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The Best Beauty Gifts For The Beauties In Your Life!

6 December, 2015 - 08:05pm by - First Lady | 21 Comments

By BR Amelia

‘Tis the season to be jolly…

Jolly? Are you sure? I don’t know about you, but I’m freaking out a little. Present buying always gets me like that. I want to ensure that the presents I give my favourite people are absolutely perfect. I want to see them open up their gifts and give me a look that says ‘you know me so well’ before they knock me over in a giant hug. Of course, buying the right gift – especially of the beauty variety – can take a lot of planning. I approach it with an almost military method. I find my target, consider their weak spots and then buy them a gift I know is sure to blow them up into a giant smile-sized version of themselves.

So what are my top tips for beauty gifts for your favourites this year? Read on!

For the nature lover:  We are blessed to live in a country filled with beauty businesses that take their commitment to animals and the environment seriously, so here the options are endless. From a pot of True’s Wonder Balm to the super stylish Trilogy Botanical Body Wash featuring a limited edition design from Hailwood, there’s a veritable array of gift ideas and you know the nature lover will appreciate you thinking of not only them, but the world around us. 

For the elegant lady:  While it’s tempting to say ‘Chanel No5’ or any classic perfume, it pays to remember that what suits one woman will not suit another, which is why a candle can be a great way to give the gift of fragrance to a lady who likes the finer things in life. And what could be more classic or more elegant than the divine aroma of Ecoya’s French Pear?  

For the sensible one: I think sensible women are the most fun to buy for, because you can buy them something they’d never buy themselves, like a voucher for a manicure or pedicure. While they may tut away saying ‘you shouldn’t have’, you know that while they’re getting their tootsies or fingers attended to they’ll be thinking of and thanking you for giving them a treat that they’d never give themselves.

For the frivolous gal:  Anything Lush would be great for this fun and fabulous soul. My pick? The Snow Fairy Castle. Not only does it have super cute packaging it contains Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Rock Star Soap… and Fairy Dust Body Powder! And what lover of frivolity wouldn’t want to shower themselves in fairy dust?!

For the stress head:  I’m always tempted to give the stress-heads in my life a massage voucher, but I realise that the reason they’re often stressed is because they’re too busy – and that voucher will be sitting in a drawer gathering dust until it expires. Instead, it’s great to give them something relaxing that they can incorporate into their daily lives, like Scully’s Lavender Body Whip, ensuring at least one burst of calmness every single day.

Last, but not least, we do have to consider that rare person who is not going to be happy with what you give them no matter how much thought you put into it. We shall call them ‘The Unpleaseable’. Now while it’s tempting to just buy any old thing from an end-of-line store or a $1/2/3 shop, it’s a better idea to buy them a gift you know is good, a gift 99.9% of women would be happy to get, such as a gift set from The Aromatherapy Company or from L’Occitane. That way when they open it and put their nose up in the air, you’ll know it’s their problem, not yours and you did your very best. 

So there you have it, a little list of beauty gift ideas sure to put a smile on hopefully any woman’s dial. Will you be buying beauty-related gifts this year? Do you dare divulge who’s getting what to us before the big day? What’s the best beauty gift you could be given? Spill!



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15th December, 2015

Would love to get any of these, oh how I wish I could still write a wish list to Santa! I buy Snow Fairy every year and have done so since I was young, if I'm not gifted it I'll make sure to buy some myself :)

9th December, 2015

I love scented candles and they've been my present of choice for people this year, including secret santa gifts!

8th December, 2015

Cute ideas! I know the boyfriend will be getting me Snow Fairy Shower Gel ;)

8th December, 2015

Love love love Snow Fairy, i always get it for xmas :)

7th December, 2015

I would be happy receiving any of these (or all of these :) )

7th December, 2015

The only lady I really buy beauty products for would be my nana she loves creams and lotions and perfumes. I bought a really nice body shop sorbet this year as part of her gift. For me I love it all cosmetics skin care nail stuff I think I'd be excited by most :) I would love a perfume as it's something I find I don't often buy for myself

7th December, 2015

Oh definitely! That's my favorite thing to gift. This year I'm gifting bodycare, skincare and makeup to family and Secret Santa recipients. For me I like voucher's to spend in the the after Christmas sales when everything is cheap or something off my wishlist. I try to list things that are about $30 for friends and family although the gifts I give are almost always more than that, but I do love gifting.

7th December, 2015

Oooo some nice products to have a look at! I like the look of the Ecoya candle and the true wonder balm. Thanks BR for the ideas! I now know what to get my step daughter yuusss :D

7th December, 2015

Nice wee collection of goodies.

7th December, 2015

Ooh these are great ideas! I usually like giving gift sets so that there are a range of products they can try out - especially if they like certain things such as soaps over gels. I really like giving gift vouchers too so that they can buy what they like. :)

7th December, 2015

Some great ideas here :D I figured Lush to be a safe bet this year... that and I have a slight addiction to their range ;P

7th December, 2015

I am with you on this one Amelia, I go into this military mode when it comes to christmas and birthday shopping. Ecoya candles and Snow fairy are 2 of my favorite products. Normally I secretly find out what others have been wanting or what theyve been looking for and I go from there. Smellies always work a treat, I normally purchase presents from Lush or Bossy cosmetics because they are never fail gifts. For me smellies are great, you can never have too many :)

7th December, 2015

Hehehe ok but what do you buy for the boys in your life. Stinky skincare won't cut it I'm afraid :P

9th October, 2017

I know, right ? And I'm surrounded by boys. And trust me, after a certain point, they have enough smellies and don't want anymore. What to buy the men???

7th December, 2015

Great ideas! A candle is always a great option!

7th December, 2015

Totally loving the Lush idea, thinking of getting some for myself this year he he he

7th December, 2015

Thanks to you I still love Lush and my gifts I buy are either from there or Bossy cosmetics :)

7th December, 2015

He he he awww I'm so glad I introduced you (or got you addicted lol) to Lush, once you go Lush, you never go back right. And Bossy, omg don't get me started on them, I love them both equally as much xxx