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The Force Is About To Get On Our Face

8 October, 2017 - 08:14pm by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

By BR Kellie

I am not sitting here wetting myself with excitement. Nope. Not at all. I'm not wondering how I'm going to survive my year-long makeup no-spend knowing that this is coming. That this is a thing. That the company ships internationally so there is every chance I could get this on my face.

What on earth am I waffling about?

More like what in this galaxy? What in this universe am I waffling about?

My two favourite things. Star Wars and makeup are coming together and making a beauty baby. 

Award-winning colour brand Cargo Cosmetics is collaborating with Disney to release a Star Wars: The Last Jedi makeup collection. 

I. Am. Dying. Heck, stab me with a lightsaber and I'll have died happy.

Look at that pre-release image. Just look. Can you see what I see? There's a highlight pressed powder in the collection. And what looks to be an eyeliner set. As for the tubes that say 'First Order' and 'The Resistance'... are we looking at mascara? Liquid lippy? Oh, I need this collection to come out now. I need to throw my no-buy into the trash compactor and be one with the force.

Enough of my blather... here's what Brian Robinson, President of Cargo Cosmetics, has to say about the collab...

“This collaboration with Disney has given our team an opportunity to really showcase our creativity. Cargo is regularly used on the sets of hit Hollywood films so developing a line for Star Wars: The Last Jedi just further reinforces our brand’s identity. We are truly excited to be able to offer the Cargo customer this exclusive capsule collection in addition to the regularly planned Fall/Holiday launches.”

He's truly excited? I'm truly excited. I'm beeping and bumbling about like BB-8 on caffeine.

The collection is due to launch sometime in October, and you can bet I'll be stalking Cargo Cosmetics' social media on the daily. 

So do tell... are you as excited as I am by this collaboration? Are you one with the force? Or will you be going dark side and giving this a miss? Chat away...



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28th October, 2017

OMG!!! I cant wait, me and my youngest daughter are COMPLETE Star Wars fans!

17th October, 2017

I'm not a Star Wars fan personally but that collection looks pretty awesome I must admit

16th October, 2017

I want all the things!!!!

11th October, 2017

These look amazing!

11th October, 2017

Well I have not tried that brand and have not seen all the star wars movies so I am on the dark side here I think this is a high end beyond affordable for me brand too

9th October, 2017

Not a raging fan of Star Wars (unlike my dad and brother), but I love the packaging nonetheless. I love themed collabs, especially disney ones!

9th October, 2017

Ooh it'll be interesting to see what's in this collection

9th October, 2017

I generally don't go for movie and makeup collabs but I can see that this will be a hot popular item.

9th October, 2017

OMG that is awesome!! I LOVE IT!!!! Want, want, want hehe

9th October, 2017

I'm a fan of star wars . I love collaborations .

8th October, 2017

Looks cool. Covergirl did a range for the first film, but I never saw it here. Did anyone buy any of that one?

8th October, 2017'll be interesting to see what they've come up with.

8th October, 2017

I'm really interested to see what they bring out from a creativity perspective.

Head Pixie
9th October, 2017

I'd forgotten about that! I don't think it ever made it to our shores, sadly. I'd have snatched it up in a second.


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