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The Mascara Trick That's So Obvious... and Easy To Forget!

26 February, 2018 - 07:55pm by - Head Pixie | 23 Comments

By BR Kellie

Regular readers of Beauty Review will know how obsessed I am with the gorgeous, glamorous, dulcet-toned YouTuber, Tati. The moment 7am rolls around I abandon everything I'm doing to watch her latest upload. I love the way she does makeup, I love that she reviews both affordable and out-of-this-world expensive products. And I appreciate that she's not afraid to tell the truth. Case in point? This morning I watched her review Wet n Wild's fancy new brushes, which I'd been pondering purchasing, and even though they'd been sent to her for free and a lot of influencers would probably be nicer about the products, she flat out passed on half of them - and you better believe the ones she did like are being swiped up by myself on my next trip to Farmers.

I have hashtagged #TatiMadeMeBuyIt on Twitter and Instagram. I owe some of my favourite products to her. So when she raved about one particular product and top-shelved it, and it was less than a tenner, I knew I had to procure it. The product? The Essence Volume Stylish 18hr Lash Extension Mascara. 

So I bought it. Skipped home. Got in front of my mirror the next morning and applied this holy grail, better-than-the-fancy-stuff, all that and a bag a chips, mascara.

My giddy aunt. It was a hot mess. The clumps. The cluuuuuumps! My lashes banded together to look like giant wet fibrous tarantula legs. Not even my trusty Manicare mascara wands that I keep on hand for tidy ups could fix this hot mess.

My faith in Tati in tatters (not really, I was more miffed), I removed the mascara and moped about the house. For all of ten seconds until I realised this fail could make an excellent article! 

'When Beauty Gurus Get It Wrong!'

'Tati Cost Me My Daily Coffee!'

'The Mascara Fail That Had Me In Tears!

But the thing was, I hated that mascara soooooooo much, I couldn't bring myself to apply it again. On a number of occasions I pulled it out, opened it, stared gloomily at the brush, then put it away. I just didn't want to go through the rigmarole of doing my face for photos, applying that clumpy hot mess, then having to remove half my makeup to get it off and start again. So I put it off. And put it off. And put it off some more.

Until today (which may not be the actual 'today' when you're reading this). Today I thought 'eh, I'm going to have a shower, let's just whack this on first and remind myself how bad it is. Get that outrage flowing again so you're revved up and ready to write this article.'

So I did. I unscrewed the cap with a sneer on my face. Wiggled the mascara though my lashes. And, holy moly, they looked amazing. There were no clumps. My lower and upper eye area was not spotted with wet mascara. There was no need for a fix-up. My lashes looked bold, black, big and defined. Just how I like 'em.

And then it hit me. I'm an idiot. (Yeah, biiiiiiiig surprise.) 

My irritable opening and closing of the mascara had given it a chance to dry out a little.

Now, dry mascara is usually touted as a bad thing, but sometimes a mascara can be wet as a mid-summer storm and it actually needs a little time to dry out in order for it to be at its best.

So if, like me, you buy a mascara and it's a gloppy wet debacle - give it time to breathe. Wave that wand around a bit before applying it so the product dries a little. Or every day for a week or so pull out the wand, then put the wand back in until it's calmed its moisture farm.

Finally, Tati. I apologise. You were right. I was wrong. The Essence Volume Stylist is every bit as fabulous as you said. 

So, my beauties... do tell, will you be trying this tip the next time you come across a mascara that seems way too wet to be useful? Have you ever bought a product based on a YouTuber's suggestion only to have it be a big ol' money-waster? And, because we love to hear how you remedy uh-oh moments - what are your favourite tips for using and applying mascara that's been a pain in the derriere? Chat away!

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I am going to remember this. Thank you

Firstly, I swear by Essence mascara! The Lash Princess variety is my go-to for long, fanned, black lashes. But I totally agree that it was way to wet when I first used it. I haven't tried your trick of airing it out, but I do wipe a bit of the excess liquid off before applying it.

Thanks for the tip! I love Essence as a brand but haven't ventured into their mascaras after I found they left smudges on my face. Have you found this at all?

27th February, 2018 at 9:12 am

Their mascara hasn't left smudges for me personally, but I can definitely see how that could happen. I try to keep my eyes as still as possible for a few seconds after applying mascara so it dries a little bit haha

27th February, 2018 at 7:11 pm

Good tip, so many mascara's I try are so wet and clumpy - I never considered drying them out a little... With mascara's I buy, it goes on so wet that I end up with zebra stripes on my upper lid, and usually manage a sneeze to complete the circus look under the eye!! Mascara is the one area I have yet to find a product I'll stick with and buy again!!

Oh dear. Mascaras can totally be hit or miss! That's a good tip because I sometimes have trouble with clumpy mascaras and its great to have a fix to try.

yes me too and it has been expensive to throw out.

27th February, 2018 at 7:44 am

Totally - I hate wasting anything!

27th February, 2018 at 9:44 am

@MareeB: me too!

22nd March, 2018 at 7:47 am

Good tip I will be trying this out

Well that was lucky and you have given us all some valuable information. Last time that happened with a new mascara I was so disgusted I threw it in the bin. Now I know Thanks

YES this is SO true! The number of mascaras that are awful straight away but develop into the perfect product after a while of drying. My Australis Fierce Eyes is the same thing. Also thanks for the tip about Essence Volume Stylist, might have to try now!

I don't think I've tried an Essence mascara before. I'm lucky. While I've never found a Holy Grail mascara, I've never found an awful one either.

Well mind blown Kellie! Thanks for the tip. I have about 5 mascaras laying around in my makeup draw because they were too wet and clumpy. I hear the chorus singing Hallelujah right now. I am trying this when I get home to see if it works. On another note I am sooooooo trying out that Wet n Wild mascara. It sounds perfect!

I would be interested to purchase that mascara. I have not tried an Essence branded one yet. Will need to look for stockists.

I am such a fanatic of essence products.. From eyeliner to nail polish they have you covered and you really can't beat the price! Find them at farmers and price wise.

21st March, 2018 at 9:40 pm

Brilliant, my mascara is running out. Time to go shopping I think!

22nd March, 2018 at 7:48 am

Great tip...i will try this out

I haven’t tried this brand (still an EOH worshiper) but really want to try it out now. I’ve never thought of this trick, I have wiped the excess off the wand for the first use of some mascaras but this sounds even better!

Another excellent tip!

ahh this tip is excellent. i found the too faced one, named after the act of the beast with two backs (but better!?) was a lot better drier than fresh from the tube. its blimmen good. pity this doesnt work for brushes though, id be waving mine until the bristles grew and became less stabby lol

I've never done this with mascara. Good to know.


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