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The Beauty-full Take On Dopamine Dressing!

20 February, 2022 - 01:11pm by - Head Pixie | 11 Comments

by BR Amelia

I adore colour. The bigger the bolder the better. Just... not so much on me. A pop of colour is great, but could I get away with wearing a colour blocked orange and pink suit? I wish. I suspect that if I tried, rather than looking fashion forward, I'd look like a colour blind clown. Despite this, I've been loving catching up on the latest fashion trend - dopamine dressing.

In a nutshell, the concept of dopamine dressing is wearing bright, bold colours in order to create a rush of happy happy, joy joy. It's a gorgeous idea and is, I imagine, just what many of us need at this point in time. HOWEVER, as I mentioned, not all of us are brave enough to go full colour bold and beautiful, so it got me thinking. How can we create dopamine dressing on a makeup level... 

The Lips

This one's super simple... pick a bright lipstick, pop it on and you're good to go! Vibrant oranges, pops of pink, rich reds are your friend! If you're super bold you can choose a turquoise or violet and really rock a lively lip.

The Eyes

Here's where you can play as much or as little as you'd like. Go big with an eyelid full of rainbow colours. Turn your lids into a work of art! Alternatively, take a vibrant shade of eyeliner and simple line your lids for a surprising but no less statement-making pop of colour.

The Nails

Even the shyest of us makeup lovers can get away with a bold colour on our nails. Tangerine, ultramarine, lime, eggplant. The choices are endless!

The Hair

Whether you wear a colourific clip in extension, a full on wig, or are happy to spend hours sitting in a salon chair or the time it takes to make it happen at home, a bright hair colour is a great way to embrace this joy inducing trend.

The Accessories

Whether it be a hat, a cap, a scarf, some shoes, a ring, headband or necklace, accessories are a great way to trigger feelings of joy. Not only is there a good chance you'll have something on hand you can easily wear, if you don't it won't break the bank to pick up a delight-bringing piece.

So.... What do you think of the dopamine dressing trend? Is it a bit of you? A bit too much? Do you like the idea of taking the concept and applying it to the beauty realm? And if so, how would you make it work? Get chatting below!



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6th April, 2022

Love this idea, having a pop of colour is beautiful

1st April, 2022

I don't use makeup, but I could get behind wearing colourful accessories.

25th February, 2022

Definitely a splash of color does lift the mood and if I could pull off bright colored hair I would but I just don't feel I would suit it so if anything I would go for the bright nail polish or accessories.Love love that eye look and I might even just try that too.

23rd February, 2022

I love this idea, I definitely love a colourful eye look and wear a lot of bright shadows. I’ve always loved the look of really bright hair too but more so on others.

23rd February, 2022

Really pretty! Love the eye make up so much.

22nd February, 2022

Nice happy fun ideas nothing like a bit of colour to brighten things up.

21st February, 2022

these are pretty very nice

21st February, 2022

I've been doing this for a long time - I'm all about dressing in brightly coloured dresses. Glad to hear I'm already on trend!

21st February, 2022

Wow fabulous pictures l can only live in hope ! Thanks for great article

21st February, 2022

Those are all really wonderful ideas.

21st February, 2022

Love that eye makeup and I like putting colour in my hair


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