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Skin a Try This Surprising Tip!

11 October, 2020 - 11:10am by - First Lady | 8 Comments

By BR Tabby

How many times a day do you cleanse your skin?  Two?  WELL.  You might want to cut back to one!

Way back in 2012 the gorgeous Salma Hayek Pinault revealed that she did not clean her face in the morning, but instead ensured it was given a good cleanse at night.  Her reasoning being that the skin needs the oils that appear overnight to balance the PH and keep the skin looking young.  (And boy oh boy does her skin still look young!!)

Salma Hayek Pinault - Instagram

And it kind of makes sense right?  We know over-cleansing leads to dry, stripped skin, but did you know it can also send your sebum production into overdrive?  Causing more oil and more chance of breakouts?

But lets not just trust the ridiculously young looking Salma.  What do the skin experts say?

Naturally dermatologists are split, but the general consensis is that you might need a morning cleanse if you're not keeping your pillows clean or are running air conditioning overnight.  But if you must cleanse in the morning - use a super gentle cleaner.  Save the big kahuna for the night time cleanse! 

So do tell… do you choose not to cleanse in the morning? Is this a new thing or a thing you’ve always done? If it’s a new thing did you notice a change in your skin? Or is not cleansing first thing not an option? And why? Chat away!


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11th November, 2020

I cleanse in the morning but usually with a mild scrub like a St Ives. It kinda wakes my skin up.

17th October, 2020

Definitely cleanse in the morning. Remove eye make up in the evening and wash face but do not always use a cleanse.

16th October, 2020

I only cleanse and moisturize at night too, I do sometimes use a warm facecloth to "wake up" my eyes in the morning (plus gets rid of eye bogies haha). But I put on a tinted BB cream every morning with sunscreen so think I'm covered!

15th October, 2020

I’m a religious daily cleansing girl . Once in the morning and after work to remove make up .

13th October, 2020

I cleanse in the morning and before any makeup application. Tend to be lazy at night with cleansing.

12th October, 2020

If you wear makeup it definitely makes sense to cleanse at the end of the day before bed. But once you have cleansed and exfoliated you want to apply your serums and things right?

12th October, 2020

Have always cleansed morning and evening since I started skincare routine, doubt it is likely to change anytime soon.

11th October, 2020

I cleanse morning and night when I shower. I couldn't not do it now lol.