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The Beauty Procedures NOT To Do At Home

28 May, 2022 - 08:12am by - Head Pixie | 10 Comments

by BR Kellie

A few years ago I met the most delightful woman at a party who brought up that she'd had botox... that was expired...injected by her friend (who was qualified to do such a procedure)...while they were both tipsy...all over her forehead. Suffice to say her brow was well and truly frozen in place and her fiance was not happy, as their wedding was coming up and he feared for the state of the photos.

As much as I loved her devil-may-care attitude, the story had my brows raised so much that by the end of the tale I was in ownership of new wrinkles that could've done with a touch of botulinim toxin, because, the thing is, while I'm all for doing as many beauty treatments at home as possible, there are some that really ought to be done in a proper setting, under the hand of a (sober) professional. 

So what treatments should you back away from DIYing? 

Next Level Microneedling

After seeing the reviews for the Manicare Microneedle Derma Roller, I went out and bought one. I followed the instructions, sanitised after every use, and I love it. My skin became plump and glowy, and whenever I need a pick-me-up I pull it out. However, there is at home derma rolling and then there's professional level derma rolling/microneedling. Professional microneedling uses longer needles, which further penetrates the skin. It's ideal if you need more than just a pick me up, and when done by a professional it can be properly tailored, in conjunction with other treatments/skincare, for your skin's needs. Yes, you can buy longer needled derma rollers online, but going the DIY route with such equipment can increase the chance of infection, and further damage to your skin.

Microdermabrasion/Chemical Peels

Who doesn't want to have fresh, smooth, glowing, clearer-looking skin? It's skin goals. However, you do have to be careful when trying to achieve this. At-home chemical exfoliants and microdermabrasion technology has come a long way, and can create excellent results, however it's easy to go overboard and take it too far, which is why seeing a professional can be for the best if you're not sure what you're doing, or need a little more help than a DIY product can give you. However, if you're determined to try microdermabrasion or chemical peels at home, do patch test first, stop if you see irritation, and don't let the old adage that 'more is more' get into your head. Easy does it when DIYing the more advanced forms of skin care.

Acne Extractions

No one knows not to do this better than me. Once upon a time if I saw a lump or bump I went all in on it, doing my best using any and every method, no matter how gnarly or skin-destroying, to eject it from my face. I was an idiot. Also, it was the 90s and we didn't know any better. These days the internet tells us it's a VERY BAD THING to get fingery with your acne, and the internet is right. You'll only cause scarring, possible infection, and spread bacteria underneath your skin, which can cause further flare ups. If you find yourself with consistent acne break outs it's best to see a doctor or dermatologist, who can go over other options to help rid yourself of breakouts and/or help with scarring. I eventually did that and it was the best thing I ever did for my skin.

Cosmetic Tattooing

I had no major plans to include this in the article, mainly because I saw no way in the world that this ought to be possible to do at home...until I looked up cosmetic tattooing machines. Turns out they're readily available to buy. Great, if you're a professional starting up a business, but perhaps not if you're just a regular person with the desire to DIY a crisp lip line, permanent eyeliner or bolder brows. If temptation should strike, remember that a practised hand and a skilled eye is required if you don't want to look like a child that's drawn all over your face with permanent marker.

Like most things in life, if there's a nagging voice in the back of your mind or a tugging in your gut saying 'this is not a good idea', listen to it, obey it and go see a professional, because ignoring that little voice in your head could lead to ruin and regret. If not a grumpy a fiance who can no longer tell if you're happy/sad/angry.

So, do tell... Have you ever partaken in a beauty procedure that ought not to be done at home, AT home? Or are you shining your halo knowing you've kept yourself in the safest of hands all the time? Chat below!



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10th June, 2022

Nooo! Haha I would definitely not try any of these at home!

3rd June, 2022

Oh my. Yes I think I would rather pay for these

1st June, 2022

That all sounds pretty scary, I definitely won't do anything to do with needles at home!

1st June, 2022

I'm a bit hopeless doing things myself so stick to dying, tweezing, IPLing, and shaving. I'd love some cosmetic tattooing but I'm a bit scared. I wondered about filling my brows in cos they're thin after my thyroid issues. My friend is getting eye liner on her lower eye line. I'll let you know how it goes. She found someone she likes in Dunedin and they did a fabulous job of her brows.

30th May, 2022

Some things are best left to the professionals and I'd still check their work.

30th May, 2022

No, I'm a chicken when it comes to all that. Too many horror botch stories out there. Heck, even the professionals can get it wrong sometimes! As for drunken botox sessions... Lol, but yikes!

30th May, 2022

Lol expired botox!!! I'm pretty sure I've never done anything dodgy like

30th May, 2022

Expired botox, wow.

I do have a micro needling tool I haven't got round to using but that's about it

30th May, 2022

Have tried micro needling , and skin peel , at home l am not keen on self inflicted pain , so was only the once for me !

30th May, 2022

I have the Sugarbaby microneedler and although it takes a bit of getting used to it really does plump up the skin. I’d say ‘no’ though to buying a full-on chemical peel to use at home and leave that to the salon.

3rd June, 2022

I'm not sure why this comment dropped in under your comment sorry petitemaman!

1st June, 2022

Me too. I'd love some botox but too scared. And the price is terrifying.

2nd June, 2022

I'd like Botox too but when you see programs like Botched it scares me lol.


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