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The Eyes Have It! Your Top Rated Eye Creams!

7 June, 2021 - 08:33am by - Head Pixie | 11 Comments

compiled by BR Kellie

Henry David Thoreau (aka long gone philosopher and poet, amongst other things, dude) once described eyes as the jewel of the body. One couldn't agree more. Much like a jewel, eyes draw you in, they reflect the world around them, they hold a beauty that is unique to you. So it makes sense that much like a jewel we should care not only for our eyes, but the environment they're kept in (that sounds kind of gross, but stay with me, I'm getting to the point...) Eye cream! (There we go, I got to the point.) It hydrates and smooths the surrounding area, and can depuff, and deal to dark circles. It's a must if you're wanting to show off your peepers!

So which is right for you? Here are five of the best eye creams as rated and reviewed by Kiwi women like you!

1.  Lancome Genifique Advanced Genifique Light Pearl

RATED: 4.6/5!

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Beauty Review Member FlowerFairy says: The efficacy of this serum is mind-blowing... what I've seen is a definite lifting of my hooded eyes, and my lower lids (which tend to great puffiness, especially in the morning) are far sleeker. No sleep? You wouldn't know it! I've also seen an improvement in my dark circles and fine lines.

2.  L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Eye Filler

RATED: 4.6/5

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Beauty Review Member poohbearfan says: My skin around my eyes felt so much firmer after a few days use and I did notice the tired baggy look under the eyes reduced quite a bit... my lines definitely seem smoother as well. 


3.  L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Eye Cream 

RATED: 4.5/5!

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Beauty Review Member chrissykeenan says: I found it to be very moisturising on my eye area and it has toned up my eye area very nicely. I have had some late nights lately with renovations so have used this product and have had no dark circles on my eyes surprisingly. I love this product and I would definitely used this again.

4.  Trilogy Very Gentle Eye Cream

RATED: 4.4/5

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Beauty Review Member RachLouise says: I have been using this for the past 3 weeks and I have noticed that my under eye circles have dramatically reduced since using this and I have also noticed a significant improvement in wrinkles and lines from around the eye area.

5.  Trilogy Eye Contour Cream

RATED: 4.3/5

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Beauty Review Member Dayna says: I suffer from sensitive skin, my under eyes get very dry. Which looks atrocious with makeup, the Trilogy Eye Contour Cream prevents this issue, makeup goes on smoothly with no cracked or creased under eyes when using this product. It fixed my dry under eyes in less than a week. I also suffer from dark circles, and this instantly hydrates and brightens the area.

And there you have it! Five eye creams that Kiwi women love! Have your eyes been opened to the possibilities! Will you be trying a new eye cream!

Give me an 'eye eye, Captain!' below!



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14th June, 2021

Am I the only one who just puts their night cream / serum or moisturizer round their eye area ?

13th June, 2021

I neglect my eyes . I haven’t had an eye cream for months now .

13th June, 2021

I have tried the Trilogy Very Gentle Eye Cream which is excellent, and the L'oreal Age Perfect Golden Age eye cream which is also good. Would like to try the L'oreal Paris Revitalift Eye Filler, sounds great.

12th June, 2021

I've tried most of these and they were all pretty good.

12th June, 2021

My fine lines are going nowhere.. maybe time to give trilogy a go

8th June, 2021

Yass Lancome! Need to purchase, but keen to try the Trilogy one

8th June, 2021

I definitely need some of these! I would love to try the Lancome Advanced Genifique but above my budget unfortunately

8th June, 2021

I have never used any of these eye products would be happy to give them a go

7th June, 2021

I love the Trilogy eye contour cream.Good to read the others too

7th June, 2021

Some fantastic products here!

7th June, 2021

I definitely agree with the L’oreal Eye Filler it’s a lovely eye cream. The Very Gentle Eye Cream from Trilogy looks interesting I’ll have to put it on my list.