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Spend or Save? They're Cheap, Cheerful, and They Work!

6 September, 2018 - 08:55pm by - Head Pixie | 29 Comments


By BR Kellie

When it comes to buying beauty products does spending more mean you get more? Does it mean the products work better than more affordable products? That they'll moisturise or cleanse more thoroughly? That their staying power will be greater? That they'll mattify or glow-up your skin more effectively? In some cases, we say yes. In others? Well, in others you're paying for the packaging, the marketing and the prestige of flashing the brand Yes it's safe to say paying the big pingers doesn't always mean you're getting more bang for your buck. So what can you save your pennies on? Check these out...

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water - RRP $13.99

A good micellar water, or makeup remover in general, need not cost the earth - though some do *cough* La Mer *cough*. Take a quick trip down your local supermarket beauty aisle and you'll find yourselves effective makeup removerage at a budget-friendly price.

Ecostore Peppermint Lip Balm - RRP $6.25

Sure there's something delightful about whipping out a designer brand balm and dabbing it on your lips, but it's totally unnecessary if you're goal is to get your smackers in tip-top lip condition. For less than a tenner kissable kissers can be yours.

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume - RRP $22.99

It's crazy to spend all the dollars on mascara. Sure, Chantecaille might make a magnificent mascara, but for a whole lot less you can enjoy fluffed and flared lashes that look every bit as marvellous.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder - RRP $12.99

The team have tried some preeeeetty fancy highlighters. Some cash has been flashed. The highlighters we reach for again and again? Drugstore all the way. Wet n Wild. Essence. Colourpop. All cheap as chips, all amazing.

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe - RRP $7.29

A good body moisturiser need not cost the earth. If it sinks in, leaves your legs feeling smooth and keeps reptile skin at bay, it's a winner.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - RRP $16.99

We had quite the conversation around powders. You see on the whole we do think the more expensive blushers and bronzers we've tried have been easier to blend, longer lasting and basically made our skin look like we've had angels blow love dust on it. When it comes to a setting powder however we feel you could spend a pretty penny on the likes of Hourglass - which is amazing - but the likes of Rimmel, Maybelline and Australis create powders that do the job just as well for a fraction of the cost.

Goodness Be Cool Mist Toner - RRP $14.99

How much do we love a good toner? So very much. How much money do we like paying for one? Not very much. Lucky for us a good toner doesn't mean having to shell out a small fortune.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal - RRP $9.95

The wrong concealer can emphasise texture, not cover dark areas and crease even when set. The right one? Well, it can make you look more refreshed while adding a little more youth to your face. Do you need to pay through the nose to achieve this? Not at all. Supermarkets, department stores and online have options galore - from Collection Cosmetics to LA Girl to Maybelline. Dropping a few dollars to drop a whole lot of years? Sounds good to us!

So there you have it, the beauty products you don't need to spend a fortune on to have them still be brilliant. So, are you a fan of budget beauty? What affordable products have you tried that out-performed their more expensive counterparts? Sharing is caring! 



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14th October, 2018

I use that mascara and it's brilliant,way better then some of the other high priced ones and it's affordable.

3rd October, 2018

I definitely agree that we do not have to spend an arm and a leg to afford beauty products! I like that there is a move towards more natural ingredients and less harsh chemicals. I think shopping beauty on a budget you need to be cautious however as cheaper products can sometimes mean less concern to what is inside the bottle. I've recently purchased some of The Ordinary skin care products which are so ridiculously cheap and am very excited to see how they go!

10th October, 2018

Where are The Ordinary products available in NZ? I keep reading about them!

16th October, 2018

ASOS is the cheapest I have found, but Shop MUO also stocks The Ordinary (you just have to wait a heck of a while for them to ship!)

26th September, 2018

I agree - I reviewed the Garnier Skin Active Miceller Cleansing Water a few years ago and have never looked back, it's a great product and as you say comes at a budget- friendly price.

20th September, 2018

It's good to know that we don't have to spend the earth to get good beauty products. I for one adore my Rimmel stay matte powder and have bought it for a while now. Yay for beauty on a budget.

19th September, 2018

Ooh should try the LA Girl Pro Conceal! Looks cheap and good!

18th September, 2018

I love this article, Im always keen on bargain beauties, The L.A girl concealer is awesome! I love the Bonbon factory coconut oil for removing makeup and for adding shine to my hair.

15th September, 2018

I must get some of that Goodness be cool mist toner for Summer, haven't seen it before, thanks. Also the LA Girl concealer looks good.

11th September, 2018

So excited, thanks to this article I went out today & splurged a full $12.99 at Farmers & bought the Wet n Wild highlighting powder in precious petals.I can't believe how cheap it was. Can't wait to give it a go! Thanks BR xx

11th September, 2018

I like budget beauty buys when they do what they claim to. The best lip balm I have found, and use, is Nivea Vitamin shake Cranberry and Raspberry, it not only helps to keep the lips soft and moist but it also leaves a faint pink colour on the lips, which is lovely

10th September, 2018

Thanks for the list unfortunately for me I have to go for the budget buys as on limited income due to my health so when lists like this appear they are always much appreciated. thanks xx

9th September, 2018

I'd love to try the Goodness toner - I'll have to look out for it!

9th September, 2018

I use a mix of budget, mid-range and high end. The only product I've used from the article is the Goodness spray. I liked it and would definitely use it again. Skincare wise, I'd rather splash out on actives such as exfoliating toners and serums. For cleansers and moisturizer, I think the budget options do the job well.

9th September, 2018

I adore the LA girl concealer, I prefer it to my Clinique and Hourglass ones. It gives a great non cakey coverage and wears all day.

8th September, 2018

There are a few goodies here! It just goes to show that you dont have to spend a lot to get a great product

8th September, 2018

The garnier micellar water is my fave for myself and in our household. If you're looking for a good emulsifying cleansing oil Palmer's is pretty close to Dermalogica's Pre-cleanse in texture and does a really good job of removing makeup and doesn't sting your eyes and a big bottle is under 20 bucks. I hear about the Wet and wild highlighters I'll have to check them out. I like dupes but I also enjoy high end makeup as well. Oh and the Ordinary is great for those looking for skincare treatments a lot of them have high end ingredients at affordable prices.

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