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Our Biggest Beauty Blunders!

31 July, 2022 - 07:15am by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

by BR Amelia

We all have those things in the beauty realm that we know we can improve upon, like moisturising more regularly or putting on sunscreen every day - including during winter, but there are beauty boo-boo's and then there are beauty blunders. And the Beauty Crew? We've made a few...

So, please, enjoy our mistakes, learn from them, and do your best to avoid them...

"It's FINE," I told myself as I stumbled upon my daughter with half a Lancôme lipstick smeared all over her face.

"No worries. It'll come out." I lied to myself as I found my favourite Maybelline lippie smeared into the carpet.

"Who needs a precise tip anyway?" I cried as I pulled out yet another lipstick to find it had been wound up then smashed back into the cap.

Toddlers and lipstick do not mix. Keep apart at all costs.

Ever wondered what might as well be two burning hot golf balls sitting underneath your armpits for half a day feels like? Not great. In fact, so bad that you walk around with cold flannels tucked under the area, even going to sleep with them nestled up in there. Lesson learned: the 'patch test first' advice on the tube of depilatory cream isn't there just for funsies. Whether it's your pits, your hoo-haa or your legs, you should do it, or you'll pay the price.

There's a reason I get my eyebrows professionally done, I'm so blind that whenever I try to tweeze a stray hair I pluck at the skin, sometimes so badly I nick myself and end up with a miniature scab. Not cute. 

I'm officially at the point that I know what the electrical burning smell is without having to wander the house searching for it. I simply need to go to my office, look on the faux-wood desk, and the culprit is lying there. All 190 degree heat of it. I've said it before, I'll say it again, I need to become more responsible, and manufacturer's need an automatic off switch just in case responsibility continues to evade me.

I have no one to blame but myself. Mascara wands are well made and not implements of stabbiness. Also, my eyelashes are actually quite long, so I'm not having to get super close to get any product on them. The fact is I'm just uncoordinated. Once every week or two I stab myself in the eye with my mascara wand and then have to either start my eye look from scratch, or, on the good days, have to wait for the mascara to dry so I can twizzle it off with a cotton tip. Either way, for a few minutes I'm not seeing red. I'm seeing black. Okay, I'm seeing red AND black. 

Pure laziness is what causes me to colour my hair without applying vaseline around my hairline and to the tops of my ears. What follows are days of self-recrimination as I exfoliate the area to no avail, knowing that only time will be the one true fix for this beauty fail.

Ever wondered how to irritate an already irritated area? Apply nail polish remover to your pimples. I mean, what could go wrong? The science might say it will dry it out, but the science will also say that the now super-dry area will then go into oil producing overdrive only making the problem worse. And as for the areas that aren't oily? They'll become drier. Don't do it. Especially not repetitively as I once did in my teen years.

So my lovelies.. Are any of your beauty blunders the same as ours? Or have you others you'd like to share (which will make us feel a lot better about our own beauty boo-boos). Get chatting below!


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9th August, 2022

Pinching my skin with tweezers and stabbing myself in the eyes are regular occurrences!

7th August, 2022

Yes I have done a few of thoses. At the moment Im leaving the straighteners on all the time. Thank god it beeps to let me know.

7th August, 2022

I occasionally pinch my brow skin when plucking, but luckily the wound is usually only tiny.

5th August, 2022

The hair dye one yep The tweezers yep Lipstick yep I've left hair removal cream on too long before and it was not nice

2nd August, 2022

I think my worse would be dry shaving as I didn't know when I first started!!!!!!!!

I also done the above: Depilatory cream on my bikini line with no patch test Pinching brow skin with tweezers Mascara stabbing

2nd August, 2022

I've done a few of those. Nail polish remover on pimples sounds like AGONY! I pit sunscreen on my little niece's face and her face suddenly started to swell and redden - that terrified me. My sister have given me the sunscreen luckily, so I didn't get the blame and we washed it off quickly so there were not long term effects - phew!

2nd August, 2022

Yes l have been in a hurry and put a mascaras in my eye , very painful, plus guilty of some of other things too

2nd August, 2022

Had my facial done just few hours later having favial wax just a week before my wedding. My whole face was covered in rashes and blotches. I had panic attacks but then I used a steroid and cold compresses and aloe vera face masks. So my skin settled a day before my wedding.

2nd August, 2022

When my now 16 year old son was 2 he got hold of my Elizabeth Arden compact and mixed all the shadows with the lipstick palettes then proceeded to put it all over his face. I wish I’d kept a photo!

2nd August, 2022

Guilty of stabbing myself in the eye with a mascara,do it at least 80 percent of the time Lol.

1st August, 2022

The Vaseline while dying hair. I don't have Vaseline so just do my best to get the mess off my skin afterwards.

1st August, 2022

Using fake tan then the day after in a spa pool, let's just say my legs were splotchy lol.

1st August, 2022

Leaving my skincare where the toddler can get it.. have lost a lot down the toilet

1st August, 2022

Using depilatory cream anywhere on my body! Ouch that stuff is awful!

1st August, 2022

As a child I would do artwork on the walls in lipstick ;-)

2nd August, 2022

Oh yes that has happened to me too except it was on a cruise ship,so embarrassing.

5th August, 2022

I did the dry shave too lol.


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