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The Obvious Fact That Will Change the Way You View Hair Care

28 July, 2019 - 05:17pm by - First Lady | 25 Comments

Hair myths.  Here's a few you've probably heard, and maybe even believe:

  • Your hair gets used to your shampoo so you need to change it up.
  • Regular trims help your hair grow;
  • A cold rinse make your hair shiny.

Even your hairdresser has probably told you them - but there is one glaring hair FACT that makes these tips ridiculous.

Are you ready?

Your hair is effectively dead from the root down.

Let's look at those common facts again with this fact in mind.

1. Your hair gets used to your shampoo

Your hair is effectively dead from the root down - it doesn't feel and it certainly doesn't know if you're using the same brand day after day, month after month.  If you've found a product that works for you, don't feel the need to change it up every month.  The products will perform in the same manner every time you use it.

If your hair is oil-prone or you feel a build up of product just  use a clarifying shampoo every so often to remove residue and product build up.

2.  Regular trims help your hair grow. 

Your hair is effectively dead from the root down.  Why would removing some of the dead part of something encourage the live root to grow?  Madness. Regular trims will remove split ends making your hair look healthy and lay flat, but it won't have any impact on the rate of growth.

To encourage hair growth looks for treatments and masks that focus on delivering key nutrients to the scalp, or try a Hair, Skin and Nails supplement

3.  A cold rinse will make your hair sleeker and shinier*

We don't mean to sound repetitive, or morbid but...your hair is effectively dead from the root down It cannot feel hot from cold.  And therefore it can't react differently to them. 

It's hair swell, which is caused by water in the shaft and/or pH levels that contribute (minimally) to shine/lack of shine.  The more processed your hair is, the more porous it is.  The more water/product it absorbs the more it swells and the more your pH levels change, meaning the less shiny your hair will be.  Temperature has no effect on this.

Look for shine inducing products and oils instead.

There you go, three common hair myths busted with just one simple fact!


*This one is likely to prove contentious, but here's some further reading with interviews from experts, scientists and trichologists.  

Does Cold Water Make My Hair Shiny?

MythBusters: Rinsing Your Hair In Cold Water

Sorry — A Cold Water Rinse Will NOT Make Your Hair Shinier

Cold Rinse, Shiny Hair: Does It Really Work?



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3rd September, 2019

I knew about your hair being dead, but admit I have used a cold rinse to try and make my hair shiny.

24th August, 2019

Yes, my hair is dead, it’s my scalp that gets irritated to a shampoo if I use it too often, I need to change shampoos because of my scalp, not hair. I get itchy and my scalp starts flaking, I never changed my shampoo because of my hair, it’s always been because of my moody scalp.

19th August, 2019

I'm glad I can still have my hot showers then haha

19th August, 2019

Dont we all just love a good trim hehe

18th August, 2019

Always wondered (and mistrusted) how hairdresser's could say "regular trims make your hair grow faster" ? Dead things don't grow! just ask my many aloe vera plants :(

14th August, 2019

Hehe funny, getting a trim will get rid of split ends etc and makes your hair look healthier.

10th August, 2019

Never heard of a cold rinse lol Had to have a giggle at these

9th August, 2019

I jave heard all of there. Never believed them tho. I like to change my shampoo just to try diffrent brand. Bit didny ever sre anu change. Good read thank for the article's

7th August, 2019

Have heard all three many times and from hairdressers. I like to get my hair trimmed for split ends every few months it keeps the style tidy if I leave them to long the ends of the hair become frizzy and harder to manage. I must admit I’ve done the cold blast of water on my hair it’s quiet refreshing but reading it does nothing think will keep it as a summer thing and not in winter!!

7th August, 2019

Interesting read..thanks BR team

7th August, 2019

It’s not your hair that gets used to the products, it’s your scalp. Products leave a build up on your scalp and over time this prevents the natural oils to reach your hair as effectively, usually this is described as lack lustre - a good shampoo with a deep cleansing product can remove the residue and restore the shine!

7th August, 2019

So wait just gotta check - my hair is dead!? Haha this was a laugh. I’ve bought products in the past where it claimed to heal split ends which sounds great in concept but basically impossible. I’ve always kept it fairly simple with the hair products and that seems to do the trick for me :)

6th August, 2019

I have to laugh regarding the expensive products. Hairdressers do this everytime. They put all these yummy hair products in your hair, you come out feeling like a million dollars plus a few expensive products they have suckered you into buying. Do you ever get your hair looking and feeling like that everytime you use them? Heck no lol. Problem is they smell so dang good at the time, it's hard to resist ha ha ha.

5th August, 2019

I bleached, then dyed my hair today, between washing out the bleach, several loads of washing, flat mates showering and a load in the dishwasher, there was NO hot water by the time I showered and washed out my hair dye, brrrrrr. But my hair feels lush!!!

4th August, 2019

It's funny l havecbeen buying expensive shampoo and conditioner, but feel after a month of same product its not as good as when first used , sometimes cheaper brands work just as well

6th August, 2019

Omg I know right. I can never get my hair looking so sleek and shiny.

7th August, 2019

Yes I totally agree with you here.



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