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The Easiest Halloween Looks Ever!

4 October, 2020 - 12:33pm by - First Lady | 10 Comments

By BR Tabby

As much as we adore our Halloween inspiration, sometimes it can be a little nerve wracking, or downright scary to try and recreate the looks of makeup artists, what with all there putty and paints and ability to colour in the lines really really well… but you know what? Halloween looks don’t have to take hours to be awesome. And you sure as heck don’t need to spend your whole pay cheque on products to look terrifying, or terrifyingly cute. Honestly! You just need to grab a few makeup products you probably already have in your kit, and you’re good to go. Check out these inspiration pics and discover what you need to get the look.


Creating a cute scarecrow is easy - all you need to do is apply your usual makeup, add in an extra pop of peach or pink blush, and then get to work with a black eyeliner pencil. Simple and effective.


iesha.c_ might be my favourite easy peeasy cotton squeezy halloween makerupperer (is that a word? have I just blundgeoned the English language to death? Ah well, it's Halloween, I'm allowed).. Here she is again putting what appears to be a black eyeliner to good use creating webbed eyes. 


We think Za's Liquid Eyeliner would be perfect for creating this cracked-face look from tatygiffin. In fact I love it so much this is the look I'll be attempting when I take the little human trick or treating. Stay tuned for a Photo Wall pic!


Just when you thought eyeliners were all the go for creating easy scary Halloween makeup, we toss in a lip liner (pared wtih an eyeliner no less) to create some hungry Vampire eyes... and a hint of bloodthirsty lip.


Feel like getting a little more creative with your stash? You too can be an adorable deer – just get out that trusty black pencil/gel/liquid eyeliner and paint the tip of your nose, contour up your nose with a dark brown matte eyeshadow, bronze up your cheeks and grab a white eyeliner and dot yourself silly. Oh, and don’t forget those killer winged eyes.

So do tell… whare are your favourite tips and tricks for creating easy Halloween looks? Sharing is caring!



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27th October, 2020

Look nice and easy for Halloween.. and the good old cat nose and whiskers is a winner too

18th October, 2020

I've definitely done the spider web eye look before, much easier than it looks, you just need a good eye pencil.

18th October, 2020

Woe is me I have no party to dress up for

7th October, 2020

So clever!

6th October, 2020

Love it!

5th October, 2020

I love how clever some of these people are.

19th October, 2020

And I'm totally impressed by some great eye brow game going on!

5th October, 2020

I like halloween make up on others but not really interested in doing it on myself.

17th October, 2020

I’m with you on this one! There’s some very clever people out there when it comes to make up and I’m not one of them :-)

5th October, 2020

Halloween is my Dad's birthday and a day when my lovely granddaughter dresses up and goes trick or treating, that's it for me.

4th October, 2020

I love halloween . Especially for make up . I have tried a deer in the past . When I see old memories of it on social media I cringe lol What was I thinking lol

4th October, 2020

Fake blood is great to use, just have some drops coming from your eyes and let it run its quite effective.


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