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The Obvious Sunscreen Tip We're Forgetting

20 October, 2019 - 01:17pm by - Head Pixie | 12 Comments

By BR Kellie

Kellie Confession:  I spent a goodly chunk of my life as a confirmed sun lover.

The moment the weather warmed up my bod was out in the sun. I soaked myself in baby oil. I plopped myself on a towel or in a bean bag, and I tanned up. I gave no regard to SPF or UV rays or the dangers of skin cancer. In my defence, I was brought up in the times where SPF wasn't all that much of a thing, when your parents thought you looked healthier with a tan, when they themselves would spend hours out in the sun twisting and turning like a rotisserie chicken. 

Then the skin cancer message began to sink in. Not as quickly as the baby oil, but it got there. These days my skin sees the sun through necessity, such as when I go for a walk or decide to deal to the jungle that is my garden. When I'm out there you had best believe I've got SPF action going on.

Up until recently I thought that when it came to skin safety I was covered. Sorted. A+ for BR Kellie. Except. Wellllllll, not so much. The BR Crew were in research mode the other day and we stumbled across a bit of information that some of us knew, some of us didn't. A piece of information that could have quite the negative impact on someone like me who, although SPFs when she's out and about, doesn't think twice about it when she's inside working. That piece of info?

If you spend a lot of time sitting by a window - be that in the car, at home or in the office - you are subjecting yourself to UV rays and need to wear sunscreen.

This piece of information came by way of the SunSmart website, where in their FAQ the question 'I can't get sunburnt through glass' was busted with a big old 'FALSE'. 

It turns out that while glass reduces UV radiation it does not fully block them. So if you're sitting in direct sunlight for long periods while driving, at work or at home, then you need to get your SPF on and remember to reapply it regularly. 

Soooooo... Am I the only person who didn't think about this? Who else didn't put two and two together and come up with 'wear sunscreen inside when your idea of hot-desking means moving your laptop from one sunny spot to another'? Or are you down with this piece of info and regularly slip, slop, slap when you're working or travelling in direct line of the sun? Chat away!



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8th February, 2020

Yep I absolutely forget about sunscreen if I am going to be inside so I may have to rethink.

15th December, 2019

Totally can get burnt in the car I don't do well in the heat I hate how every year children and pets get left in hot cars it makes me cry. I've just had a baby and my air conditioning doesn't work I will be so careful. Also the seat belt buckles can hear up to the point of scorching and can burn your child or self!

5th November, 2019

I am a natural red head and have "beautiful porcelain" skin; In the sun I go a little red or burn. My tan comes from a bottle (I'm okay with that). In saying that, I forget that that bottled tan doesn't come with an spf. Being inside you don't think that you don't need sunscreen. Also if SPF has a different scent people would wear it more.(alot of people don't like the smell or the greasyness of SPF)

Things I'm doing: -I've started adding sunscreen to some body moisturisers. -I also use "Olay 7 in 1 day cream, with an spf" it's amazing!!! I've also been using "chi chi BB cream" with an spf 15 in it. 'I've also found a nice rimmed hat and also a sports cap hat. -When using SPF don't forget to do your ears.

3rd November, 2019

Yes I knew this which is why sunscreen is a must everyday.

23rd October, 2019

I agree you can get sun burnt while traveling in the car especially if you wind down the window but even when not.

23rd October, 2019

Oh... i apply sunscreen every morning beneath my make up.. but still end up with new freckles as i’m too lazy to reapply, which i should.

22nd October, 2019

If any sun ever comes .....

22nd October, 2019

When traveling in the car for a long distance I tend to drape a piece of clothing over my arm or legs so I don't burn.

21st October, 2019

I’d always wondered about glass.

20th October, 2019

I slap on a good amount of spf rain or shine year round. I don't reapply through out the day though especially if I'm wearing makeup.

20th October, 2019

Yess my right side of my face has more pigment spots than the other side probably from driving.

20th October, 2019

I always notice my right arm gets burnt if I'm driving long distances. I really need to be more on to it with sunscreen.

22nd October, 2019

I'm very poor at applying sunscreen at any time :(

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