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How to Shop the Beauty Vault!

9 July, 2020 - 09:05am by - First Lady | 35 Comments

by BR Nat.

***All Beauty Vault orders during August will receive a FREE Skinfood Kiwifruit and 

Tangerine Repairing Face Mask!***

Well.  The header kind of says it all!

The Beauty Vault will now be open for shopping every day of the year.  YES, you no longer need to wait to shop the Beauty Vault.  If you have the Beauty Points for the item/s you want - then you can place an order and secure them!


Now some of you may have questions, our research panel of members did.  Hopefully this will answer them, but if not, drop your question below and we'll answer it!

When does the Beauty Vault open permanently?  

9am Friday 10th July.

Is there a limit to how many times I can shop the Beauty Vault?

You can shop the Beauty Vault once every 24 hours.  

Will I need to pay shipping for each order?

Yes.  You can't combine shipping costs for orders and you can't use Beauty Points to pay for shipping.  (Alas Beauty Points are not a recogonised currency.!)

How long will I have to wait for my order?

We're leaving the dispatch time frame at 14 - 21 days.  Chances are your order will be dispatched sooner than this, but to preempt any busy periods, staff holidays or sickness, we're sticking with this official timeframe.

How often will products change?

Ahhh, the burning question!  We're aiming to add new products to the Beauty Vault weekly, if not more often.  Products won't be uploaded at a specific time, so you'll definitely want to keep checking in.

Can I reserve an item?

No.  We will not place items on hold or reserve items. 

Remember you can submit a review at any time, and although the Review Moderation time frame is 72 hours, its usually much faster, meaning you can place well-written reviews and top up your balance until you have enough to buy what you want.

I'm a Review Hero, do I still get Free Shipping?

Yes.  Review Heroes will get 4 Free Shippings a year, 1 per quarter.  (Q1: Jan, Feb, Mar.  Q2: April, May, June.  Q3: July, Aug, Sept.  Q4:  Oct, Nov, Dec.

You'll need to let us know you've made an order and we will refund your shipping cost within 2 working days.

I am a Forum Moderator.  Will I lose my VIP shop?

Unfortunately as the Beauty Vault will be open permanently, we won't be able to close it off for VIP shops anymore.  But you will receive your monthly mod points and 4 free ships a year.

So...what do you think?  Are you ready to have a Beauty Vault experience whenever you want it?  Got any questions?  

Get chatting below!


You can read about the Beauty Vault in a bit more detail, by clicking here.


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13th August, 2020

I spent my points already so I'm busy saving more.

13th August, 2020

Oh and Kiwifruit and Tangerine sounds lovely.

11th August, 2020

I like the new vault system. The mask sounds lovely!

9th August, 2020

Not tried this mask! Sounds great :-)

8th August, 2020

I’m so happy about this new change . I can’t wait to see new heroes too .

3rd August, 2020

It’s great I think, I keep checking the items and good to know I can get things whenever I need some treats. Trying to use up my hoarded products at the moment, but nearly been tempted once already! :D

25th July, 2020

Excellent! Great news

22nd July, 2020

Woohoooooo that is awesome news!!! :)

13th July, 2020

!Wow! Just got the news as I'm at my parents visiting and had next to no internet yet. This is a huge change goodness me! A permanent online shop now!

12th July, 2020

How exciting being able to shop when I have time

12th July, 2020

Awesome! I have either been too slow to snap something up on past vaults, or simply haven't seen something I really want. But made my whole families day....goodies for me and also heaps of shampoo/conditioner for the dandruff members of the family. Bonus is that you are saving us money at the supermarket buying this shampoo. Thank you for this latest innovation.

10th July, 2020

Yay best news !

9th July, 2020

Wow... i hope enough stocks for everyone... Hopefully the things i want wont run out too easily... But then i wont have the trouble of missing out when working weekends =D. Super excited to see how this will turn out =D

9th July, 2020

Ooh exciting!! I always miss out on the stuff I really want so hopefully there’s more chance to get my paws on those bigger items!

9th July, 2020

Exciting! I’ve only been in one vault and got a good haul. I didn’t have many points left over, and with life getting in the way since, hadn’t really done too many reviews since the last vault to build my points back up. I happened to glance at my points today and was very surprised to see I have enough to do a small shop - EXCITING!

9th July, 2020

Wowsers . Brilliant idea! No more racing . Just smooth shops .


The Beauty Vault is now open every day so you can earn Beauty Points and exchange them for full sized products whenever you like!


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