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Braun July
Braun July

The key to super hydrated, plumped, glowy skin!

2 May, 2020 - 04:32pm by - First Lady | 20 Comments

by BR Amelia

Have you heard of Hyaluronic Acid?  If you're not familiar with this skin care ingredient, you're probably thinking it's a peel?   Well, it's actually an incredibly powerful ingredient that has nothing to do with exfoliating.  It's the key to super hydrated, plumped, glowy skin!

The basics.

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural compound - we're all born with in our bodies and like most of the good stuff, it decreases with age.  Hyaluronic Acid is found in our joints, muscles and in our skin - it's kind of the CRC of the body - without it we'd become brittle and dry.

Why is it good in skin care?

As an ingredient, the easiest way to describe Hyaluronic Acid is that it is a 'dermal filler'.  It's most magical property is that it can absorb and hold 1000 times its weight in water.  By holding lots of water, it fills out wrinkles.

An equally impressive quality is that it preserves collagen, which in turn firms and plumps up the skin.

What else do I need to know about using Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid is like a water magnet - it draws water to itself.  So for the best results you should apply it to damp skin.  If you suffer from dry skin, or you apply it to skin that isnt damp, the Hyaluronic Acid will pull moisture from the skin, leaving it dryer in the long run.   Mist your face before applying your Hyaluronic treatment and lock it in with a moisturiser after, and you're set to experience your plumpest, most hydrated skin ever!

Check it out in the Beauty Vault!

The Top Rated L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Filler 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum has received rave reviews for it's super hydrating and skin-plumping results.  We've included it in this month's Beauty Vault which means you could use your Beauty Points to try it!

Read reviews on this crew favourite here!

Are you a fan of Hyaluronic Acid?  Or have you never tried it?  Get chatting below!


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28th June, 2020

Been using it for years but only recently found out to use it on damp skin- bit of a silly “oh duh” moment for me when I found out

4th June, 2020

I'm intrigued... I hope the rain stops so I can immediately buy this product .. I'm excited because I am having a dry skin this season..

29th May, 2020

I love hyaluronic and need to add it back into my routine for winter.

29th May, 2020

Mines only just run out! It is great value for money

29th May, 2020

I need to make it a bigger part of my regimen. I’m at a point where I need to focus on prevention and adding back in a little bit of the magical glow that came with youth

25th May, 2020

Yes it's an essential ingredient in my skincare. I have tried a few brands. My current fave is Hada Labo's Premium Emulsion. It lasts a long time, isn't sticky, the consistency makes it feel luxurious and the amount I get makes it very affordable.

14th May, 2020

Yes I like it! I need to keep up with anti aging I'm slack now that I have kids and the results are showing

14th May, 2020

Yes I like it! I need to keep up with anti aging I'm slack now that I have kids and the results are showing

13th May, 2020

I have never tried it before, but I'd be keen to get my hands on some actually to see what it's like on my skin. I've read really good things about it. Definitely something I've been considering lately.

11th May, 2020

Obsessed with HA. I have dry skin and recently added HA to both morning and night routine (I use The Ordinary) on damp skin and it made a huge difference right from day 1

9th May, 2020

I was on the trial for this particular hyaluronic acid and it is amazing!

8th May, 2020

I've never tried Hyaluronic Acid before! Interesting tip about applying to a damp face. I would have probably applied it to a dry face!

7th May, 2020

I love hyaluronic acid in skincare, it has done wonders to me skin.

7th May, 2020

That bottle just looks like it's good for your skin.

5th May, 2020

Yes yes yes! This stuff is amazing. I have just finished another brand but it's a bit more expensive then L'oreal so keen to try this.


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