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Seven Magical Products You-Nicorn Lovers Need Now!

10 July, 2017 - 09:41pm by - Head Pixie | 24 Comments

By BR Amelia

It’s the trend that shows no sign of fading away… Unicorn everything is still wowing the beauty world with it’s shimmering shades of pastels. Usually by now we’d have thought a trend like this would have run its course, but perhaps in these cold and uncertain times we need a talisman of hope and joy, or perhaps we just want to release our inner-child on the daily. Whatever the reason is for our enduring fascination with the unicorn, it’s spawned some pretty cool beauty products and trends. Check out these wantables!


What’s bettern than a makeup brush? A unicorn-inspired makeup brush! And this set from Unicorn Lashes is to die for! How beautiful would they be gracing one’s makeup area? SO beautiful!


We can’t get enough of unicorn hair – and so it seems neither can the rest of the beauty world, with inspiration popping up on the regular on Instagram. 

Perhaps not ideal if you work in a serious workplace or if you want to be taken seriously in general, but these false eyelashes from Inglot Cosmetics are so pretty, and fun, and cute, and totally unicorn-worthy … and who cares if you work in a serious workplace, and if people choose not to take you seriously because of your eyelashes then who needs them anyway?… Why aren’t they on your eyelids already?

We’ve mentioned this product before, but it deserves a standing ovation. Prism, the Original Rainbow Highlighter from Bitter Lace Beauty brings a touch of unicorn to your cheekbones. 

When one looks at Too Faced’s La Crème Colour Drenched Lipstick in ‘Unicorn Tears’ one feels… nervous. It looks awfully blue. But on the lips this unique shade offers pinky, purply, bluey perfection – and we can’t help but think it would make an amazing lip topper. 

Want to nail the unicorn look? Grab yourself this amazing polish called ‘Spectrum’ from New Zealand-owned Nail Juice and get your mani-pedi on. It’s holographic unicorn-esque heaven!

Not quite as rare as actual unicorns, LUSH's Unicorn Horn is a limited edition product (most recently part of their Valentines collection), but when they do make their presence known it pays to swoop in and snatch them up. Not only does this bubble bar look super cute sitting on the side of your bath, but once crumbled up it transforms into a super divine bubbly bathing experience. 

So, do tell… are you a fan of all things unicorn? What have you got a horn-on for? Chat away…

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I have been trying to justify buying unicorn makeup brushes for aaaaaages - but there really is nothing wrong with the ones I have that aren't unicorn-y

Love the nail polish colour

Love the too faced lipstick. It looks similar to one I used to make out of a pink and blue shimmer lip gloss set I had.

Oh that's a brilliant idea!! But it's hard to find a good shimmer lipgloss that's blue and without the chunkiness.

10th July, 2017 at 10:22 pm

Oooh love the nail polish. I have not heard of Nail Juice before.

I think I prefer the unicorn ponies more than unicorn-themed beauty items. The hair looks awesome though!

Wish I could pull off hair like that but I worry bout the damage it would do having dark hair. Think it would be wasted on me. That polish shouts buy me buy me

Yes Yes Yes !!!

11th July, 2017 at 7:29 am

Love that nail polish! Also gorgeous makeup brushes.

No, I'm not a fan of anything unicorn, but the nails look quite nice.

Spectrum nail polish does it for me . I love the hair colour but not for me -The younger set look amazing and really summery fun.

Really love the hair... I may also have to try Lush's Unicorn Horn. Other than that, I'm not hugely bothered with the unicorn craze.

I know I will probably get booed for this but I really don't get the whole unicorn craze. I think unicorns are cute but yeah the whole must have unicorn everything just goes right over my head. BUT in saying that I adore my BR lublee Shazatron's unircorn hair <3

I would loooove the lips and nails! I would try both of these.

I have 3 of these things ;-P the nail polish is great but i find it doesnt last too long and chips easily :'(

Those brushes look really pretty.

This looks like Katy Perry styles, pretty but I dont think I would try any of these unless I was going to a unicorn themed 4th birthday. I'm boring lol


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