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The Best Night Creams for Dry Skin as Rated by YOU!

10 March, 2019 - 01:50pm by - Head Pixie | 17 Comments

By BR Kellie

Skin is a funny old thing. We can sail through life cursing the oil slick that has taken up residence on our skin then, boom, we wake up one day and our skin has decided it prefers to replicate the Sahara desert over the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and suddenly the lighter moisturisers we've used all our years to keep our skin moisturised without being greasy aren't doing diddly. How rude.

The hardest part of your skin doing a 180 is knowing what skin care to go to next. When mine went dry I quickly learned a gently cream cleanser was far kinder to my skin that the foaming ones I'd used for two decades. My daytime moisturiser became a little richer. As for a night time moisturiser? More was more. But with so many on the market, which was the right one? What would suit my new dry, fine-line prone (but still prone to breakouts because life is cruel) skin type?

Luckily for us we've tens of thousands of fabulous Kiwi wome who have given their opinion on skin care products based on their skin type while living in New Zealand conditions. So we drilled down to find the top 10 Top Rated night time moisturisers that have been given the tick of approval from our dry skin sisters. Check these out!

10. Oasis Beauty Beauty Sleep Night Cream

They say: Experience an overnight sensation with Beauty Sleep. Action packed with natural anti-ageing and repair ingredients plus resveratrol and hyaluronic acid to improve fine lines and smooth skin. Be prepared to wake every morning with super soft skin

You say: I used to have dry skin but after using this cream I wake up with nice, silky, smooth and dewy skin.

I would definitely recommend if you have dry skin or any skin type. Just give little bit of time, you will see the amazing result.  BR Member - Rajvee2588


9. L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Redensifying Night Cream

They say:  L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Re-Densifying Night Cream is specifically formulated for mature skin to nourish, tighten and re-densify skin. 

You say:  I like a night cream to feel like it’s going to last all through the night, and the Redensifying Night Cream did not disappoint. Awoke each day and skin felt soft and supple.  BR Member - kathrynrobertson


8. Skinfood Nourishing Moisturiser

They say:  Skinfood Nourishing Moisturiser gently smooths, protects and hydrates your skin. With vitamins A & E it helps bind moisture to feed and enrich the skin. This thick, luxurious cream really penetrates dry skin to restore its natural glow and moisture balance. 

You say:  My skin was crazy dehydrated, so I started the hunt for a facial moisturiser and came across Skinfood Nourishing Moisturiser, and I'm so glad I did because it is the BEST. A tube lasts me ages, it absorbs fast so no greasy feeling afterwards, and my skin is so much better after using it. BR Member - uptomischief.



7. Trilogy Very Gentle Moisturising Cream

They say: Soothe and protect easily irritated skin with this deeply hydrating cream. It gently nourishes and revitalises, while helping fine lines and wrinkles appear visibly smoother. Maqui berry, SyriCalm® and calendula provide peace and long-lasting comfort for stressed skin in need of relief. 

You say:  My skin is super sensitive, prone to drying out and reactive so to find that Trilogy has introduced a gentle range was a delight! The cream itself is thick enough to use sparingly but light enough that it doesn't feel heavy. My skin felt noticably softer and looked beautiful. The dry patches disappeared as did a few red itchy areas. BR Member - midgeemac.


6. L'Oréal Revitalift Laser X3 Night Cream

They say:  L’Oreal Plenitude Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Night Cream contains pro-retinol A and fibre-elastyl to plump and nourish skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The luxuriously light texture is quickly absorbed without leaving any sticky residue and works to nourish and revitalise skin as you sleep.

You say:  This night cream, is amazing. My skin feels amazing using it - and I love that it's a 'mask' type of product so that my skin can rest overnight while getting nourishment and plenty of moisture. I woke up feeling like my skin would after a facial! Love it!!  BR Member - MissDilly


5. Linden Leaves Regenerating Night Cream with Organic White Tea and Goji Berry

They say:  A restorative night cream enriched with powerful natural ingredients to aid overnight skin repair and slow the visible signs of ageing. With the antioxidant properties of certified organic white tea and vitamin rich goji berry, this night cream leaves skin looking hydrated and glowing. Special ingredients such as echium, meadowfoam, mulberry and sweet almond oil work to deeply nourish and firm the skin in a gentle formulation.

You say:  This night cream was wonderful!! It smells lovely and although it has quite a thick texture, it glides on effortlessly. Because I have skin on the dry side, I loved how creamy and rich this product was. It gave a good hit of moisturising and when I woke up in the mornings my skin felt so smooth and silky. Have also noticed the skin tone seems more even. I love everything about this night cream and will definitely be buying it again once I run out.  BR Member - Minxkp


4. Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream

They say:  Start a good day the night before. Enriched with our unique antioxidant-rich Rosapene™ oil blend, this high performance night recovery cream works with the skin’s own natural process for optimum regeneration. Wake up to a brighter, revitalised complexion.

