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The Beauty Benefits of Exercise

12 July, 2021 - 06:58am by - Head Pixie | 0 Comments

by BR Tabatha

I'm sure at this point in our lives we've heard the statement that regular exercise is good for us often enough to accept that it's fact. Our body needs to move. It's good for the muscles, for our organs, for our mental health, for our sleep... you get the picture.

And yet..... and yeeeeet...

And yet sometimes it's hard to get off the couch and do that twenty minutes of yoga, half hour power walk, or forty-five minute high intensity workout. Which is why we thought we'd give you a little extra nudge, a wee reminder of one other benefit of doing exercise...

It gives a beauty boost! How? Read on...

Gives You A Glow!

An instant benefit of exercising? The post-workout glow caused by the boost of circulation and increased oxygen that moving your bod creates. 

Not only does working up a good sweat give you a glow, it can also help expel gunk from pores - giving you better looking skin. This comes with a caveat: make sure you remove your makeup before exercising, then do a gentle cleanse after exercising to ensure your pores don't get even more gunked.

Firms The Skin

I'm not deluded, I know I'll never have the limbs of Giselle, or Elle, or a Hadid, but I do know that exercise can help reduce the look of cellulite, while toning the limbs and making them look strong - and if that makes stepping out in a pair of shorts less daunting, I'm here for it! 

Helps With Hair Growth!

Speaking of long-legged model types. Want supermodel hair? A good workout increases blood flow to your scalp, which in turn helps your hair to grow! 

Reduces Wrinkles

The stress hormose cortisol is all well and good when it's working in your body as it should, but too much can cause a breakdown in collagen (that which keeps your skin looking firm), which has the knock on effect of speeding up the ageing process. Exercise works to reduce cortisol levels, while also supporting collagen production - so by Zumba-ing up and down your lounge you've got a win/win situation on your hands that will lead to you looking more youthful, longer!

Hello Confidence!

Exercise breeds confidence! Confidence in your abilities. In the way you relate to others. In yoursefl. And is there anything more beautiful than that? We think not. Which is why a dose of daily exercise is a must.

So there you have it - five ways exercise gives a beauty boost!

So are you keen to get your groove on? What other beauty boosts do you find exercise gives you?

Chat below!


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