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The Art of Beauty Sleep

6 September, 2021 - 06:35am by - Head Pixie | 8 Comments

by BR Kellie

It's no secret how important a good sleep is for our mental health, let alone how it can improve the way we look. But getting a good sleep isn't always as easy as putting on our pjs, lying down, closing our eyes and checking out for the day. (If only it was!) So what's the art of getting your best beauty sleep ever? Read on...

Get Prepped

Good sleep starts well before it's time for bed. The first thing you can do? Create and stick to a bedtime routine - which simply means going to bed and getting up at the same time each day. Yes, even on the weekends. This can take a bit of trial and error as you figure out how many hours sleep work best for you, but once you've got it sorted you'll find a good sleep comes easier.

Next... Avoid stimulants before bed. So no caffeine at least four hours before you hit the hay (note: this includes chocolate. One piece of dark chocolate before bed and I'm awake for hoooooours), and it's a good idea to do away with or minimise alcohol. Alcohol works as a depressant, so while it might see you off to sleep easily enough, it can also see you waking in the middle of the night once the body becomes alert after processing the alcohol, which not only wakes you up but also interupts the all important REM sleep.

An hour before you go to bed set aside your screen. The blue light that tablets, computers and mobile screens emit serve to hinder the release of melatonin, which we need in order to have a better sleep. Not only that, feeding your brain all that information just before bed only stimulates it, when what you want to do is settle it. 

Exercise during the day can promote a better sleep, but exercising immediately before sleep can make getting to sleep harder, so try and do your calisthenics at least an hour before you head to bed.

Set the Scene

Take a warm shower or bath and keep your room cool. The rapid reduction in body heat helps to trigger your body's sleep response.

We love a good oil here at Beauty Review, and that includes oils like lavender and peppermint that can help send us off to the Land of Nod. Spritz the scent on your pillow, or use a diffuser, and let the soothing aromas work their magic.

Lastly turn the lights down low (off is better), cover any random lights from electronics that are plugged in, remove anything that makes random noises, and snuggle down.

Need a Little Extra Help?

I swear by a yoga nidra meditation when I really can't get myself to nod off. This is my favourite one - but you'll want to use an ad blocker or skip through to the end to avoid the ad in the middle of it that pulls you out of the meditation. (I don't know what genius thought that was a good idea placing an ad there, but at least there's a way to get around it, and even if it does go off it doesn't seem to stop the meditation working its magic.)

If meditation's not your thing, journaling is another way to help empty your brain of the thoughts that are whirling around your head keeping you awake.

Alternatively you can try listening to relaxing music or white noise, or pick up a good old fashion book (or a Kindle Paperwhite) and read until you start to feel drowsy.

Bonus Points for...

Want to go over and above for your best beauty sleep ever? Now's the time to slather moisturiser onto your feet and hands, pop on some socks and mittens/gloves, and give them a deeply nourishing treatment. Add a lip and face sleeping mask, and you'll wake up not only feeling rested, but also extra glowy and hydrated. 

So, are you looking to get a better beauty sleep? Or is your sleep sorted? What are your top tips for getting your zzz's? Sharing is caring, so chat below!


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17th October, 2021

The good old reading a book before going to sleep works really well for me.

11th September, 2021

Great tips. No phone nor tablet before bed would definitely be a challenge for me

11th September, 2021

I have a night time routine . It normally goes like this. I lightly spray my bedding with Lush Twilight spray . I have a hot shower . After my shower I put my night cream on . 30 minutes afterwards this I like to give myself a facial massage . This relaxes me . I dab off any excess oil . I put on you tube relaxation music on .I fall asleep within minutes .

9th September, 2021

Great advice thank you. I hate not sleeping well. Sugar keeps me awake, without fail. Moisturising my feet and hands before bed sounds a lovely idea.

9th September, 2021

I really struggle with sleep while we are in lockdown. I am still working but there is a raised anxiety level which I feel. I can't see my darling Dad until we are at level 2 as he is in a rest home, I see him every evening after work so there is a huge gap.

9th September, 2021

The only tip I have that hasn't been said on here (I don't think) is if you are experiencing a variety of these symptoms - you snore, wake up with a jolt during the night frequently, wake up coughing or choking, wake up with a dry mouth, frequent the toilet at night and regularly have daytime sleepiness and node off, get assessed for obstructive sleep apnea. It's not as common in females as in males but it's not something you can do a wind down routine or take sleeping pills for unfortunately. As much as I hate it, unfortunately sleeping with a CPAP machine has been the only thing that has made a difference most nights.

7th September, 2021

Sleep??? What is that lol. It's only going to get worse for this mama.

7th September, 2021

Yeah I have not been sleeping well hard to get to sleep at night. Good tips

9th September, 2021

Ooops true lol don't worry, it's only for 18 years or so heeheehee

11th September, 2021

These symptoms are ringing alarm bells for my partner. I’ll look into this more.

9th September, 2021

I feel the same way Kim and everyone I have spoken to has all said they feel like their mental health is worse this time.

9th September, 2021

Maree, I am happy to still be working, its kind of normal, helps pass the time and keeps me active


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