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The Foundation Tip That's So Wrong... But So Right!

23 September, 2018 - 07:22pm by - Head Pixie | 31 Comments

By BR Kellie

We so often say that when it comes to makeup anything goes. We can have fun. Play to our heart's content. Do our own thing. Yet within this lawless makeup land there are some 'rules' that are repeated over and over to the point they feel like actual law. Rules like...

'When doing your eye makeup, crease work should be done using matte shadows.' 

'When blushing or bronzing be sure to blend!'

And of course...

'When finding a foundation you should match the shade to the colour of your jaw line.'

EXCEPT... Beauty YouTuber Chloe Morello just broke that last rule in one of her more recent videos... and her justification for it has us nodding our heads like a dashboard doggy.

Her foundation rule?

'Never match to your face if your body and your face are different colours.'

She pointed out that her body - especially when self-tanned - is considerably darker than her face and that it just doesn't look right to apply foundation that leaves your face shades lighter than your body.

So what does Chloe do to ensure an even match?

Quite simply, she uses the colour of her shoulder or the back of her hand to find a foundation shade that will look right on her face and give her a uniform look for her skin.

As the down with the lastest lingo kids would say - We are shooketh. And we absolutely understand the logic in it.

So, is this a beauty tip you'll be picking up? Or are you not down with it? Heck... are you already so on board you're leading the pack and have been doing this for quite some time? Chat away!


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16th October, 2018

Hmmm yes, I love Chloe but she doesn't always match correctly or her filters change the look. Anyway, I match to my neck and I love a sparkle in my hooded crease - so there! ;-)

16th October, 2018

I have always used the back of my hand. Hands get about the same amount of sunlight as your face.

16th October, 2018

I always colour match to my neck - my neck is 1 - 2 shades darker than my face due to our strong sunlight. When I was in Sydney getting colour matched the makeup artist painted the foundation onto the side of my neck after removing my makeup and noticing that fact. Works every time, especially as you should gently blend the foundation down under your jawline. The back of my hands are a different shade again so would never think of using them.

8th October, 2018

Always used the back of my hand to match my foundations and so far so good.

7th October, 2018

I always try to match my foundation to the back of my hand first then smooth a bit on my face near the jawline to see if it blends with my neck. I just hate it when you buy foundation overseas then when you get back to NZ it looks odd and yellow tinged. Is this something to do with the strong light we have here?

4th October, 2018

I always match the colour with the back of my hand, have done it for years.

4th October, 2018

Something sheerer always works for me. You can blend it nicely, and your natural colour comes through. I LOVE the chanel tinted moisturiser. Holy Grail daily coverage.

3rd October, 2018

I am deathly pale and proudly so. People forget that when you tan your skin, it is that colour as you have damaged it. As for foundation matching- I struggle more with redness and use a green concealer under foundation in some places. I've had some terrible matches, done by shop consultants, which have made me wary as all hell as to my shade. Saying that, I have found that the absolute only way to know your shade, is to visit a counter and ask. They may think you are just mooching for a sample but try and get one. If it's right, go back and buy off the same person.

3rd October, 2018

I feel like if your not very tanned you can just use bronzer on top & yeah make sure you blend on the neck and chest

3rd October, 2018

Yes, makes so much sense. I never understood when everyone started saying to stop swatching foundations on your hand.

29th September, 2018

Interesting logic, definitely makes sense. Although one tip I really did like was video from I think it was Sephora or Mecca about using your neck and face determine your shade. They did about 3 different swatches and the one that matched their neck the best is what they used on the face. I thought that was genius, but I'm no expert lol.

28th September, 2018

This makes so much sense. I've definitely noticed women before where their face was made up but was quite a bit lighter than their body and it looks like a mismatch. My goal with foundation/BB cream is always to get a bit of colour to my face, so this rule sounds good to me!

26th September, 2018

Interesting - my face colour is lighter than my body also as I use fake tan (but not on my face), so actually a pretty good tip!!

26th September, 2018

I probably won't, I don't think this affects me as I am naturally a tanned person.

26th September, 2018

Makes total sense - I don't go as dark as when I'm tanned, but don't go as pale as my face in summer either, otherwise it just looks weird!