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July Beauty Boxes
July Beauty Boxes

The Eyeshadow Trend That's Made for Winter!

20 June, 2019 - 08:35pm by - Head Pixie | 17 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Every now and then a beauty trend comes along that's so simple, yet so effective, that one can't help but slap their palm on their forehead and exclaim 'of course!'. The trend that's seeing palm prints reddening our foreheads right now? White eyeshadow.  

Overseas it's being touted as the must-have look for summer, but we think it's a great look to rock in winter. A bit of bright in the dull. Or... a nod to snow if you're living in cooler Kiwi climes.

Check out these inspirational looks...


How fresh and fab does Soph look? We love how she's contrasted the white eyeshadow with lashings of black eyeliner and to-die-for lashes. (Also, if you're wanting to up your eyeshadow game, check out her Insta in the link above. Amazing.)


There's no winging it with this look - precision is paramount! And we adore the result. 


What we love most about this trend? It's an easy look to attempt. All you need is a light concealer on the lid and a really pigmented white eyeshadow. From there you can blend it out so it's diffuse, or keep it contained with a cut crease for a pop of pow. 

So will you be stepping out in this season's new eyeshadow trend? Chat away!


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12th July, 2019

I’ll give it a go at home lol

5th July, 2019

I usually use white on my inner corners but havent seen this before! Might just have a to give it a try and see ;)

5th July, 2019

It's cool but I wouldn't be able to pull that off haha. I think I like the last look the best :)

3rd July, 2019

I like a bit of shimmering white shadow but the above are a bit too dramatic for me. I might try it without the heavy lippy and lashes

25th June, 2019

Very interesting! I dont know if i love or hate ha, looks quite cool

24th June, 2019

I think I'm too pale to be able to pull this off, but I think it looks so awesome! I might try give it a go anyway!

24th June, 2019

Just wouldn't suit me sorry,i'm too fair skinned

23rd June, 2019

I fear I am much too pale for this to actually show up on me!

21st June, 2019

I don't like it. I'm far too pale for this look....I would look weirder than usual lol

21st June, 2019

Still prefer something more natural looking....

21st June, 2019

I remember wearing a look like that with sparkly white in the 2000s except I didn't apply to my bottom lids. Now the closest I'll go is a bit of lighter champagne or I have this icy highlighter with a blue shift that I'll occasionally apply as an inner corner highlight and on the inner third of the lid. The last one looks fine but the other two looks like flashback from baking or a base for clown eye makeup.

21st June, 2019

I'm already quite pale and ghostly so tend to stay clear of white eye shadow... but it looks fun to try. It would be hard to muck it up, but I'm not sure it would suit me :)

21st June, 2019

I like the idea but doubt it would look any good. I'm gonna give it a go though.

9th July, 2019

I quite like the look too but if I attempted it, would probably look like a clown lol

10th July, 2019

I think about this look a lot but don't seem to have a decent white eyeshadow.

20th June, 2019

I'll give it a try but it might make my eyes look more puffy!!

20th June, 2019

Cool, am going to try this look now, haven’t tried it before. These ladies all look gorgeous so am going to give it a go!