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The Beauty Confessional: Do As We Say Not As We Do

17 May, 2017 - 11:18pm by - Head Pixie | 24 Comments

By BR Kellie

It was like someone had dropped a bomb on a field filled with flowers and newborn spring lambs. Or maybe it was like seeing someone had graffitied all over the Mona Lisa. Or perhaps it was kind of like looking into the eyes of someone you thought you knew, only to realise you know nothing about them. They may as well be a stranger.

What the heck am I going on about? Picture this. We’re at the office. We’re tap-tapping away on our computers. Rifling through courier boxes of goodies. Processing orders. And then suddenly one of us looks up from her screen and declares ‘God, I’m a fraud. All the times I’ve written you must wear sunblock and I pretty much never ever do.”

Should we have been outraged? Accused her of hypocrisy? Perhaps. Except what happened was we did that side-eye glance thing at each other. There were reddening of cheeks. Gazes fixed firmly upon objects in the far distance. And then the guilt got to me and I opened my mouth and blabbed my own confession. Then the rest followed suit. It turns out your beloved beauty crew are all guilty of not doing things we know we should, things we're always telling you to do. So what do we say to do, but don’t do ourselves? With the crew’s permission I give you our beauty sins.

The non-sunblock wearer was none other than our beloved Tabby. She insists that if it’s the middle of the day in the heat of summer she’ll pop some on, but on the whole she doesn’t bother. Instead she hides from the sun. And she never bothers with it during winter.


How often do we bark ‘it’s a crime not to prime’? Super often. Yet Amelia confessed to not priming her eyelids. Ever. We pried her for more acts of beauty treason, but she insisted that was all she didn’t do.  So she’s pretty much a beauty goodie two shoes. 


Queenie blew our collective minds when she admitted sometimes she goes to bed without taking her makeup off. The horror!!!

And then Nat one-upped her with the revelation that she only uses a cleanser if she’s been wearing makeup or reviewing a cleanser. At that point I was fuming because I cleanse twice a day religiously, and Nat and Queenie have beautiful and clear skin and I’m the pimply Pixie. (Generally hormonal pimples, but still…. Gah). Then Nat went on to say oh-so-casually that she brushes her hair once a week. Have you seen her hair? It’s fantastic. Nat. Has. Great. Hair. And she barely brushes it. It’s like she won the genetic skin and hair lottery!

As for me? What’s my big sin that I’m always saying other’s should not do? I have steaming hot showers. Love them. Wouldn’t be without them. I’m one of those souls that feels the cold, and often it’s the only way I can warm up. I have been known in summer to throw in a mildly cold blast at the end to attempt to make my hair shiny, but in winter? It’s hot all the way, baby!

So there you have it, our beauty naughtiness, laid out for all to see! Still, it’s got to be better than grafiiting a work of art or dropping bombs on newborn lambs…

Now, enough about us… what do you do that you know you’re not meant to? Feel free to share... because, let’s be honest, you can't be any worse than us!

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Haha, it's so good to know you guys aren't perfect! I'm terrible with removing old nail polish. I know it looks terrible all chipped but I just forget.

I agree not priming your eyelids is barely a crime. You eyeshadow will crease and fade but there's no long term damage, just your eye makeup won't last long. I have to prime my eyelids if I want my eyeshadow to stay on for longer than 15 minutes and not crease as quickly. I really sympathize with Pixie some people really seem to have the all the luck with skin and hair and nails and stuff. My crime is probably being really slack with my nails. Like one will start to rip and I'll cut it shorter but then I won't get around to the rest of my nails for a long time or bother to file them and make them look nice after I cut them one by one as they rip or break so I'll have hands with nails in varying lengths and shapes wihich just looks messy and it'll be a long time before I'll give my nails a proper trim and file them. I also take hot showers, I never them to warm up in winter.

*need them

18th May, 2017 at 2:17 pm

Love you guys -You are so funny !!!! We aren't meant to be perfect -Where is the fun in that !!! I forget to use eyecream , have Hot baths and showers and use sun screen off and on -

I never use an under coat on my nails, and despite have screeeds of eye cream, I don't use it... no reason, just lazy, and I miss treat my feet. In fact the only treat my feet get is I make sure they are properly dry. I'm surviving tho.

I'm super inconsistent with my skincare routine. Some days I cleanse, tone, serum or oil and moisturise twice a day, then I'll not do anything at all the next day! The problem is when I don't take good care of my skin it ends up dry and horrible so I really really should take the time to look after it!

Steaming hot showers all the way! I guess I must have poor circulation or something because I feel the cold really easily and often the shower is the only way to warm up my body (especially my feet!).

My crime is that I don't wash my brushes very often :).

Same here. I'm cursed with freezing feet year round.

18th May, 2017 at 2:18 pm

the tootsies are always like icicles except when I have the warm hot water bottle on them

24th May, 2017 at 12:29 am

Hmmmm mine would be if I get home really late and only do a quick wash of my face cause I can't be bothered. Then don't apply any oil or night cream. But that is not very often I guess :-)

To err is human, to forgive divine ladies :) You all rock

I'm guilty of a few things ... I always use an eyelid primer but don't use a face primer every time. I tend to forget, unless it's a special occasion, yet the face primer is right next to my foundation bottle! I use cuticle oil on my fingernails but seem to neglect or forget about my toenails. I never use conditioner and I only brush my hair after washing it, or before washing it (to try keep some of the hair out of the shower drain) - it's naturally stick straight, so I get away with a quick run through of my fingers in the mornings. I double cleanse at night (oil & foaming), to get rid of the day's makeup & oil. In the morning, it's warm water only (no cleanser) to wash the sleep away. My skin has cleared up so much since I stopped cleansing twice per day, but everyone's skin is different.

I admit to cleansing once a day. Sometimes I often forget to do my skincare. This winter I have thorough with my face skin care which is strange.

What's wrong with steaming showers? I cannot stand cold showers especially now it's winter.

Hot showers is definitely something I could never give up... I sometimes feel cold all the way into my bones and I totally agree that it can be the only way to warm up! I'm also terrible at brushing my hair.. once a week is about right.

But it's great to hear that we're all human!!

Indeed - or soaking in a lovely hot bath - ahhhhhhh!

18th May, 2017 at 6:30 pm

I really miss having a bath. I see to live a nice hot soak in winter!

18th May, 2017 at 7:40 pm

Silly autocorrect ... I really miss having a bath. I used to love a nice hot soak in winter! Especially a bubble bath, or one with Epsom salts and essential oils.

18th May, 2017 at 7:43 pm

Main reason why Lush is one of my favourite stores ever: bath products!

19th May, 2017 at 2:36 pm

I miss having a bath tub too. There will have to be one in the next place I move to

24th May, 2017 at 12:31 am

Oh, well I'm just shocked :)

Same here :0

18th May, 2017 at 7:11 pm

One of my beauty sins is not taking my make up off, but only on those nights when I have had more than enough wine! I do take special care in the morning to correct my awful sin of the night before.

I'm the same, I don't remove my make up if I'm too tired and I only prime most days.


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