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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug

The Worst Things That Can Happen During Your Beauty Routine!

5 July, 2018 - 09:50pm by - Head Pixie | 25 Comments

By BR Tabatha

There's much to love about a good beauty ritual. The way your skin feels soft and clean post-facial. Running your hands over silky-smooth skin after a wax. Looking into a mirror and seeing impossibly long lashes after you've curled your lashes, added falsies, then applied mascara. Good times.

Then there are the not so good times. The times when you wonder why you go to the effort to beautify yourself only to endure pain, embarassment, and sometimes bruises and scabs. 

So, what are the horrific beauty moments we pray to never repeat? Check these out... and prepare to cringe.

The razor slice. Perhaps you're shaving while daydreaming, perhaps your razor's a little on the old side, perhaps you slipped in the shower... No matter how it happened there's no denying the pain and ugh-ness of seeing a good inch of skin peeled away to reveal red, rawness, that will scab over and take its sweet time healing.

Hair colour that's not to dye for. 'I'll colour my hair,' you think. You buy your box dye. You take it home. Get things under way, and then you find yourself sitting butt nekid in the bathroom with only a towel around your shoulders, plastic wrap in your hair, and your scalp starts to burn. Burn. Burn some more. No pretty hair colour is worth that kind of pain, so in the shower you jump and down the drain the dye runs.

The evil epilator. Who are you people who can handle the pain of epilation? How do you handle the pain of epilation? Having hair after hair ripped from one's leg is agony. Agony! 

Ban the brush! Who knew a basic hair brush could be an instrument of torture? The long-haired folk who've used one only to have it tangle in their hair, then had to grit their teeth in pain while trying to pull, yank, twist and turn the heck out of it, all the while wondering if large clumps are being torn from their scalp, that's who. Thank goodness for kind and caring brushes, like the Mita TanglePRO - innovation is a beautiful thing.

The depilatory cream - it burns. A BR Kellie story that has imprinted itself in our heads is the story of her attempt at using depilatory cream on her armpits. Slather it on, she did. Sit back and relax, she did. Feel the fiery burn, she did. Whip it off, she did. Spend the night with cold flannels under her armpits, and the next day unable to lower her arms due to the bulging inflammation, she did. There's a reason they say to patch test first.

When wands attack. Applying mascara appears to be an innocuous job. Remove wand from tube, swipe it on lashes, go about your day. All fun and games until you sneeze mid-swipe or find yourself distracted, and next thing you know you've stabbed yourself in the eye and the world's gone a blurry shade of black. 

The cruelty of curling tongs. There's nothing like a bouncy head of Victoria's Secret model-eque hair. So beachy, so alluring, so fun and free. You know what won't put a bounce in your step? The moment the curling tong magically attaches itself to some part of your face or the back of your neck and sizzles your skin.

Speaking of sizzling... My ears are burning. There's nothing like straightening your hair for a salon chic look. Except for when it clips the top of your ear, sending a bolt of pain through you. The only thing worse? It's done by your hairdresser and instead of swearing black and blue you have to smile sweetly and proclaim 'it's fine, doesn't hurt at all' because you're hardly going to tell the truth least you annoy them by telling the blatant truth and find your ear repeatedly clamped by accident, or straight out sizzled off.

Time to toss out the tweezers? Tweezing eyebrow hairs, nose hairs and random body hairs can feel a little dangerous at the best of times, but it's even more so when your tweezers are at the end of their life, blunt as anything, and you have to snatch repeatedly at hairs in order to grip and rip them, which can lead to skin being gripped and ripped instead. Ow.

Pucker up and say bruise. The things we lasses will do for bigger lips. Suctioning our smackers into a glass or piece of plastic to get that bee stung look is a thing, and so are the painful bruises that result. A bad look, a bad feel, just bad all over.

Whoever said beauty was pain was correct. Some of the time. Thankfully all the good parts of beautifying oneself makes up for those traumatic moments. Mostly. So my beauties... are you prone to beauty boo-boos? Have any of the above happened to you? What's your most terrifying beauty ritual experience? Chat away!

