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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug

The Beauty Look That Has Us Bugging Out!

6 February, 2018 - 10:42pm by - Head Pixie | 27 Comments

By BR Tabatha









Now that we're here I'm guessing you're either fond of all things buggalicious, or you're curious as all heck. So... what's caused the warning-palooza? 

One of the most amazing and creepy pieces of makeup artistry we've seen in a long time.

Welcome to the Instagram feed of Jasmine. Instagram handle:  @butterflyjasmine49.


Jasmine creates some of the most out-there looks we've ever seen. Her artistry is impeccable, but what sets her apart is that she uses REAL bugs as adornments. In the picture above she's used Frog Legged Leaf Beetles, which are actually pretty darn stunning. 


Dragonflys are gorgeous at the best of times, but who knew they could be transformed into works of art? Another reason we love Jasmine's Instagram page is that she includes facts about the insects she's used, so not only are you getting to appreciate her talent, you have the chance to appreciate the animals she's chosen to use.


They're not necessarily looks that you'd be likely to wear to work or when you're hitting the town. Heck, they may even be stretching the realms of festival-friendy. But there's definitely something hypnotic about them. Like the more you look the more you see. Also... grasshoppers as eyebrows? Didn't see it coming. And yet it works.

So what inspired Jasmine to create this series? According to her Instagram the '"Insect" Eyes Are Series' was created because she is inspired by all things nature - the colours, textures and sounds. She also wanted to show how incredible the creatures she used are - and if you scroll through her feed you'll be amazed at the animals she's used and how she's utilised them.

Worried about cruelty to animals? There's no need to be, as no animals were killed in order to create these looks. 










Here's your Halloween 2018 look sorted. 

Keen to try these looks out for yourself? Check out the tutorials on Jasmine's YouTube channel here.

So, are you bugged out by these looks? Or is your heart all aflutter for it? Chat away!

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I like weird and wacky so I think it looks amazing. Except the spider lol I hate spiders.

I'm not a fan either - too many eyes urgh......

6th February, 2018 at 11:28 pm


Love the colours hate the bugs...

Captivating except Mr Tarantula-look-alike, I have limits haha.

Only one place bugs should be and that’s outside lol

Yes so true :)

7th February, 2018 at 7:13 am


7th February, 2018 at 7:55 am

haha, outside far, far away!

7th February, 2018 at 10:58 am

No yuck just so wrong

Creepy !!! awesome if you are not creeped out but not for me !!

She is definitely talented! I would say this is more art than a 'beauty' look though haha.

It's unique but not for me.

I would really want to see what she does with a whole face.. then make them portraits.. then open an exhibition!


7th February, 2018 at 10:58 am

nooooo - I'm not a fan ..... I did pause and wonder if I should scroll further, but I was curious...the spider was super creepy

Definitely not something I would try for myself, but they are pretty amazing looks! Super talented that's for sure. That spider one at the end though, ugggh that got me good.

Definitely not a bug person but I can truly appreciate the artistry in what she does. Absolutely incredible!

Congratulations to her for coming up with something truly original and unique. It'll probably stay fairly unique because not only is this look not one you would wear on a day to day basis and is probably uniquely for Halloween. But hardly anyone is keen to wear bugs and insects especially spiders and anything that bites and stings. Maybe, but it would probably be limited to a beautiful small Christmas beetle or a butterfly if it wasn't so close to the eye.

Nope Nope Nope, the bug colours are cool, but could never have near me let alone on my face. just nope.


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