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Miraculous Facial Oil

The Hair Trend That's Making A Huge Splash!

12 July, 2017 - 09:42pm by - Head Pixie | 24 Comments

By BR Kellie

If I wasn't already bitter enough because I'm allergic to the delicoius and healthful food that is salmon and therefore can't eat even a smidgen of it, the beauty world throws another salmon-related no-no my way. Salmon Hair. It's a thing and it's beautiful. And alas, this brunette has no hope in heck of ever pulling it off. So what's a girl to do? Get over herself and admire the goodness on Instagram of course!


Would you look at that salmon hair, with its wondrous hues of pinks and peach, so reminiscent of the fishy flesh it is named after. 


What I love about this trend is that if you like the look of it, but aren't sure if you can pull it off, or if you're unsure that you're ready to commit to a full head of it, you can easily dip your toe into salmon hair first. Just add a little salmon hair to the ends of your tresses and you can test the waters before you dive in!


Hold on! Hold the phone! What's this? A brunette ombre salmon hair? Are you kidding me right now? Doesn't it look stunning? And would you look at that! There's hope that I too can get on the salmon train! 

So do tell? Are you a salmon fan? Is salmon your jam? Could you see yourself swimming against the hair-tide and rocking this colourific look? Chat away!



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27th July, 2017

Oh my goodness! That is gorgeous. Love the ombre but I can't help but be practical and wonder how that would last! Would hate to see it washing down the drain!

25th July, 2017

I love it!!! Pink yes!

22nd July, 2017

I wish I could pull off something like this but fear I am well passed it!

21st July, 2017

It is so pretty and specially for the young ones for their special parties and function. I don't mind using it at my age for a change as well:)

20th July, 2017

I'd love to do vibrant colours but not sure if I'd be taken seriously at work.... not the normal corporate look...

19th July, 2017

I think it's really pretty, great for the young ones for a bit of fun. At my age though I feel the need to be a little more subtle.

18th July, 2017

I would love to give my hair a salmon makeover, but I don't know if I can pull it off in the office

18th July, 2017

It might suit some but for me it's not bold enough. Tis a nice shade though but just not a fad for me. I will stick to my fire engine hair

17th July, 2017

There are times when I think I could really rock this look, then there are times when I say to myself, no :[

17th July, 2017

Looks great! Doubt it would look good on me though :)

14th July, 2017

Not a fan of the salmon. Do like grey though

14th July, 2017

I like it but won't go there myself

13th July, 2017

The pink hair I've had went this shade on its own :P

13th July, 2017

I like it on other girls but I don't think it'd look the best on me. If I was going for a bright color it'd be a purple shade.

13th July, 2017

Very pretty, but I imagine the upkeep would be significant. Colour fade would be your worst enemy with this look.