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The Campaign That Made Us Go, Goodness Gracious Gucci!

17 May, 2019 - 08:00pm by - Head Pixie | 15 Comments


By BR Tabatha

The beauty world continues to smash the old-school beauty norm's, and we're living for it! Models are being allowed to show their cellulite. Pores aren't being photoshopped into oblivion. And now, thanks to Gucci Beauty's new lipstick campaign, teeth of all shapes and sizes are being held up as examples of beauty.


For the first time (that I can remember) in a lipstick campaign we're seeing teeth that aren't perfectly white, or straight. Gaps are cool. Gums are allowed to be... well... gummy. It's refreshing. It's real. And, one could say it makes a brand that seems a million miles away from attainable for the majority of us mere humans, relatable, approachable. 

Not only does the campaign shine a spotlight on what is a lot of people's norm, it also gave one of the models - Dani Miller, a chance to further embrace the teeth that she was once bullied for as a child. In a statement on Instagram she said, 'Growing up you go through an evolution of overcoming insecurity’s and healing from being bullied or the intense pressures of fitting in the perfect cookie cutter traditional style of beauty and this @guccibeauty campaign celebrating me and my friends own style of beauty has felt like a coming out party and a reiteration of feeling comfortable and proud to be myself. A celebration for the beautiful freaks shedding even more of my insecurity’s and doubts, there is space for everyone to be themselves even in the beauty and fashion world! Hope it inspires everyone especially the youth to love their quirks even more and feel beautiful and powerful with their true self! Hate and exclusion is so washed out.'

And to that we say, hear hear! Couldn't have said it better ourselves.


If Gucci were hoping that smashing one of the last beauty 'norms' was going to win them new customers... we think they've done it. While a Gucci Ophidia bag may never make it into our handbag collection, a luxe lippy (that at NZ$65 is a fraction of the cost of a bag) that's made women the world over feel great about themselves could well be worth saving up for. 

So our beauties, how do you feel about Gucci's new campaign? Is it refreshing to see relatable mouths? Does it warm you to the idea of supporting the brand's beauty range? And what beauty norm should a brand smash next?



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11th August, 2019

Personaly i didnt even see the lipstick i could only see the teeth and gums

9th July, 2019

great campaign !! good job gucci

9th July, 2019

great campaign !! good job gucci

7th June, 2019

They are only showing the mouth I get that it's for a gloss but why not print their whole face? Unfortunately I can't afford to pay that much on a lippy

28th May, 2019

I love the campaign, but it's a shame they aren't cruelty free. So, I still won't be supporting them, but definitely love the campaign, more brands should get on board with this.

25th May, 2019

This is wonderful. Let's hope it continues to be real

23rd May, 2019

Finally some real photos. Love it.

20th May, 2019

It's nice to see people who aren't airbrushed to standards of perfection no one can reach in real life.

19th May, 2019

Like to see more real women in campaigns

18th May, 2019

Feels like i’ve been brought back in time ;)

18th May, 2019

I'd love to have some Gucci products. Not lipsticks though, so this campaign does nothing for me.

19th May, 2019

I’m with you on this one :-)

18th May, 2019

I like it. I too was bullied for my teeth as a child, so totally embrace this campaign and would make me more likely to buy.

18th May, 2019

Woohoo real teeth!

18th May, 2019

It's so great that they are embracing all different kinds of teeth. It's a good step.

17th May, 2019

I think it is quite refreshing to see real, untouched photos of anyone that is modeling. Well done Gucci

17th May, 2019

I second that! Well done Gucci!

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