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The Beauty of a Blank Canvas - Trend That Shows No End Alert

30 September, 2018 - 07:33pm by - Head Pixie | 20 Comments

By BR Amelia

Perhaps it's because Halloween is coming. Perhaps it's because some trends take their time to snowball. Perhaps it's because people are searching for a deeper meaning in life and this trend somehow speaks to their soul in a way that makes them want to pick up their makeup brushes and give it a go. Whatever the reason, the blank canvas trend is continuing to make its mark on Instagram - and we love it!

In a nutshell, the blank canvas trend involves doing a full face of makeup, then cutting out a shape on your face using a light concealer pencil, then wiping off the makeup in the areas that you intend of turning into a blank canvas, then applying white face paint in those areas to create said canvas. The result? A look that once seen is not forgotten.


Keena (above) chose to infuse Halloween into her take on the blank canvas, and we're loving it! While we're not sure she'd terrify us on a dark and stormy night (although the dribble effect is eerie), she's rocking a fall harvest goddess style that we are here for. 


The diagonal foundation slash is a popular choice for those taking up the Blank Canvas challenge, as demonstrated above by Jess of xjessmakeup. 


It was beauty guru James Charles who inspired Lucia of makeupby_luciax to give this challenge a go, and we think you'll agree that the results are stunning! (That eye makeup - swoon!)


While for many the blank canvas challenge is just that... a chance to stretch their makeup skills, the look took on more meaning for instagrammer Victoria Rose Scott, aka hotmessexpresstutorials. As she took on the challenge she saw that it gave her the opportunity to hide the parts of her she didn't like while showing the aspects of her face that she was confident in. Victoria noted, 'we have days of slaying the game where nothing can get us down and days where no matter how much you try to transform your face you can't get past your flaws. What was funny was as I put the translucent powder on it broke over to the white area. Almost like breaking through the cracks of my self-consciousness. It's okay to have the breakthrough a little piece at a time.'

We love a meaningful makeup trend, and if 'blank canvassing' could be another way towards self-acceptance and self-empowerment, we think this trend could well be up there with NikkieTutorial's Power of Makeup.

So, what are your thoughts on the blank canvas trend? Do you prefer it over crazy nail trends? Can you see a deeper meaning behind it? Is your Halloween look now sorted? Chat away!



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21st October, 2018

Wow, those look so cool!

12th October, 2018

The diagonal foundation slash is very cool. But I have to say I do agree that nails are more exciting to look at!!

8th October, 2018

Not really something I would do for Halloween make up but it does look pretty cool.

8th October, 2018

Not really something I would do for Halloween make up but it does look pretty cool.

6th October, 2018

It's clever but more artistic than Halloween to me.

5th October, 2018

Love it for a stand out photo it’s a great way to show of eye makeup as it stands out but I’m not sure if its something I’d go for for Halloween

3rd October, 2018

Interesting to see it not so scary

2nd October, 2018

A fun look for those Halloween parties etc and a great excuse to play with make-up :-)

1st October, 2018

They look great although it doesn't really shout out halloween to me. Very artistic though.

1st October, 2018

I've never heard of this trend but what I like about it is it doesn't take as much skill as some of the other previous trends. The first and third are the best because they make the eyes pop. I probably won't be doing Halloween makeup though.

1st October, 2018

Quite pretty for Halloween not your usual ghoul look

1st October, 2018

Never heard of it . I like it . I can’t see myself trying a halloween look bit out of my depth.

1st October, 2018

This is super cool!!

1st October, 2018

Maybe.... I'll probably just play around with makeup a few things and see what happens. I actually just put a video out on YouTube called "Painting with Makeup" so it's cool that the blank canvas one's are going around.

1st October, 2018

Interesting..... but not my cup of tea ;D

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