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The 10 Most Annoying Things Beauty Customers Do!

3 January, 2021 - 03:26pm by - First Lady | 9 Comments

Article by BR Natalie

We've spoken a few times about different aspects of one of our favourite past times, retail therapy, and each time reading your comments is fascinating. 

Today we got to talking about shocking customer habits  - and have compiled our ultimate top ten list of beauty product shopping no-nos.

  1. Applying your make up in store!  You might think we mean testing make up, but we really we mean applying.  You'll know without a doubt if you're guilty of this ultimate beauty shopping crime.  We're not talking about swatching a couple of products you're interested in - we're talking about treating the whole beauty section like your personal makeup collection, by going in and literally applying a full face of makeup.  Just don't do it!
  2. Testing / getting free consults with no intention of buying. Window shopping is fun.  Browsing is fun.  But why test and take time and money from business, when you know outright you won't be buying? 
  3. Testing / getting free consults with the intention of buying it online from a different retailer.  Yes you might be buying within the brand, but you're taking advantage of another business's customer service while knowingly taking your business elsewhere.  Things might be pricier in store - this covers the logistics of providing services such as testers and trained consultants!
  4. Not using the testers.  I'm a bit of an OCD clean freak but come on - do not use 'fresh' saleable products as testers.  Use the testers!  It says something about customers who don't want to use a tester because; "You don't know who else has used them", but will open and test a sealed product and put it back on the shelf! You've rendered the product useless and the store will be claiming a credit from the manufacturer for it. How would you feel if it was your brand and you had to pay for it when you've already provided testers?
  5. Using the testers grossly!  Don't swatch the tester lippy on your lips, stick your fingers in the test pots or worst of all, test the mascara straight from the tube.  ICK factor.  Ask for cotton tips and disposable spoolies.
  6. Changing your mind and dumping the products anywhere.  Seriously the energy it takes to get your stealth on and try to discretely dump products you've changed you mind about, is about the same as either; putting them back in the right place or taking them to the nearest counter.
  7. Talking on the phone while you're being served.  Do you get annoyed when your hubby takes a phone call mid-sentence?  Or your lady-lunch is interrupted by a second conversation you're not a part of? Don't do it to the employee trying to help you! 
  8. Spouting annoying 1 liners. "You look like you need something to do", "you look bored".  Just say Hi!
  9. Blaming the assistant for something the store doesn't have. Or the prices.  Or the fact an item isn't on sale.  Or is an exclusion from the sale.  Sales assistants don't set the prices or choose stock lines.  Don't blame them!
  10. Getting angry way outside of bad-customer-service-ville.  If you're suffering from bad customer service, by all means feel angry, and express it. Like a grown up.  But if you want help, an exchange or a refund, for goodness sake don't begin on the warpath.  Chances are the employee hasn't set out to purposefully sell you a lippie with a broken lid, or a nail polish that doesn't do as it claims.  A rule of thumb - if you want the best outcome from someone - be nice, be polite and treat them as you would wish to be treated. If you can't treat people nicely, there is a solution - shop online!

So there's our top ten shocking customer habits - what say you?  Maybe you work in retail and have something to add?  Or are you going to 'fess up to committing 1 (or many) of the crimes listed above?

Get chatting below!


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12th January, 2021

Wow rude! I must say I used to get free samples and usually have no intention on buying ... But I'd buy other stuff :)

9th January, 2021

Wow! Some of these are pretty terrible. Don't think I am guilty of anything I think. I will try something and after trying it sometimes decide that I don't like it after all, but I guess that's why we try them, right!?

8th January, 2021

I actually haven't been seeing testers around much anymore due to COVID, so at least that means less yucky hygiene practices.

14th January, 2021

Eeee so true. It's hard not to get paranoid about touching anything.

14th January, 2021

Definitely, I see why a lot of stores are no longer doing them!

5th January, 2021

Handy Tip// When someone asks me to apply a full face makeup look I tell them that I need to book them an appointment and that its a one or two product buy minimum or they have to buy something worth $49.99min for me to do the look. (booking it for that day; even in 5 minutes so you can get everything ready. makes it more official) Even having a small disclaimer contract is fantastic.

5th January, 2021

I accidentally bought a tester product recently. Worst part was I noticed the testers in front so I grabbed the second bottle. Even though I shouldn't have been, I was way too embarrassed when I had to take it back and swap it out

5th January, 2021

I find it very rude when you're serving a customer and they are on their phones so I speak up so they have to answer me. Another annoyance is looks like you need something to do is patronizing, they don't realize how busy you have been up till that point. You certainly get customers with strange habits who will go out of their way to upset people, childish really.

5th January, 2021

Some people can be ridiculous!

4th January, 2021

This is au current for me. Lots of bad service, predominantly at supermarkets. I'm very happy to tell them what I think though. I don't get emotional or insult anyone, I just tell them how I feel and why.

3rd January, 2021

I hate when people dig into the products and not the testers grr

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