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Don't forget the "loving a product till your skin decides otherwise". I've often found some good decent products that tick all the boxes for my skin only for it to rebel and say "NO! Do NOT put that near me thanks!".

Even a product I've been using for years and suddenly my skin turns around and tells me it doesn't like it anymore.

Currently tried a new product that is supposed to be low on irritants and wow my skin itches like crazy and I want to rip it off.


yes hair colouring too -You have to be so careful.

6th July, 2018 at 1:09 pm

That's something I won't worry about, hair dye will never touch my hair :).

6th July, 2018 at 1:53 pm

Ooooh yes the product not liking me anymore would be Moisture Mist Beauty Cake. Used it for years and was super moisturising, now its like applying clay to my face. So sad as I loved the coverage.

7th July, 2018 at 3:31 pm

Eeeek the bad hair dye and burning depilatory cream. The pain oh the pain!

Epilator - that torture makes no sense to me - I vow to never try that one! I have however sizzled myself with straighteners and curling tongs, so maybe I shouldn't pass judgement :)

I have had some hair disasters quite a few and when I made my eye brows look weird and when I got a bit of wax on my lashes and had to cut it out

Oh my! Yes have definitely suffered a few of these attacks. And I've had my ear singed so bad by a hairdresser it blistered - it was like she was in lala land and I was sitting there yelping. Off to buy new tweezers this weekend that hadn't actually occurred to me eek.

I purchased some new eyelash curlers and wow they took my lashes out I didn't even have mascara on them. Not using that type again :-(

Shaving related. When I was 10 or something, I reached up for something on the top shelf in the bathroom and didn't know the shavers were there, I took a chunk out of thumb. The inner part where it bends, terrified me for years there was so much blood and it scarred. I don't think I used a shaver for almost a decade.

Ouch !!!

6th July, 2018 at 1:09 pm

I'm always cutting my ankle and kneese lol I think I shave too fast. Also ouch hair remover cream! Burns! Horrible stuff I would never use again since I got my IPL machine. I dyed my hair blonde in my teenage years, bhahaha a ginger mess.

I've been an accidental ankle cutter too. The worst one is when you get a cut right where your shoes sit.

6th July, 2018 at 3:21 pm

Hahahahahahaha Hilarious

Epilator ,bad hair dye and burning depilatory cream - Oh yes I have been there !

Personally I've always find eyelash curlers terrifying. So I never use them even if they will make my lashes look nicer.

I actually prefer to epilate my legs instead of shave them. If I shave them they become cactus pretty fast. The main torture I do to myself is the peels because I love the smooth skin so I'm willing to deal with the prickling for the better part of an hour for that.

Hahaha oh my gosh so many of these are making me cringe, especially when I got to the mascara one, the worst is when you poke yourself in the eye! Also I couldn't even count how many times I've burnt my arms with the bloody curling wand! ouuuch

The razor slice ... the worst one happened in my teens. I was sitting in the bath shaving my legs, and for some unknown reason, instead of passing the razor from one hand to the other above my legs, I did it behind my leg, and sliced the vein-rich skin behind my knee so badly that there was a tatty strip of hanging skin. It stung like crazy and bled for around 15 minutes (even while sitting with my leg up on the side of the bath to get my knee higher than my heart, and putting pressure on the wound with a clean wash cloth). My teenage self seriously thought I was going to bleed to death!

Oh yeah, I’ve had my share of beauty boo boos. In my early days of home hair dying, I created orange/ginger highlights for myself instead of blonde, and wound up getting called a ‘carrot top’ at school (am cringing now thinking about it!). Not that I’m ginger-bashing here - Prince Harry is cute & some people really suit that colour - but when a hair colour doesn’t suit you, it can be pretty crap and bring out all the worst qualities in one’s face! Lol. Also I’ve done the razor slice, before a hot date, wound up with blood everywhere and a scar on my leg 20 years later. Good times! The pain we go through in the name of beauty!


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