019 - 01:44pm by - First Lady | 132 Comments

by BR Tabby

Whenever I decide to grow my hair, someone without fail will utter the ultimate hair lie.  I bet you've heard it before, maybe you even believe it. 

"If you want long and strong hair be sure to get regular trims, it'll keep your hair healthy and help it to grow."


Here's the truth.  Your hair is pretty much dead from the root down.  Why would removing some of the dead part encourage the live root to grow?  It makes no sense right?  As for regular trims keeping it healthy? Well...

Regular trims will remove split ends making your hair look healthy and lay flat, but it won't have any impact on the rate of growth or the overall condition of your hair.

In other words, if you have dry or damaged hair before a'll still be dry or damaged after a trim.  If you want long, strong and healthy hair, you do not have to reach for the scissors.  Our reviewers have found the perfect hair care regime - and all three products will cost you less than $30!

If you're dreaming of long hair,  L'Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths is enriched with Keratin, Castor Oil and Vitamins that help reduce split ends and strengthens hair from root to tip giving it the integrity it needs to grow to its dreamiest length yet.

What Kiwis are saying:

"I love how more manageable by hair is when using all three products together. It's easier to brush, seems less knotty and definitely not as frizzy"Emily-jane

"After a week of use I was able to see a remarkable difference in the condition of my hair. It looks and feels healthy, my split ends have diminished and it’s incredibly shiny."MFS

"My favourite product is definitely the hair cream. Unlike most of the leave-in hair products I've used recently it doesn't leave your hair looking greasy or leave a residue on your hands after applying, and it just gives your hair an instant healthy nourished boost." - siana13

"I got results that I would have expected with some high end products so colour me impressed!" - kazza7

"Let's just start with the fragrance, I would buy this trio again just for the scent alone. So refreshing and lasts for days in the hair"sammydavies

"You know, I would recommend this to anyone with hair - but if you are trying to avoid cutting, give it a go, I don't think you're going to be disappointed!" - MissHale

Are you a long haired gal struggling with damage or split ends?  Are you contemplating going for the snip, but don't really want to?  Will you be looking for Dream Lengths in store?

Read more reviews here:

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Dream Lengths No Haircut Creme

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9th December, 2019

Sounds like I might have to try this! I would love to hear results from people dealing with psoriasis on the scalp!

2nd December, 2019

I am trying my best to grow my hair for my wedding in March 2020 but it seems an up hill battle. This sounds like the answer to my dreams

2nd December, 2019

I love this product will defs buy again

2nd December, 2019

I've used other LOreal products for long hair 'before and quite liked it, but I'd love to give the No Haircut Cream a go. I've always had split ends, and I don't get haircuts often enough too.

2nd December, 2019

I'm avoiding the snips at the moment in an effort to grow my hair longer so this sounds ideal! I will definitely be hunting it down.

2nd December, 2019

I avoid haircuts for as long as possible as I feel like a trim always takes too much off. Definitely going to buy these products this week now after reading this, my hair needs something exactly like it!

1st December, 2019

I’m desperate to try anything for my out of control hair ,yes please sounds good

1st December, 2019

I got a cut today I hadn't had one for a long time

26th November, 2019

Would love this my daughter said it was fantastic!

26th November, 2019

Yes! I need this in my life. I have long blonde hair that LOVES to knot. This could be the solution to keep it more manageable?!

25th November, 2019

This definitely sounds like the answer to my hair problems,

22nd November, 2019

I think this product read my mind. My hair is dyed, dry and coarse and starting to fall out. It needs some loving. I was going to get it cut today but the hairdresser didn't confirm my appointment. I would like to try this out first to see if my long hair can look better, stronger and healthier. Otherwise it is time for the chop. I need to give this a go....

20th November, 2019

I agree with your article 100%. Hair is dead from the roots down. Cutting it, only makes it easier to manage, neater, or having an overall fashionable look. I don't like having haircuts, as sitting for longer than five minutes, causes me excruciating back pain. Unfortunately, my hair especially in the back gets very knotty, and dry, even if I brush it multiple times. If I can use a detangler that stops this, plus a shampoo, that gives my hair a healthy, shiny glow, and use a cream to avoid the hairdressers, both my back, and I, will be so very, very grateful.

19th November, 2019

I started growing my hair again and wondered when I should have a trim.I do know a leave in product can help and with Elvive being one brand that is great for my hair this would be great

19th November, 2019

I have very long hair past my waist, it's so hard to keep it looking healthy and frizz free shiny and strong. It needs a lot of work. This sounds perfect :-)


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