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Should you tell a friend - is honesty the best policy?

22 August, 2020 - 10:08am by - First Lady | 6 Comments

Article by BR Natalie

Cake face.  Lipstick on a tooth.  Tide lines.  Four boobs.  Greasy hair.  Over-plucked eyebrows.  B.O.  

All beauty mishaps we strive to avoid right?  But what happens when you see someone who has fallen into the trap?  Chances are if it's a stranger you'll avoid making eye contact in case they think you're staring at them.  But what if it's a friend?  Is honesty the best policy?

Close friendships are built on honesty.  They simply won't survive if one is keeping up with the Jones or in it for less than friendly gains.  But when it's something personal, that will impact self esteem, it can be really difficult to just say it.

There are two types of crimes against beauty - habitual and rare.  The rare misdemeanor happens when the normally polished lady forgets to check her teeth before leaving the house.  Or in a hurry didn't blend her foundation properly.  If you witness a rare faux pas in a friend it's probably easy to tell them.  Especially if you're close friends right?  I mean, wouldn't you hate it if your bestie didn't tell you you were rocking tooth-lipstick?

The habitual crimes are harder to tackle.  How do you tell someone the clothes they wear are most definitely two sizes too small?  How do you tell someone they always have smudged lipstick?  That their foundation makes them look like a peeling Oompa Loompa?  More to the point - should you tell them?

Friendship is worth more than how someone looks right?  So if you're embarassed to be seen with your friend then you might want to look at yourself before you tackle fixing someone else.  BUT, let's be honest, how we look is important to us, so if you really feel your friend won't react well to the truth, straight up; channel your Mary Poppins and hide the truth in sugar.

  • "So I need a new foundation for Summer.  Let's find our perfect shades"
  • "OMG, I heard a beauty tip I never knew - to keep lippie off your teeth, suck your finger after applying.  How did I not know that?!"
  • "So I'm trialing this new deodorant for Beauty Review that claims to offer 24 hour protection - it's amazing!"

So what do you reckon?  When it comes to crimes against beauty are you comfortable reporting them to the offender?  Or do you shy away for fear of hurting feelings?  And if you were a regular faux-pas maker, would you want your BBF to tell you?

Get chatting below!

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15th September, 2020

Something minor like lipstick then yes but nothing like your clothes are too small lol

24th August, 2020

Lol hmmmmm. Really depends what it is! Also who it is!

24th August, 2020

I'd politely mention it to them because I would like someone to mention that to me.

24th August, 2020

Erm depends what it is. Some things I would say and some I wouldn't.

24th August, 2020

Depends if i like the person on the day, its usually a no i don't so i leave it :-) because im an evil witch!

28th August, 2020

I wont eat soup around you Shaz lol

24th August, 2020

Oooo that's tough!


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