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The Day We Discovered Extra Care For Our Hair

11 April, 2017 - 10:02pm by - Head Pixie | 18 Comments

A typical glamourous day in the beauty industry for Head Pixie

by BR Kellie

Every now and then in the Beauty Review office we like to joke about how glamorous the beauty industry is. Usually these jokes fly fast and furiously across the desk when we’re knee deep in spread sheets or product loading or printing out courier ticket after courier ticket for trials or beauty boxes. But every now and then we get a reminder of just how glamorous the beauty industry really can be…

Let’s paint a picture.

Pixie, dressed in her tightest skinnies, highest heels, fanciest top and with twice as much slap on as usual, pokes her head out her door and squeals (on the inside, because I’m trying to be cool) at the gleaming black four-wheel drive car-thing (yes, I'm down with cars...) driven by a be-suited young man. He gets out of the car, opens the passenger door for me and then chauffeurs me to the event we've been invited to. We reach a beautiful home in the central city where I’m welcomed to Schwarzkopf’s in-home salon experience, and then informed I'm about to discover the new Schwarzkopf Extra Care Fibre Therapy range while having my hair washed, conditioned and styled by a gorgeous (and she really was, inside and out) hair stylist.

So what’s so big about this range that it deserves nibbles (oh, and bubbles... at midday!) and some gorgeous gussying up? Well Schwarzkopf Extra Care Fibre Therapy takes technology that's previously only been availalbe in salon and is making it accessible for all of us folk at home. This technology is called OMEGAPLEX, and it's a revolutionary formula that basically takes hair that’s been heat treated, styled a tonne, or has been coloured, and helps to reconstruct the broken bonds inside of your hair, resulting in stronger hair, that will, with regular use, withstand whatever you throw at it in the future.

Now it's one thing to say you're creating an in-home salon experience, but to come up with the goods in another altogether. Well, hand on heart, Schwarzkopf have done it. The moment you catch a whiff of that shampoo, you’ll feel like you’re at a salon and you'll half wonder where your flat white with fancy cookies on the side are (sorry, you'll have to suss that bit out for yourself) The scent is quite simply divine, and I happily sniffed my hair (in a very uncool manner) for the rest of the day. Working alongside the shampoo is a luxuriously creamy conditioner, and the Repair-In-Oil spray, which is designed to give shine and suppleness to hair that’s been run ragged, all while continuing to restore the hair’s bonds.

While at this event I was also introduced to the new Colour Specialist range with OMEGAPLEX – a collection of at-home colour that uses this new and amazing OMEGAPLEX technology to strengthen and protect your hair while colouring. What really sets it apart from other at-home colours is that it contains a repair sealer to be used after you’ve coloured your hair, which is designed to extend the colour while looking after the microbonds inside your hair fibre. To top it off it comes with a Repair Reviver, which you use three weeks after colouring to reseal the micro-bonds and to ensure the continuation of the colour. I have virgin hair, but the colours I saw were so lush the temptation to get back on the colouring wagon was real, and when the range comes out mid-late April I do believe I’ll be chocolating up my poo-brown hair.

So how do the products stand up outside of the professionally styled realm? Well, I’m in love. And I don’t say that lightly when it comes to hair products. After my first at-home wash and condition I was driving the little human to daycare, while running my hand through my hair as I got all gnarly at some ridiculous driver doing some ridiculous move, when it struck me just how soft my hair felt. It never feels soft. Not like this. Also being curly it doesn’t tend to look shiny. Yet, there’s shine going on in that mop of mine. Amazing!

Now I realise it's easy for someone with hair like mine that's in pretty good condition to say a product like this is amazing, which is why Merilyn (or Queenie to the Crew) is also going to write up her experience.  Her hair is thick, coloured (nooooo...cough) and regularly heat styled.  And of course, you can check out independant reviews on the range here.  [Spoiler:  It's awesome.]

I do believe that since receiving these products we girls of BR feel like every day has the potential to be a good hair day, and as far as we're concerned a good day makes everything feel that bit more glamorous – including spreadsheets, courier tickets and product loading…

So do tell… do you like the idea of an in-salon experience at-home? Have you tried Schwarzkopf’s Extra Care Fibre Therapy range? Are you keen to? (And if you are, it maaaay be featuring in a newly-released BBBE…)

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Love your review Kellie! Oh yes, I want the salon experience at home (complete with stylist please - I'm so gumby at doing anything to myself!). I'm finding the sun care range from the summer BBBE very good and am going to try the purify and protect shampoo and conditioner from the Thank You For ... BBBE next. I usually find Schwartzkopf products pretty good and am easily swayed by a lovely scent :)

Oh, if the Extra Care Fibre Therapy is in the BBBE that is coming soon, then I'll be happy to have it :)

11th April, 2017 at 10:15 pm

They all smell divine don't they?

12th April, 2017 at 5:45 am

I would love to try it my hair gets to a point it frustrates me so much I have to colour it to have it look and feel good again, would love to see if this would do the trick in the mean time so I wasn't needing to colour it as much. Who has time to go to a salon these days brilliant idea to bottle it :) It cost me heaps of time and money to have all the colour striped out of it because my brown hair had turned almost black from the same colour over and over again, the joys of long think hair.

Well... and in home session would be awesome. I can't imagine anyone not liking the sound of that. I have been looking for this range to hit the shelves here in Hamilton, but no luck yet. This is a great review by the way. Out of curiosity. ..what are the Schwarzkopf products in the pix with yellow?

Youre so beautiful Kellie! Your hair looks amazing! That would've felt rewarding good having an in-salon experience at home, that sounds like a great idea for a pamper party too, the Schwarzkopf fibre therapy range NEEDS to be in a BBBE :D <3

This sounds a-ma-zing! A must-have for anyone with treated hair...almost everyone... Love to hear about you being pampered Kellie, and it is a great review! I'm realizing more and more just how worth it it is to spend that little bit extra on shampoo and conditioner.

Ohhhh this sounds amazing! I have not seen it in the supermarket though....where can I buy it?

Great you're finding it has made such a difference to your hair!

I've looked at it. I wasn't quite sure what Omegaplex was. I am always keen for a home salon product. I like doing things like hair treatments without having to leave the house.

It sounds awesome!! Just what my hair needs!!!!!!!! :)

I can't wait for this to be released in stores. Awesome review. Looking Radiant too.

I'm going to the supermarket NOW to find this!!

*needing shopping therapy*

Wow your hair looks super soft and bouncy! Great review too now I really want to try it.

You hair looks so LUSH! So thick and full of body, even good enough to run your fingers through your hair and smell it! Haha - hope that doesn't sound weird! I will for sure keeping an eye out! Salon shampoos can cost an arm and a leg!

Ooooh this sounds amazing! I think this is going to have to next my next shampoo and conditioner purchase once my current one runs out. I have wavy, damaged hair and its hard to find any product that really gives me an level of smoothness or shine, however this sounds like it will tick all the boxes so definitely worth a try.

This all sounds so awesome, I am so absolutely keen to try the Omegaplex at home treatment, I've been on the hunt for a while for an at home solution to my fried hair, anything to make it any more soft and manageable would be awesome!


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