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The Day I Tried Wayne Goss' Foundation Trick...

26 November, 2017 - 08:11pm by - Head Pixie | 20 Comments

By BR Kellie

It's no secret that we love Wayne Goss here at BRHQ. We appreciate his frankness, his brevity, his honesty, his face.... (also his hair at the moment is just doing something for me...), but most of all we appreciate his tips and tricks. He's a man who likes to make his customers look their most beautiful, who likes to emphasise their best points and downplay any elements that may be less than desirable. Which is why when I saw he had a new foundation tip that would help hide large pores while elongating the wear time of a foundation I was glued to the screen.

The idea behind it was that if you have combination, normal or oily skin you could apply your foundation without anything supporting your skin - that means no moisturiser, no serums, no primer - and it would produce a finish that would reduce the look of pores, while keeping the foundation on for longer due to the lack of slip that a moisturiser and primer provides.

Awesome! I thought. Recently I'd noticed my foundation going on a bit weird - all the buffing and blending still left me with streaks, which I'd put down to the changing seasons, my skin getting a little more oily in the t-zone and also that I'd been appreciating more moisturising primers of late. Also, I've been 'blessed' with large pores on my cheeks and on the skin on the top of and inbetween my brow area. If this tip worked I'd be one happy camper.

So I did my usual shower thing in the morning, came out and paused. What to do post-deodorant? Usually I would tone, serum, moisturise, then prime and get my makeup going. Instead I sat down and had another cup of coffee! For your viewing pleasure (I'm so sorry to subject you to my morning face) here's a filter-free no-foundation no-anything before photo:

My phone does this weird thing where it always looks like I've filtered it a bit - but I haven't, promise. But you can see the general lines and texture and hormone zit on my chin - yay for pimples and wrinkles! (Yes, the sarcasm is real.) So I grabbed by Bobbi Brown Skin Nourishing Glow Foundation and my beauty blender and I got beating my face with the makeup.

Holy moly! It was working! Initially I thought it wasn't working as it took a touch longer to blend out - but then I realised that made sense as it didn't have a bunch of moisturising products to help it spread. 

Beat. Beat. Beat. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. And it was done. Well, I was floored by the result. 'Wayne," I thought. 'You're a blimmin' genius!'

Here's the after (no other product just the foundation) photo...

Can I just say how much I rate that Bobbi Brown foundation? It's yummy! Not my Holy Grail - that will be revealed in our Crew Favourites closer to the New Year, but it's up there. But look - the texture of my skin is smoother, the skin is even - and the bit above my brows which usually refuses to let the foundation settle on the skin was covered easily. It's a miracle!

So I put on the rest of my makeup and went about prepping the girl for school, and then I returned to the mirror to marvel at my skin once more.

Well, this is where the wheels fell off.

Did my cheek and brow area look good? Yup. The rest of my face? Nup.

Remember what I said about having pimples and wrinkles? Well those wrinkles of mine were only emphasised by this trick. The area was just too dry and the foundation sunk into them and it did not look pretty at all. And the tip of my nose looked patchy and dry. In my horror I raced to the bathroom, removed the makeup and forgot to take a photo to show you the proof of my makeup pudding. Sorry! 

So I'm on the fence with this one... yes, if you have oily skin this would work. If you have combo skin and no wrinkles, it could well work. If you have wrinkles and combo skin like me? Maybe give it a pass. Dry skin? It's a no - but then Wayne says as much in not mentioning the folk with dry skin.

So is it a pass? For me, yes. But I do believe it could work on those with the correct kind of skin. Sooooooo.... if you're a gal with the kind of skin this tip and trick could work on I'd love for you to try it and post a pic to the Photowall with your thoughts. You could find some Vault-spending points sprinkled into your account!

Want to watch the vid? Check it out:

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I won't be trying this my skins too dry and wrinkly.

I don't think would ever try this, unless it is a BB cream, I just don't think I could do it. I feel like my skin will get clogged up and break out without a barrier between my skin and the foundation. I have tried moisturiser then foundation, before I discovered primers. And I don't think I can go without primers first now!

Definitely cannot imagine going without moisturizer and toner... sorry Wayne!

I will try it but then I'd have to find a foundation with enough SPF in it

Interesting, but I'd never try it! Even if it doesn't last as long, I'd prefer a short-term dewy look to long-term dryness.

Haha I've been using that trick for years but I call it my 'short on time' look.

For me, the less products I use in the morning the better the result but, I use mineral foundation powder and although it doesn't give me completely flawless coverage it does soften every thing up and look natural.

I've found that certain cleansers leave a residue that interacts with anything I put on my face afterward so that rules a lot of cleansers out. No moisturizers, no toners, no oils (I have oily skin anyway) so mostly just primer and tinted sunscreen for me before the foundation.

I'd like to try liquid foundation but it has to meet certain criteria first and find that is time consuming and expensive.

Hmm no moisturiser....ill give it a go but I don't think I'll like having no moisturiser haha

I don't think this would work for me. I need my moisturizer even if for nothing else other then spf in this part of the world and I definitely apply more than just spf moisturizer, since I'm trying to treat a number of skin issues like the oiliness and fine lines as well plus the occasional break out. If I were to try this out it would be like if I were going out in the evening when I don't need spf.

My skin is far too dry to try this...sorry!

Me too - I use heaps of moisturiser/oil under my CC and tinted moisturiser!

27th November, 2017 at 9:52 pm

Eeek - it wouldn't like my mature skin then!

Would make my dry patches look even worse then I'm afraid! Funny to hear about though, especially after being told so often that not priming is a crime :P

I watch him! I like his tips and tricks they are different and against rules of the norm

Hmm interesting! I think I'll stick with my normal routine though!

I can’t go without my moisturiser since mine comes with SPF50


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