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The Crew Reviews: Best of 2018 Tools & More!

6 January, 2019 - 02:03pm by - Head Pixie | 131 Comments

Compiled by BR Kellie

I have never really understood people's affection for tools. Hammers, screwdrivers, those electrical ones that make holes in wood so you can put metal stuff in them. (Yep, I'll well versed in tool talk....). Beauty tools however? Different story. A good beauty tool can make all the difference between a good hair day and hiding under a hat. Between flawless foundation and a streaky mess. So what did we discover this year that have become intrinsic elements of our beauty tool belt? Check these hardworkers out...

BR Merilyn

VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hair Dryer

After reading your reviews for the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hair Dryer I raced right out and bought it, and I have not had one single iota of regret. This hair tool is THE BEST DRYER I've used in all my years on this planet. It's everything the reviews said it would be - lightweight, fast, kind to your hair. THE BEST. Make it your 2019 mission to get yourself one.

BR Natalie 

Honey Babe Barrier Créme

My favourite misc product of 2018 was a tough one to choose.  But I've settled on the Honey Babe Barrier Cream. I'm notoriously fussy about what I use on the boys so when baby skincare landed in the office I was hmming and ahhing about whether or not I wanted to try it.  After reading up on the purity of the ingredients I began using the Honey Babe Barrier Cream on Billy's nappy area - rash be gone!  Chafe marks be gone!  
After about 2 weeks I noticed my old lady hands were in the best condition they'd been in for a long time.  And after a few days I twigged - it was the Honey Babe!  It's now my go-to hand cream and foot cream and I can't shout it loudly enough - it is an incredible cream for hands, feet and bums!

BR Kellie

Remington Proluxe Salon Straightener

If you've read this article you know what my MVP is for the year. Remington Proluxe Salon Straightener, come on down!! Unlike my GHDs, which were used a handful of times and then set aside only to be used in times of hope and desperation only to disappoint time and time again, my lovely Remmies have been pulled out a good three or more times A WEEK. They've consistently taken my curly/frizzy hair and smoothed it to perfection in no time at all. I'm tempted to buy a second pair lest anything happen to my first. So. Much. LOVE.

BR Tabatha

Glam by Manicare Buffing Foundation Brush

The Glam by Manicare Buffing Foundation Brush has saved me a fortune in wasted money. It has taken my most unblendable, difficult to work with foundations and wrangled them into submission. And we're not talking about cheap as chips foundations either, we're talking high-end. It beats and buffs them into a seamless finish, all the while giving me sensational-looking skin. It also works with great foundations too - but it's the ones I'd all but given up on that I'm stoked to revive, to use, to enjoy. Also, it's a super pretty brush that's so soft that it makes you feel like angels are kissing your skin while you use it - and who doesn't adore that!?

BR Amelia

Garnier Fructis Smoothing Macadamia Hair Food

My favourite 'other' product of the year is Garnier Macadamia Hair Food.  It smells amazing.  I'm not surprised there's a 'do not eat' warning on the tub!  I use it once a week as a treatment for my hair - and by treatment I mean I leave it on for a couple of minutes in the shower because I'm lazy.  And time poor.  But this is all it takes for smooth, frizz-free, manageable hair! You'll find it in your local supermarket and if you keep your eye out, it comes on special for around $8!

There you have it! The beauty products that got the seal of approval, the big tick, a whole lotta love from the Beauty Review Beauty Crew. Are any of our faves on your list? Have we missed something the world needs to know about? Chat away!


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21st January, 2019

I love the Nivea soft face body hands moisturising cream,good for us girls with really sensitive skin. I used to rash every time I put the slightest bit of moisturiser on my legs within 8 hours of shaving. This is good and doesn’t sting at all when I put it on, smells nice and leaves soft skin.

16th January, 2019

I know we are meant to mention one fave product but it can be hard to single them out. Love the Garnier Fruit Masks and have most of the range delicious. The buffing brush from Thin Lizzy just gives that flawless look with no streaking. Lastly I have discovered a great deodorant from the health shop. CRYSTAL mineral roll on in Chamomile & Green Tea, no white marks and nasty ingredients and it works.

16th January, 2019

I love the linden leaves pick me up hand cream. The smell of it is so uplifting especially at the dreaded 3pm slump lol!

16th January, 2019

Totally agree with the Fructis Macadamia Hair mask. That product is amazing - I use it as a conditioning mask once a week, and throughout the week to add some moisture to my dry ends. And best of all - the price is incredible!

15th January, 2019

Definitely the angel orange flower hair mask colour protect. I have blonde hair (which is thin and I have heaps of) so super prone to tangles and mattes constantly. This made my hair so soft, smooth and feel light as well as barely any tangles! Also my blonde hair was lighter and a bit brighter compared to normal purple shampooing alone ( angel purple shampoo and conditioner is also awesome)Also smells fab. A winner for me.

15th January, 2019

Nutrimetics apricot oil. Love the smells, perfect mix of light gloss but not sticky. Little goes long way. Great as cuticle oil, lip balm, face oil etc

15th January, 2019

Love that you've included a Remington Straightener! I had a remington which I loved but sadly it died a while ago. I thought I'd splash out and get a GHD Platinum, which does a good job but sometimes I almost think my old remington was better! That hair food looks amazing, I'll need to give it a go! My favourite tools and more for 2018 would have to be my Real Techniques brushes!

15th January, 2019

Yes the hair food! Although I use the other flavours. Honey Bebe I like alot for my daughter

15th January, 2019

Because I'm a terrible person, I'm going to say the Manicare extractor tool.

15th January, 2019

Gold Bond Ultimate Rough and Bumpy Daily Therapy Cream. I suffer from Kerastis Pilaris on my legs and this cream has made an amazing difference to this. Although it has not cleared this 100% my skin is definitely noticeably smoother to look and to touch. Previously I would not show my bare legs without using leg makeup but this cream has given me the confidence to show them off a little but more without having to use makeup.

15th January, 2019

Ooh that sounds good. Where did you find that?

14th January, 2019

I know its not new and loads of people love it but, i cant go past my bottle of Moroccan oil, we live in a hard water zone and have harsh sunlight and very strong winds most days, so my hair is subjected to nasty conditions all the time and it really shows, it is brittle, dry and frizzy, the oil helps give it some shine and helps it look less frizzy, so even though it generally looks bad once you smooth it with some oil it looks shiny and healthy ( until i go outside in the sun and wind for a while that is) and feels so soft, so if im going anywhere its the first thing i reach for...

14th January, 2019

I haven't tried any of these products yet but my darling bought me beetox UMF 20+ Serum for my birthday. I feel this has made a difference to my skin and fine lines. I love the tingling feeling I get when I put it on and its also go 24k gold flecks in it, leaving me looking like some kind of sparkling unicorn. Its really awesome and I highly recommend it.

14th January, 2019

I'm usually a wax girl, but this past year I've been pinching my pennies a bit so went back to shaving the ol' pins. Time off from shaving has made me terrible, so there were a few nicks and cuts at first, but I soon discovered the Schick Intuition Fab - holy hell its made life easier. You can shave up or down and not cut yourself, so shaving is as easy as rubbing it up and down your leg! So great!

14th January, 2019

The HASK Macadamia range (available from Farmers and Countdown). I use the shampoo and conditioner daily. After a shower I comb out my hair and apply the oil to my ends and blowdry. It smells delicious and makes my hair softer and shinier.

14th January, 2019

I really liked the Garnier Fructis Smoothing Macadamia Hair Food. I had never tried a "hair food" before and I have now started using it instead of conditioner. My hair tends to be a bit frizzy and unruly and I've found this product really helps with that.