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Sunburnt? Here's How to Suffer LESS and Heal FASTER!

3 January, 2021 - 03:11pm by - First Lady | 9 Comments

Article by BR Natalie

If there's one thing that turns your loving Beauty Crew into Nagging Nellies it's sun safety.  We're sticklers for NOT tanning the natural way and for using SPF every single day.  And you know what, it's not even just the melanoma/skin cancer risk - excessive sun exposure and sun burn lead to all of those things we work so hard to prevent or minimise - dark spots, dry skin, sallow skin, flakey skin, fine lines, wrinkles, redness.  The sun is also probably the reason your hair is dry, damaged, frizzy, unruly and lack lustre!  So for aesthetics alone, daily SPF is the best move you can make!

But just like a disappointed Mother Hen, we won't turn our backs on you when you've been naughty in the sun, we'll tell you how to make it all better.  

As soon as you realise you're burning, take action:

Don't think 'oh well, it's too late now'

  • Apply SPF as soon as you realise you've been burnt to prevent further damage.
  • Cover up with long sleeves and a big hat or move indoors.  If that's not possible move into the shade.

Cooling Down Burned Skin:

As with any burn you'll want to cool down the skin; here's some suggestions:

  • Cool showers and baths.  Make sure the shower pressure is low - even water can make a burnt area very uncomfortable, if not out right painful.
  • Apply chilled cucumber slices, raw potato or apple slices to particularly sore areas of skin to aid the chilling process.
  • I keep these in the fridge for migraines and all kinds of booboos - they're lovely for gently cooling areas of your skin without being too cold.

Soothing Burnt Skin:

Say Hello to Vera!  Aloe Vera is THE ingredient to help soothe, hydrate and repair damaged skin.

We recommend packing a tube of refreshing aloe gel, or a specific Aloe Vera after-sun treatment in your bag alongside your sunscreen; not only incase of a burn scenario, but also to refresh your hot skin after time in the sun.

As well as aloe, other ingredients with properties helpful for sunburn include;

  • Oatmeal - you could tried a homemade milk and oats mask, or add oatmeal to your bath.
  • Vitamin C
  • Chamomile
  • Thermal water sprays (which contrary to the name, are not warm!)
  • Menthol
  • Camphor


Over the next week or so after being burned you're going to want to be extra moisurised.  Slather your body in moisturiser at least twice a day.

This will help combat unsightly peeling and blisters and replenish vital moisture.


Your skin is sore, and even if it doesn't blister or the redness disappears within a dayavoid the following for at least a week after:

  • Exfoliating (including fruit acids and enzyme peels)
  • Picking or peeling skin around the area.
  • Hot temperatures such as steam rooms, saunas or spa baths.
  • Hair removal, waxing, plucking or shaving.


If you blister you've really been naughty and seriously over done it - don't do it again!  

Don't pick or pop blisters, the fluid will be reabsorbed into the body as they heal.  Avoid wearing clothes that rub blisters or sore spots, use cold compresses to ease discomfort.

If the blisters turn pus filled, hot or painful then you'll want to head to your GP.


Tip one for dealing with peeling - don't peel it further.  Look it looks gross, it feels gross and it makes you want to rub until there's no skin flakes left.  But all you'll do is damage other areas that maybe aren't ready to peel away yet.  Just keep moisturising.

Be extra vigilant:

Your red skin is damaged - and it will be easily burnt again; so be sure to be extra vigilant with SPF.

Look after yourself:

Over exposure to the sun doesn't just affect your skin - it can make you feel pretty rotten too. 

  • Drink lots of water.  Even if you already drink your 2 litres a day, drink more!
  • Rest.  Yes it might sound strange, especially if you've been lying in the sun all day, but rest is essential in combating sun exposure.  Sun exposure can make you feverish, achy and give you other flu like symptoms.
  • NSAIDs such as ibruprofen can help relieve swelling and soreness.

How to look after a burnt scalp:

Do you apply SPF to your head?  Probably not - sunscreen and hair?!  The next best thing is to wear a hat, but if you forgo any kind of protection and end up with a very sore noggin' here's some tips:

  • Wear a hat to prevent further damage.
  • Use a very gentle shampoo and avoid agitating your scalp.  Only use conditioner on the ends.
  • Rinse using refridgerated green tea - massage the tea gently in the scalp to soothe.  Do not wash out.

Counteract Redness:

Try a green tinted primer to neutralise red skin.  Moisture Mist's Green Veil or Dermalogica Anti-Redness primer are Beauty Crew favourites

So there you have it - our advice for dealing with sunburn.  Do you have any tips to add?


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18th January, 2021

Oh man I was burned badly at function mainly around my neck area . Will be adding this one to bookmarks to refrence back.

14th January, 2021

Today has been the first really hot day that I've been able to spend a little time outside (after 4pm). I loved it. I get a little tempted to stay out there too long when it's hot and sunny, but it seems hotter than other years so I'll take your advice and be careful.

14th January, 2021

Interestingly I actually got sunburned yesterday for the first time in years probably close to a decade. I was gardening in long sleeves, turtle neck and jeans and had gloves on but when I worked my sleeve rolled up a bit and about an inch or so of exposed skin near my right wrist burnt. Luckily it wasn't my face, neck, decolletege or backs of my hands.

8th January, 2021

I burn like a blimmin vampire and so do my children unfortunately! So I always try to cover up as much as I can. I have a very light throw over kimono thing that is really light so doesn't make me hot but protects me from the sun. I hate smearing my whole body in sunscreen so just go for where I need it after I cover up what I can. Great tip with the little cool packs. I'm definitely going to have to get something like that for the fridge! I also try to opt for the natural yet effective sunscreen brands. One of my favourites is the Oasis sunscreen. I haven't tried the Skinnies brand but I'm definitely intrigued. Just doing my own little bit of research about the ingredients, but think I'll give it a try!

7th January, 2021

Rocked the short shorts for the first time this summer and the top of my thighs hated me for it - horrible sunburn!! I know, I’m a dope. Absolutely LOVE the Merino Aloe Vera gel - it’s 97% pure aloe and keeping it in the fridge meant it was the perfect antidote for the burn

5th January, 2021

As a rule of thumb when I worked in the pharmacy side of things I said SPF 30 means re-apply it every 30 minutes, SPF 50 re-apply every 50 minutes etc. There are many things that remove spf.....Water, sweat, clothing, rubbed on something, wiped off etc

5th January, 2021

I have unfortunately been sunburned a few times this summer. After sun gel has been my savour

4th January, 2021

Great advice, thanks. The weather has been terrible here - no risk of sunburn so far!!

3rd January, 2021

This is actually so handy!! Definitely going to head to farmers for some gel packs.

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