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The Kids Are Doing WHAT With Their Rollers?

20 February, 2022 - 01:35pm by - Head Pixie | 11 Comments

by BR Kellie

I did something I never thought I'd do the other day... I succumbed to the allure of TikTok. It is now sitting downloaded on my phone and I'm feeling every bit my nearly forty-three years as I clunkily figure out how the darn thing works. To date, I've learned to search for the things I'm interested in (beauty and booktok) and I can successfully flick through videos, which is how I came across a video where a young lady was applying her foundation with a crystal roller. 

Now I'm all for trying new methods of foundation application, in fact I'd go so far as to say I've tried them all (sponges, fingers and brushes for the win, silicone flaps for the fail), so this caught my eye, and my imagination. And why would it not? A foundation application that worked to depuff my skin while giving me an even base, all while using less product? Who wouldn't want that? Naturally, I had to give it a go!

In the interest of giving the technique a fair shot, I used my tried and true combo of Mecca Cosmetica hydrating primer and L'Oréal foundation. Squirting the foundation directly onto the roller I began massaging it into my skin. At first I was sure this would be a massive fail. This feeling became heightened when the foundation just sat on my skin looking ridiculously obvious, but with a determined hand I kept rolling. And the more I rolled the more it spread and, I won't lie, my skin looked GREAT, with the foundation melting in and somehow managing to look natural.


Sensing a win afoot I carried on, however...

Once I'd rolled both cheeks and my forehead (which didn't take to the rolling quite as well), I was left with a bit of a mess. My nose, the area around my nose, and the spot around my brows were not blended and looked patchy. Not to be outdone, I grabbed my two headed roller and got back to work. This method did well around my nose and along my brow contour, but didn't do much for the forehead area.

There was only one thing for it... I grabbed my trusty sponge, wet it and bounced and blended my face until it all came together. The end result?

My base looked great. My redness was hidden. My pores didn't look massive. My skin tone was even.

You could've knocked me over with a jade roller. The big BUT is... Would I do it again? Perhaps if I were heading out for the night and needing a more 'done' look, I'd consider this an option... for one hot second. Then I'd quickly dismiss the idea as bananas, and grab a brush and sponge to pop my foundation on, which gives me the same results in faster time and without the fiddliness.

For me, as fun as it was, this was a TikTok NoGo.

So, my foundation fans, will you be trying the rolling application technique? Are you already all over it? Or is this a trend you'll gladly skip? And are there any other TikTok beauty trends I need to try?

Chat below!


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25th May, 2022

A no for me.

19th March, 2022

Haven't heard of this one but its a no for me

25th February, 2022

There is some great ideas on TikTok but this one was not one of them.

23rd February, 2022

Lol it's a no from me however I wouldn't mind trying a roller for it's designed purpose :-)

22nd February, 2022

It sounds like it might be a bit too time-consuming! I will stick with applying foundation with a brush, or fingers.

22nd February, 2022

Sponge and a buffing brush for me. The roller is nice with moisturizer.

21st February, 2022

hmm i am usually a brush or fingers so might stick with that

21st February, 2022

I'm all about using my fingers to apply anything liquid and brushes for dry products - and if it ain't broken, why go through fluffing around with multiple rollers to achieve the same result?

21st February, 2022

Definitely worth trying, , great idea and article

21st February, 2022

I dont have a roller and probably wouldn't try this trend even if I did

21st February, 2022

I don't have one of those roller tools.


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