You say:  What a beautiful cream! Feels really creamy and thick (definitely not in an unpleasant way!) you can almost feel your skin soaking up all the goodies! I get really dry skin, especially in winter, and this product has kept my skin beautifully moisturised without leaving a greasy heavy feel.  BR Member - hollyn1


3. Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream

They say:  Banish dry skin with TRILOGY Ultra Hydrating Face Cream; a rich but easily-absorbed nourishing cream. Designed to deliver immediate relief and lasting comfort to dry, dehydrated skin, you'll enjoy a softer, smoother, more hydrated complexion. 

You say:  It's a nice thick cream which I love, as my skin is terribly dry. I am especially prone to dry skin on the forehead and around the eyebrows and nose. I found this cream to be so hydrating and did not leave my skin feeling greasy. I have received no break outs either, yippee! I also think I have a clearer skin tone - less redness to my face. I think this would be a fantastic face cream for those with super dry skin as an all over face cream. Or it would be good to apply on "dry spots" for those who have dry skin only in certain places.  BR Member - Xtinastar



2. Essano Night Creme Rosehip

They say:  This luxurious superceutical works while you sleep to promote skin elasticity and a healthy complexion. I

You say:  My dry skin felt so hydrated after using this, I woke up in the morning to smooth, baby-like skin. Since I started using this I feel like my skin tone has evened out considerably, my skin is super moisturised and looks so healthy! Such an excellent, lovely product for my dry skin.  BR Member - Kellyleanne


1. L'Oréal Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Night

They Say:  During the night, the skin repairs itself. But with age, it lacks the necessary nutrients to maintain its vitality and each morning you wake-up with even more de-nourished skin. The L’Oréal Laboratories have developed Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Rich Repairing Night cream for women aged 50+ with dry, mature skin. Enriched with Pro-Calcium, Royal Jelly and 10 Precious Oils, this luxurious formula deeply nourishes and repairs your skin whilst you sleep.

You say:  L'Oreal describe this pot of potion as a "Rich Repairing Balm", which it is!! And what's more... it works while you sleep!! It certainly felt like balm to my parched skin. Its got Manuka Honey and Calcium B5 in the mix, so you get both moisture AND healing in the one pot!!  BR Member - soozn.

So there you have it! The top ten Top Rated night moisturisers loved by Beauty Review members with dry skin! Is your go-to on the list? Will you be trying any out for yourself? Is there another Top Ten Top Rated category you'd like us to feature? Chat away!


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8th April, 2019

I have tried a few of those but would be keen to try the Linden Leaves one as it sounds good

17th March, 2019

It's exciting to see good products for every skin type. I want to try all of these =)

14th March, 2019

They all sound lovely . Adding to my wishlist :D

12th March, 2019

The Linden Leaves sounds interesting

12th March, 2019

I've tried a few of these. Some goodies in there.

12th March, 2019

I still haven’t tried any skin care products from oasis beauty and linden leaves yet... Those are still on my wait list hahahaha =D. I always wanted to try trilogy’s ultra hydrating face cream... I should get while it’s on special at Farmers ;D

12th March, 2019

I've only tired the Trilogy very gentle moisturising cream. It's beautiful on my dry sensitive skin.

12th March, 2019

I've tried the Linden Leaves night cream and I loved it. I'm currently using the Evolu night cream and it's amazing as well.

11th March, 2019

I've reviewed and love quite a few on the top 5! Weleda Skin food is my skin's favourite when it's having a moment or looking dull and's a miracle worker overnight when winter kicks in.

11th March, 2019

I’ve tried rivita lift I want to try some of the others

11th March, 2019

I have more oily/combination skin but I have really liked the Oasis and Skinfood one. I think for dry skin layering a good water based serum and facial oil underneath makes a big difference.

11th March, 2019

I've tried some of these and like them. My fav is still Antipodes avocado and pear night cream!

11th March, 2019

Really enjoyed using the trilogy night creams. If my skins feeling really parched I use a Clinique mask and seems to pick up my skin quite well.

11th March, 2019

The Trilogy Age Proof Overnight Mask is my absolute favourite. Just finished it up, not suitable for the hot summer evenings but works wonders in the colder months. Currently using Evolu Balancing Overnight Cream Normal/Combination it seems to just be okay. It's early days though haven't formed a solid opinion yet.

10th March, 2019

I'm considering using standard night cream on other areas of my skin... particularly thighs where cellulite and stretch marks are visible. I'll probably try one of the L'Oreal products for this.