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The Face Mask Mistakes You're Probably Making!

26 January, 2020 - 01:00pm by - First Lady | 23 Comments

By BR Beatrice.

On Fridays we mask. 

Or Mondays.  Or Wednesdays.  Whatever.  The day doesn't matter.  What matters is HOW we're masking.  Are you doing it right?  Does your skin feel significantly better after a good mask sesh?  Or no matter what mask you use, are you left with a Hashtag Face Mask Fail?  (I can't bring myself to actually hashtag.  Sorry.  Hashtag Not Sorry.)

If face masks aren't doing it for you, well, I don't like to point fingers, honestly,'s probably YOU.  You know.  You.  Doing something wrong.

Here's the top causes of a Face Mask Fail - and how to fix them!

1.  Failing to prepare.

You can't just walk into the bathroom, slap on a mask and expect it to work.  No.  Just no. 

You need to thoroughly cleanse your face, ensuring it's completely free of make up and daily grime.  This will allow the ingredients of the mask to penetrate the skin and get their job done.   A light exfoliation pre-mask never did anyone any harm either!

2.  You use your grubby mitts to apply your mask.

When slathering your face in an intensive treatment the idea is to come away with better skin than you started with.  Using your fingers to apply your mask is a sure-fire way to spread bacteria.  And what does bacteria lead to?  A mask with a side of break outs, infections and illness.  

Use a clean foundation brush to apply your mask, with the added benefit of getting an even application.  Don't forget to clean the brush after use, especially if your face mask is one that'll set!

3.  You do not abide by the 'right mask for your skin type' rule.

image: L'Oreal

Let's say you have combo dry/oily skin.  You've narrowed down your mask choice to; a chocolate mask for intense hydration or a kiwifruit mask for oily skin.  You opt for chocolate, because, well, who doesn't want an excuse to wallow in chocolate?  Your skin breaks out afterwards.  Is it the chocolates fault?  Is it? IS IT?  

Face masks by nature are intensive, which means more than ever you need to shop for your skin type or concern.  Don't be swayed by a mask that sounds yummy or will look super cool while you wear it (Glam Glow masks anyone?!).  Go for the mask that will give you the results you need.

"But I have combo skin" I hear you scream.  Well have fun multi-masking!  Use different masks to address different concerns during the same masking session.  Such fun!

4.  You do not read the instructions or you choose to ignore them!

I get it, I really do.  A moisturising mask says to leave on for 20 minutes.  Surely if you leave it on for 30 minutes you're going to be super-moisturised right?  Likewise that purifying mask will be thrice as purifying if you leave it on for longer than recommended right?  

WRONG!  Leaving masks on too long can actually have an adverse reaction on your skin - leaving your skin irritated or dry.  And forget about leaving clay masks or peel-off-masks on for longer than instructed - you risk injuring your skin when you finally do remove them.  In short.  Follow the instructions.

Also be sure to follow the universal mask instruction of rinse well.  Left over product will block your pores and potentially irritate your skin.

So there you have it.  4 Face Mask Fails and what to do instead!  Are you a masker?  Any tips to share?


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4th May, 2020

great tips never thought bout using two diff masks for diff areas definately something I will do now

27th March, 2020

Im maskin it up this 4 weeks hehe

27th February, 2020

I love a good face mask and use twice a week but never thought about using two different masks so might have to try that out.I have left a mask on longer than the correct time but only for about an extra 3 minutes and have not had any skin issues from doing so.Thanks for the tips BR :)

18th February, 2020

I know right he rules but have been guilty of forgetting to get a mask off in time before. My results were not good - won’t do it again.

16th February, 2020

Oh wow! I have learnt so much! It had never occurred to me to use 2 different masks but this totally makes sense!

15th February, 2020

I love masking and all these are true, most importantly, need to get the right kind for your skin type!

15th February, 2020

I mask most nights i love it. I will definitely read the instructions more closley now

13th February, 2020

Mmmm love the way my skin feels after a face mask . Great tips (I need to follow them !!!)

10th February, 2020

Eek, I promise I'll be more careful next time. No more shoddy time-keeping!

4th February, 2020

Yeah I’ve done all of these. I used to be once a month but nowadays gosh might be once in a blue moon . I need to bring it back .

2nd February, 2020

I like to double cleanse and double mask when I have the time. The first mask is to exfoliate and the second one is to moisturize and soothe. Also really like sleeping masks.

1st February, 2020

Ohh gotta love my a face mask.. I love the smooth feeling of my skin after, some well work a treat others well not so much.. some ever make me break out a few days after. Always on the hunt for the one..

31st January, 2020

I love my face masks, they're my jam. Now and again I'll get one that does absolutely nothing for my skin but most of the time I get the right one for my skin needs. I'm obsessed with face masks, so relaxing and therapeutic and great for your skin (as long as you get the right one).

31st January, 2020

Leaving it on longer is definitely one I have done and with conditioner for my hair too.

31st January, 2020

Some masks I find take longer or shorter than the instructions say but overall I follow the instructions.

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