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Do You Want to Review THREE Skin Care Products?

8 November, 2020 - 12:17pm by - First Lady | 22 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

We're looking for loads of reviewers to join one of three trial teams.

Each of these Trial Teams will feature 3 skin care products to review - Really, really, lovely skin care!  We're not going to reveal too much right now, except that you really want to get on one  of these teams.

Seriously. You REALLY want to nab one of these trial spots!


Why not tell us below what your current skin care regime looks like - what brands are you using, and how are you finding them?

Do You Want to Review THREE Skin Care Products?

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23rd November, 2020

Always looking for skin care products that help elderly as well as young and middle

19th November, 2020

After shift work my dry skin Gets even sadder. Have to pile up oil and moisturiser.. and serum.. layer after layer and still could not save my flaky nose. Usually this goes on for days... I also get a bit dry on my fine lines beneath my eyes... These lines and flaky nose makes putting on make up very difficult...

12th November, 2020

Bought Simple products in travel sizes to take on a trip and loving them! Going to buy the full size versions

11th November, 2020

Ohh this sounds exciting! I'm still on the hunt to find a range of absolute staples!

11th November, 2020

Still haven’t found my favourite skincare.

10th November, 2020

This is very exciting! I have just finished a pot of Clarins Rose Radiance Cream and this is my FAVE moisturiser ! Leaves my skin glowing and has a lovely texture. I am also trying a couple of Clarins Serums and Estee Lauder ANR at night under whatever night cream I have going at the moment. I would love to see if any other brand can top what I'm currently trying!

10th November, 2020

I’m mostly happy with my skincare but have very stressed, tired skin atm and would love some new products to try improve hydration, brightening, evening tone, fine lines and redness

9th November, 2020

I'm intrigued to see what brands these are. Currently using L'oreal which I purchased from the beauty vault and the serum, a Nivea cleanser and also the Essano brightening scrub also a vault purchase. My skin has definitely improved using these. Always up for trying something new :-)

9th November, 2020

I about to run out of ALL of my skin care products I love testing/trying out new brands and new products. Because of beauty review I have found some of my absolute favourites! So thank you for giving me the opportunity to be on trial teams.

Morning: Face -Cleanser: Olay foaming cleanser -Toner: Evolu rebalancing mist -Moisturiser: QE spf 30 day cream Night: face -Cleanser: Olay foaming cleanser -Toner: Evolu rebalancing mist -Moisturiser: skin by Ecostore Replenishing night cream -Day and night for body: Dermaveen intensive moisturising lotion I love them all!!! All but two are BR re-buys.

9th November, 2020

I'm obsessed with skin care. Like I think it has overtaken my love for makeup! I currently use mostly Medik8, and a few Korean brands. I love trying new things and am always looking for new, amazing products!

9th November, 2020


9th November, 2020

I'm needing to replace my current Sukin skincare regime soon, and my skin needs a pickup, so this opportunity sounds fantastic!

8th November, 2020

Wow sounds like a fantastic trial as always xx

8th November, 2020

Oooh it sounds exciting!

8th November, 2020

It does sound exciting xx

8th November, 2020

As always, BR are so generous with their trials and rewards.