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The New Eyeshadow Palette Trend That’s Got Us Flummoxed

16 October, 2018 - 08:16pm by - Head Pixie | 31 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Who doesn't love a good eyeshadow palette? Being able to mix and match a bunch of colours gives us a case of the happies. We especially adore it when brands offer up unexpected colours. Yellow? Yes. Blue? Bananas for it. Orange? OMG! Recently though we’ve seen a ‘cherry’ trend make its way into the makeup world. But there’s something about this trend that has us… flummoxed.

May we present you with Exhibit 1:


Meet the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette. It's super pretty. Would we consider buying it? Yes we would. BUT... does it really smack of cherry? Does the shade range give you cherry vibes? Because it doesn't talk cherry to us. Not at all. 

When we think cherry we think of a sultry ruby red, a bright happy red, or even a yellowy-orange.

In saying that, we do get hints of a cherry blossom vibe, which brings us to...

Exhibit 2:


Say hello to the KKW Classic Blossom Palette. It's part of the Classic Blossom range, which is inspired by Kim Kardashian's love of the pink-coloured cherry blossom trees. Again, we're not getting cherry vibes. Yes the colours are lovely and insanely wearable, but do they inspire us to think cherry blossom? Not so much.


We can't even relate to the shade name that the collection is inspired by. 'Blossom' does not smack of blossom. Maybe the very centre of the flower? The stem of the flower? Are we stretching? We think we might be...

Of course, all this being flummoxed doesn't mean we dislike the palettes, it just makes us feel like we've caught a case of The Emperor's New Clothes and we're wondering if we're seeing (or not seeing as the case may be) something that everyone else seems to be seeing... or not seeing but not caring about not seeing, iykwim...

Then again... maybe this is a case of drinking too much of the over-thinking juice? What do you reckon? Do you see what we see? Shades that don't relate to their palette's name? Or can you see the inspiration? Does it speak to you? We'd love to hear your thoughts, so get chatting!


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6th November, 2018

i love the urban decay one!! have been eyeing that up

1st November, 2018

Hmmm all very gorgeous colours yes, but I grew up eating cherries and these ranges defs do not say cherry to me!! :)

1st November, 2018

I just can't move past my giggling over the color WEST on KK's palate hahaha My goodness. But no, I can't see a single shade that reminds me specifically of cherries. Cherry is something you associate with a real POP, an eye catcher (pun intended) color. I'd be moderately disappointed with purchasing either of these palattes and not seeing a single red....... Just me maybe though.....? :/

24th October, 2018

I think some of the colours and the names fit for the cherry fruit. I also love pink blossom trees. The palletes above are back to front. The naked one is more like the pink tree blossoms

23rd October, 2018

I wish there was even one true cherry red in the Urban Decay palette!

22nd October, 2018

It's a bit of a cherry/ cherry blossom hybrid. I'm liking the palettes, especially Urban Decay's.

21st October, 2018

Definitely just marketing at play, a 'Cherry' palette is more marketable than 'Berry' or otherwise.

21st October, 2018

Hmm... I'm with you on this one. 'Cherry' in name only!

21st October, 2018

Ohhhh so pretty!

20th October, 2018

Um... i surely don’t have a clue what the story is behind the shade names.. but there’s always a reason for things.. People are so creative these days.. Make up is surely an art hahaha =D.

18th October, 2018

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they smell like cherries too!

18th October, 2018

All the "cherry" coloured palettes have been giving me all the Spring vibes!

18th October, 2018

I don't get very interersted in palettes but I adore that Cherry Urban Decay palette, it is stunning, soft and femine. I love the colours so much. Must find out more about it.

18th October, 2018

Japanese are big into blossom festivals, so maybe that's where it's coming from....?

17th October, 2018

I'm thinking cherry red, which is definitely a theme of these palattes. Not so much cherry blossom pink though. The first palatte does surprisingly make me think of cherry blossoms or at least some kind of pink flowers. I really like them!