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Ten Oils Your Face Needs Now!

23 August, 2021 - 06:22am by - Head Pixie | 6 Comments

compiled by BR Amelia

Adding an oil to your skin care regime can change the way you feel about and see your skin. Oils can help with hydration, work to prevent moisture loss, all while maintaining your skin's barrier. In some cases - such as acne-prone skin - a good oil, like squalane or jojoba can even help balance oil production while hydrating (because, yes, even oily skin can be dehydrated). But which oil to choose? The market is filled with them, and the pricing can range from the affordable to the jaw-dropping. Thankfully we've a wonderful community of people who've tried then reviewed a huge range of oils in order to help us find ones that might be right for our needs. So which are tried and true and Top Rated? Read on...

1.  Trilogy Hemphip™ Balancing Oil

RATED: 4.6/5!

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Beauty Review Member bronjenks says: I am in love with the scent, the lemon myrtle is so fresh smelling and uplifting. The oil absorbs easily into my skin and there was no oily residue left over and really made my skin feel lovely and hydrated.

2.  Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

RATED: 4.5/5!

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Beauty Review Member Ngahew says: It leaves my skin feeling fresh, hydrated and easily absorbed into the skin. It is not greasy or heavy on the skin... I've used it am and pm, both under makeup and under night moisturiser, and it's been a wonderful addition to my skin care regime. 

3.  Goodness Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil 

RATED: 4.4/5!

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Beauty Review Member Cockylile says: This is my must have product every day. I dab a tiny bit on after cleansing, then follow up with goodness daily moisturiser. Doesn't make your skin oily, just feels like it's nourishing it. 

4.  Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil

RATED: 4.4/5

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Beauty Review Member Lisa-Lou says: It makes my skin feel super soft and smooth. It does not make me breakout at all and my skin appears bright and clear. It is a beautiful oil and feels luxurious to use.

5.  Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

RATED: 4.4/5

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Beauty Review Member Seza95 says: I love using my Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+. When I use it consistently I wake up with nicely moisturised skin and it helps my skin to look smoother, brighter and diminishes some of the finer lines that have started to appear.

6.  Garnier Organics Lavandin Glow Facial Oil 

RATED: 4.4/5

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Beauty Review Member Mumof3Munchkins says: This oil is just beautiful. Super luxurious, feels like silk and not greasy. And the smell? Oh my, amazing. I love Lavender everything so this is a big plus for me. I also love the fact that I feel so relaxed when applying it. My skin feels super hydrated and gives a lovely glow to my skin.

7.  Clarins Calm-Essentiel Restoring Treatment Oil

RATED: 4.3/5

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Beauty Review Member MelBerry1234 says: I found the oil to be easy to apply and made my skin moisturised after use. It would set in whilst I slept and would wake up feeling soft and supple.

8.  Evolu Rosehip & Friends

RATED: 4.3/5

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Beauty Review Member SmileyPisces says: It gives my skin the nourishment and hydration it needs in the morning. This oil has become an important part of my daily routine, and my skin feels good after using it.

9.  Trilogy Very Gentle Restoring Oil 

RATED: 4.3/5

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Beauty Review Member Emily-jane says: The main benefit I believe I have been seeing from using this oil is how much stronger my skin appears on my cheeks. It appears to repairing and strengthening the blood capillaries as my cheeks don’t appear as red. I also wake up with lovely radiant glow the next day.

10.  Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 Booster Oil

RATED: 4.2/5

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Beauty Review Member Ceyris says: My skin is soft, clear and healthy. My crow's feet are definitely reduced and the frown line between my brows is much less defined. Think I have found a new hero product in this lovely, lovely serum.

So... Have you never tried an oil but are now tempted to? Is there an oil above that's right for you? Or is there another oil you love that we need to know about? 

 Chat below!


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9th October, 2021

I have really open visible pores and it’s been that way for as long as I can remember. I also have acne and scarring from acne and really wish I could get rid of it. It has caused so much mental stress of always worrying about what others think or how gross it is. I want to see myself in a better way with smooth no little holes in my face I really want to be able to wear singlets on hot days again. I have been to my doctors multiple times through out my pre teens to adulthood I have tried different creams and treatments and they all have the same side affects however I was trying a really good treatment but stopped due to the dryness of my skin and lips however if anyone had any good suggestions to oil balanced lotions or oils and soothing lip balms would be much appreciated thank you :)

29th September, 2021

I used to overlook Trilogy out of assumption it was out of my price range,… don’t know where I got that idea from

26th August, 2021

Linden leaves and garnier are on my list to try =)

26th August, 2021

Used oils religiously for years morning and night, recently eased back on them in favor of other water based serums and moisturizers but I do use them a few times a week. The Trilogy Rosehips Antioxidant + is an oldie but a goodie. Loved the Oasis Beauty oil serums that they had a few years back they were incredibly nourishing and non greasy especially the one for oily skin, then they were discontinued.....

24th August, 2021

Half of the list is from Trilogy!? :D

23rd August, 2021

I've been using The Herb Farms Intensive Face Oil which has been great for my skin but has a strong fragrance. I've just ordered their new Transforming Bakuchiol Face Oil which I'm really excited to try!

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