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The Nail Trend You'll Go Nuts For in 2019!

26 February, 2019 - 09:28pm by - Head Pixie | 23 Comments

By BR Amelia

Finally! A nail trend that's something we can all get on board with! No need to glue random objects on our tips or spend hours crafting aquariums under bubbles. This is simple and oh so sophisticated. We'd go so far as to say it has the potential to become as popular a nail shape as the traditional square or oval looks. 

So what's this look we're nutty for? Almond nails.


Sure, almond nails have been around for yonks, but they're having a renaissance and are tipped as the must-have nail trend of 2019 and we can totally see why.


What's not to love about the almond nail? It's approachable like a round nail, chic like a squoval (that's a mix of square and oval, in case you thought my typing was having a meltdown...), nowhere near as scary as the stabby stiletto nail, and yet it's still a little edgy. 


Want to get the look? If your nails are on the shorter side a trip to a nail technician could well be in order for a set of acrylics or gels. If you've long nails you could potentially create the look at home (something we're not brave enough to do) and this fantstic tutorial from abetweene can show you how...

So will you be taking on the nail trend of 2019? Or is it all a bit too nutty for you?

Chat away!


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14th March, 2019

I like them . I would give them a try.

11th March, 2019

I never do my nails is like to try this

10th March, 2019

I love that shape

10th March, 2019

I live that shape

10th March, 2019

I've been almond shaping for a few months and have found my nails break less!

2nd March, 2019

I like the short nail look. Long nails just get in the way of my life!

2nd March, 2019

I like the look but really just keeping my squoval or round nails from breaking and splitting is hard enough with the cleaning, cooking and dishes that I do that I don't think almond would be a smart choice for me to go for if I want to have nails that have length past my fingertips.

2nd March, 2019

And that's a "no" from me as well, much prefer oval nails. That blue with the jewels is very pretty though, I might have to hunt out the sparkles since I've got a blue that's very similar.

1st March, 2019

I keep my natural nails squoval but whenever I do get polygels than I go for these pointy lil beauties. Love the fact that they make my chubby fingers look longer (:

28th February, 2019

Hmmm I actually prefer the squared look for nails - although mine are fairly short and I don't really do a lot to them. The almond look would be quite cool for a night out or special occasion :)

27th February, 2019

I keep my nails short, so probably won't be trying this one!

27th February, 2019

Very nice. I especially love the jewel led nails :)

27th February, 2019

They look pretty, unless they're those stick on nails I won't go to that much effort to do up my nails.

27th February, 2019

Not for me but I remember this being the look in the 80s.

27th February, 2019

Em... not a big fan of pointy nails.. Still prefer squoval or rounded nails =)